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20 Ewe Names And Their English Translation That Will Change Your Mentality Towards Them



Our people from the Volta Region are known for having some names other tribes find very difficult to pronounced which are mostly their surnames taken by their great grandfathers and also with the mentality towards them that they only believe in smaller gods.

But then if we should face reality and put those names and tags aside, most of their given names are ones that prove their belief in God and the English translation of those names will make you want to Have one.

1. Mawuli – God Exists

2. Etornam – He answered me

3. Mawufemor – God’s Way

3. Elikplim – He is with me

4. Ewoenam – He has Done it for me

5. Enyonam – It is well with me

6. Edem – He saved me

7. Mawuse – God has listened

8. Mawuena – It’s God who gives

9. Mawutor – God’s own

10. Mawuli – God Exists

11. Mawukoenya – Only God Knows

12. Norkplim – Be with me

13. Dzidula – The winner

14. Akpene – Thanks to him

15. Esenam – He listened to my plea

16. Mawunyo – God is Good

17. Mawulolo – God is great

18. Mawunyega – God is the greatest

19. Elinam – He is Available for me

20. Delali – There’s a savior

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