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13 Years Old Girl Rejected At TV3’s Date Rush Audition Speaks | WATCH



A 13-years old girl has become an overnight internet sensation after she got rejected at the audition of this year’s TV3 Date Rush show has spoken for the very first time after her dismissal.

According to the girl who claims to be just 13 years, she was rejected for being too young to partake in the TV reality show which is purposely meant for adults.

The disappointed girl also expressed her disappointment in the organizers of the show for denying her the opportunity to search for her soulmate on the program with the claim that she also has feelings just like adults.

Speaking with GH Koose who interviewed her right after she was sacked from the premises of the audition, she revealed that she has dated four guys in the past and further went on to say that

“When I got there I was not given the forms to fill because they said I’m too small and so I can’t be part of the show. I also asked them whether my being small takes away my feelings or not.

“Being small doesn’t take away my feelings.”

Meanwhile, social media users who have chanced upon this video have opined that the girl is lying about her age.

According to a majority of them, she is more than 13 because she even has wrinkles on her face.

Watch the video below and tell us your thoughts in the comments section.


Elikem Kumordzie Flaunts New Baby Mama, Son For The First Time | WATCH



Ghanaian actor and fashion guru Elikem Kumordzie has shared a video showing his baby mama and son for the first time after he divorced former Zimbabwean wife, Pokello Nare.

He gave us a glimpse of his new family while dropping their version of the now trending ‘Whatshawasay’ dance challenge masterminded by Gospel singer and prophetess Cecilia Marfo.

In the video, Elikem Kumordzie, together with his baby mama and son, are dressed in the same green attire, undoubtedly sewn by him as they crack ribs with their video.

In the video, Elikem Kumordzie, together with his baby mama and son rocked a green outfit which we have no doubt was designed by him. Elikem shared the video claiming his baby mama abandoned her child but preferred Instagram reels.

“Piss. Look at your mother, she prefers to do reels than carry you,” he wrote.

The lady has been identified as a model who is known as Hajara Nsoh.

Elikem has two kids with her already and the newest addition to the family was the one captured in the video as seen below;

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Lady Goes Mad After Alighting From A Motorbike | WATCH



Wonders upon wonders still happening in Nigeria.

In a viral video shared by Vimbuzz, a beautiful lady is said to have alighted from a motorbike just in front of a university institution.

The lady just held her hand as she started taking off her stuffs.

This is really unfortunate.

Watch the video below.

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School Teachers Gang Up To Beat A JHS Student Mercilessly At The Staff Room : Disturbing Video Drops



In a disturbing video available to us, a group of vicious male teachers have rough handled a student by beating him to stupor at the staff common room.

In the video, the student was seen lying helpless on the floor while being held down by about 4 teachers amid beatings and heavy slaps.

The wrong the student did to be subjected to such merciless beatings is now known however the act by the teachers has been vehemently condemned by people who have watched the video.

Watch the video below;

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