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3 Dead, 500 Injured As Storms Wash Scorpions & Snakes Into Egyptian Streets | WATCH



Three people stung to death and 500 injured as biblical storms wash SCORPIONS and snakes into Egyptian streets

Scorpions washed into homes by heavy rain stung three people to death and left 500 injured in Egypt.

Hail and thunderstorms along the River Nile swept the scorpions, as well as snakes, away from their usual hiding places in the city of Aswan.

Terrifying video shows scorpions try to make it into one house as the flood water rises.

Egypt is home to fat-tailed scorpions that are among the most deadly in the world and can kill humans in under an hour.

The governor of the local region Ashraf Attia said at least 503 people were hospitalized after suffering scorpion stings.

Schools have been ordered to close to protect children from the scorpions and snakes.

Professor at Agricultural Research Center Ahmed Rizk told thew newspaper that heavy rains wash away scorpions and snakes.

The creatures then look to find new hiding places so they head to houses, particularly on high ground.

All of them were discharged after they were given anti-venom doses.

Extra doses of anti-venom have been provided to medical centres in villages near mountains and deserts.

After being stung by a fat-tailed scorpion victims experience breathing difficulties, muscle twitching and unusual head movements.

Anti-venom can prevent symptoms and can also work once they start to worsen.

rof Rizk explained that victims have to tie a piece of cloth firmly near the bite to block the venom from reaching the heart.

Doctors have been pulled away from giving Covid vaccinations to treat scorpion stings, a local official said.

The extreme weather also caused power cuts and brought down street lamps and trees.

Egyptian weather forecasters have said rainfall is set to continue for the coming days over parts of South Sinai and the south of the country.

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Side Chicks Are The Major Reasons A Lot Of Men Still Stay Married : Blessing Okoro



Aside from the devil, side chicks have been tagged as the latest unapologetic creatures causing a nuisance to the institution of marriage.

These mistresses, usually young women, have a penchant for the husbands of other women and in the long run, end up ruining beautiful homes with their stinking habit to get rich quick.

A number of debates and proffered solutions to this canker have yielded no results, leaving married women in a dilemma about how to save their homes from such women who don’t stop in their tracks until they get what they want.

However, a popular Nigerian relationship coach has spoken to the importance of side chicks in a men’s life.

According to Blessing Okoro, side chicks are “one of the major reasons a lot of men still stay married.

She explained that side chicks are like spare tyres to cars. They act as a replacement when the main tyre is deflated until the owners fix the substantive tyres to keep the car going again.

Well, her elucidation is highly disputable because it does not solve the problems of married women but only gives more grease to the elbows of side chicks to reinforce their modus operandi.

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Sister Derby Goes Topless In Recent Video; Shows Off Cute B00bs



Deborah Vanessa, Sister Derby has got tongues wagging as she goes completely topless in a recent video claiming her boyfriend asked if she could arch it for him.

Sister Derby is known to be one of the female celebrities who show off more asking with their clothes but this video of being completely topless has just got tongues wagging as she almost showed off her b00bs to the world.

It appears she was having a photoshoot and the way she dressed during the photoshoot was captured in the video she shared but the one that got almost everyone talking was how she was struggling to cover her b00bs with her hands after deciding to not wear any top.

Sister Derby is very mature to understand and know what is right and wrong for her hence sharing this video online without a second thought means she sees nothing wrong in going topless and covering her b00bs with her hands.

The caption she gave to the video insinuates that her new boyfriend gave his consent as he’s probably the one who asked if she could arch it for him and she decided to go topless and cover her b00bs with her hands to do whatever he wants for him.

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Video Shows Harrowing Moment A Man Carried A Woman Through A City Centre Before Raping Her In A Horrific Sex Attack



The police has released a video which captured horrific moment carried a woman through a city centre before raping her in a horrific sex attack.

40-year-old Austin Osayande described as a serial predator, prowled the dark streets in Leeds for a victim before snatching the 24-year-old victim as she waited for a taxi home.

The August 14, 2015 CCTV footage showed the UK-based Nigerian man loitering in a car park at around 4.40am. He was then spotted approaching the woman five minutes later as she waited for a cab following a night out. After chatting with her, the serial predator then scooped her up.

Police released the haunting footage seven years ago as they hunted for the predator. Osayande originally denied the charges and was due to stand trial in March.

He was remanded in custody to next appear at the same court for sentencing on February 23. Osayande is now facing jail after pleading guilty to rape at Leeds Crown Court.

The UK-based Nigerian man also admitted a charge of assault by penetration for a second attack on a different victim on September 10, 2021.

Watch the video below;

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