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6 Signs That Shows Your Partner Will Leave You Soon



The fear of a true lover is suddenly being abandoned by someone who claims to love them or loves them. If you really love someone, it will hurt when they leave you for someone else. Only smart people will realize when they are abandoned by someone they love.

If your partner is about to leave you soon, you will start noticing these signs.

1. Character changes.

If your partner has decided to leave you but is still making plans about how and when to leave, you will find that their character changes. They are unlikely to do the things you love.

As the problem becomes clearer and repeats itself again and again, you can ask questions about the problem, but you won’t get a real answer about it. If you see this sign, your partner may be planning to leave you soon.

2. Loss of emotion and lack of romance.

Someone who wants to leave you no longer has feelings for you, so he can’t have an affair with someone he doesn’t feel for.

If you notice that your partner, who usually longs for romance, has suddenly stopped falling in love with you, he or she will leave you.

3. You feel uncomfortable around them.

If your partner starts to dislike you, you won’t do anything to make them happy. When you are close to them, you will find that their mood can change and make them feel uncomfortable.

4. Reduce communication.

If they leave you, they will not be very close to you, resulting in a drastic drop in communication. Of course, when someone is in love with you, they will always want to hear your voice, and they will always want to be who you are. But when they start to lose it, they will stop communicating with you like before.

5. Workload.

If they are too busy for you, it means that they are fed up with you and will leave soon. No one is too busy for someone they love.

6. They will start giving you attitude.

This is one of the clear signs that your partner will leave you. If you insult your partner, he will not treat you; instead he will come up to you and pour his mind about what you did to him. If this is something worth apologizing for, you will. But if your partner starts medication, he or she will soon leave you.


Lady Sleeps And Gets Pregnant For Her Elder Sister’s Husband Just Two Months After Coming To Stay With Them



A lady is currently in a state of dilemma and despair after sleeping and getting pregnant for her elder sister’s husband.

One would wonder and ask, why would anyone commit such an abomination? Well, that is the power of lust.

To all intents and purposes, one can tell that the lady’s elder sister wanted the best for her but she, in turn, stabbed her in the back.

A secret confession from a lady which is in a screenshot and currently flying on the internet & has left many in a state of bewilderment details how this lady slept with his sister’s husband and further got pregnant for him.

As confessed by the lady who is a student, she moved into her elder sister’s house after she started Uni. and wanted a place closer to her school.

She had trouble finding a place to rent hence her sister who has a child at age 1 gave her the green light to come and stay with her.

In the confession, the lady who feels guilty disclosed that her sister was away for a week and it was within that period she slept with her husband and consequently got pregnant for her husband.

She also explained that her sister’s husband wants her to abort the pregnancy but she’s scared she might lose her life.

See below;

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I Used Rat Poison To K!ll 5-Yr-Old Kid : Proprietor Confesses



The proprietor of a private school, Noble Kids, Abdulmalik Tanko has confessed that he murdered the 5-year-old girl, Hanifa.

Later this afternoon, the police announced the arrest of the proprietor of Noble Kids school, Abdul Malik Tanko for the murder of Hanifer who went missing on the 4th of December, 2021. It was reported that the kidnappers, who came in a commercial tricycle lured her to enter for a joyride.

While being paraded before newsmen at the Kano Police Command headquarters on Friday, January 21, Tanko said

“I picked her inside Keke NAPEP and I carried her to my own house where I lied to my wife that the girl was a daughter to one of the women working in my school and that the mother traveled and is pleading for us to keep the girl for some days. My wife accepted and kept the girl for that reason.

“I realized that the girl’s parents were informed that when picking her up, she made mention of ‘uncle’. This gave me the impression that they might be suspecting me as the uncle.”

“Then after some time, after some days, some of my teachers visited my house very early in the morning and when they came, I was also suspecting that they were sent over to the house to find out whether the girl was there with me; that was on the 5th day after the kidnap.

So, I decided that it was better I found a way before I would be caught. I first thought of sending this girl to another state but again, I thought the whole town was aware that she was missing. If the girl was going to be sent out through the main roads, we would be caught. So, that was when I concaved the idea of killing her.

“I picked her up at home; she was already sleeping, it was getting to 11 pm. I picked her up… I used to take tea always… I was drinking tea at that time, so I put the remaining tea in an empty container of BoBo yogurt, and then I poured in this rat killer poison inside and gave it to the girl, not in my own house.

When we went to the other school when we were passing, I told her that I was taking her back to her uncle’s house so as we were going, I gave her the drink on the road and she drank it and then we entered one branch of the school, the branches are two. We entered the other branch with her and I told her I was going to pick something inside. She entered and that was where she finally died.”

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Why Every Girl Has At Least Three Boyfriends : Lady Reveals



A woman who purportedly hails from Nigeria has shared a video providing details about how girls simultaneously handle least three boyfriends in their life and why they do that.

She revealed that the multiple guys in the girl’s life serve different purposes to the girl during the relationship and she used a funny way in explaining this subject matter.

According to her, one of the men is being dated because the lady has no idea what the future holds for her, while one of them is always at the receiving end of her well calcualted infidelity.

The last guy, per her explanation, is the one who has the upper hand over the girl’s emotion and can readily cause her heartache anytime he deems fit.

In a video posted online, the lady concluded by saying that the last boyfriend is the one who is deceiving the lady without her realizing it.

Watch the video below;

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