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You are probably wondering: Why would I be kicked off a plane when I have already spent money on the ticket, checked in and boarded? Truth is, it happens all the time! And yes, even in Nigeria. Certain individuals for several reasons are asked to get off the airplane due to actions that either go against the airline’s rules or are just unacceptable. There have even been times planes have had to make emergency stops or change routes just so they could take someone off the plane.

If you are curious to know the possible reasons why anyone could be booted off a plane, read on, as, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking site has put together 6 possible scenarios.

Singing out loud

While there is freedom of speech and expression, there is a limit to which you can raise your voice either in speech or song while on a plane…unless, of course, you are the only one on the plane or the rest of the passengers and crew deaf. Some people tend to sing when there is excessive turbulence or just out of boredom. But singing out too loud could actually get you kicked off the plane.

ADVICE: contain the voice and settle for listening to music on your headphones.

Smelling badly

How bad could anyone who can afford to pay for a flight actually smell? You may ask, but hey! You would be surprised. Whether is chronic mouth odour , the stench of stale sweat…or maybe the scent of the ogiri you have packed to take with you to whatever foreign land you are headed, when the smell from your body or carry on becomes offensive to not just you but the rest of the passenger and crew, there is a high chance you would be kicked off the plane.

ADVICE: do a smell check with family or better a sniff dog, before you head to the airport. Most times, people are oblivious to the odors that come from their body.


Being sick

No one wants a sick person to seat next to them, and likewise, no airline wants a sick person on board. Aside from the risk of others being infected, there is the possible bad PR or worse litigation that may come from uncomfortable passengers. Most airlines have asked people to get off the train because they were having an uncontrollable coughing fit , admitted they had an allergy or they  just kept vomiting.

ADVICE: if you are sick, please wait till you get better before going on a plane, and if it is an urgent trip, take something to knock you out all through the journey, that way you remain a silent passenger who poses little or no risk to others on board.

Upsetting a flight attendant

You could get thrown off a plane just by disobeying flight attendant or frustrating him/her. Usually, the flight attendant states the rules of the airline once everyone is onboard and goes round to ensure everyone complies to the rules. Trying to prove stubborn would cause more harm than good. Also, using offensive words on the flight attendant or trying to start a fight could fast-track your own personal landing.

ADVICE: comply with whatever the flight attendants say and be nice to them, no matter how much it hurts.

Smart phone takeing pictrues on the plane

Wearing a controversial or offensive T-Shirt

While you are free to wear whatever you want while travelling via airplane, it is important to ensure the inscription on the shirt or dress is not offensive or suggestive. For instance: wearing something like “Who says the terrorists are wrong?” or “I am loyal to BOKO” will certainly get you off the plane.

ADVICE: Stick to plain fabrics, neutral colours and comfortable clothing while travelling. Leave the funny T-shirts for later when you are in the confines of your own home.

Taking a photograph
Out of excitement you may decide to take a few pictures of yourself on board an airplane or of the flight attendants, pilot, other  passengers or even of another passengers possession or actions. Unfortunately, while this may seem like a fun idea to you, some airlines do not condone it.  Doing things of that nature could give the impression that you are a security risk and thus, you get thrown off.

ADVICE:  Keep you camera at bay, as well as your phones. If you cannot resist the urge to take candid pictures .Wait till you have reached your destination before you start taking candid pictures or videos, so that even if they throw you off the plane, at least you are already at your destination.

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Video Of Single Ladies Crying To God For A Husband Goes Viral



Apparently, the “men are scum” mantra only exists on social media, because most single ladies are desperate for men to marry them.

A video that has elicited mixed reactions from social media users depicts a group of desperate single ladies earnestly praying to God for husbands.

The worried ladies can be heard singing to God at the top of their lungs in an attempt to entice men to marry them because age is clearly catching up with them.

It’s amazing how many people run to God when they need something and then abandon Him once they have it.

I’m sure God sent them their way, but their bad attitude and classism prevent them from seeing them.

Watch the video below.

Below are some of the hilarious comments gathered under the video;

@Mis_silva – Lol. Cool though but I feel this is one of the reasons men misbehave ?. I can’t imagine a gathering of men singing “carry my wife de come my house” but every aboki with e kettle sha????????????????????

@Sheddy_Skills – Go to the next shiloh and see twitter woman that are leaving their best life praying fervently for a husband.

@Leoonezzer – Leave them, let them continue deceiving themselves, just give them some time they will start asking “where have all the good men gone?” After walking all over them years ago with their stilettos.

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Accra: Group Gives Nigerian Thief Special Treat After Catching Him



A thief of Nigerian origin who was apprehended in James Town couldn’t believe his good fortune when he was given a special treat.

Instead of bringing the thief to justice right away, the kind group or mob decided to assist the poor thief, who was clearly shaken after being apprehended.

To demonstrate their generosity, they decided to stream the entire session with the thief on Facebook Live, giving him food, assisting him in changing his clothes after bathing, and offering him psychological support.

In the live video, the youth leader explained the reasoning behind their collective decision not to lynch or beat the thief to death.

“We are decent people.” We don’t want to kill or beat you as “Gas.” As a result, we changed your clothes, assisted you in showering, and provided you with food. “That’s how we decided to treat you after we caught you stealing,” he explained.

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Everything About CCTU Female Student Found Dead Without Her Private Part



The Central Region Police are investigating the death of a level 300 student from the Cape Coast Technical University on Friday night at OLA Estate in Cape Coast.

Nana Ama Clark’s body was discovered in a pool of blood, minus her private parts.

Police received word around 9:00 p.m. on Friday that a female adult had been discovered dead by the roadside at OLA Estate, near the OLA College of Education in Cape Coast.

When police arrived on the scene, they discovered the body of an unknown woman, around the age of 24, lying naked with her private part ‘vagina’ chopped off and bruises all over her body.

Residents in the area are outraged by the incident and have asked police to apprehend and prosecute the perpetrators.

The 24-year-old was killed by a hit-and-run vehicle, according to residents. Even before the police finish their investigation, residents claim that circumstantial evidence does not support an accident but rather a well-planned scheme.

Residents of OLA Estate have also asked the Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly to repair the neighborhood’s broken street lights.

The entire OLA-Bakaano section, where the event took place, is completely dark at night, and residents believe that the darkness encourages criminals to commit such crimes.

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