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7 Habits Soul Mates Have In Common



7 Habits Soul Mates Have In Common

Many people dream of meeting their soul mate, but it’s much easier said than done. That’s why so many people don’t believe in the idea of soul mates. Many believe it’s just a far-fetched fantasy and that there’s no such thing.

The truth is that soul mates do exist. They’re not as fancy or glorified as people make them out to be, but finding “the one” is completely possible. These are people who complement you, who you’d like to spend the rest of your life with, and who treat you right – all  while you do the same for them.

So let’s say you’re in a good relationship. How do you know that person truly is the one? How do you know you aren’t just caught up in the love bug and don’t realize you might not be entirely right for each other? What if you’re with your soul mate and just aren’t aware of it?

The good news is that there are signs that suggest your partner is more than just another romantic interest. There are ways true “twin flames” behave around each other that indicate their relationship runs deeper than the typical partnership. Here are some habits soul mates have in common.

1.    They Respect Each Other’s Differences But Are Similar Where It Counts

A soul mate isn’t meant to be the other half to your whole. You’re meant to be two unique, individual people. This means that there are going to be some different opinions.

Instead of trying to change each other to be more like them, soul mates respect each other’s differences. Tolerating differences and accepting them is crucial to a true partnership, and it avoids many potentially bad arguments. You love each other for your differences, not in spite of them.

At the same time, soul mates will have similar values and traits where it matters, according to David Klow, who is an author and licensed family therapist. Most people have a list of non-negotiable things they desire in a partner. Some examples of reasonable non-negotiables that someone might have are:

  • Doesn’t smoke, drink, or do drugs
  • Wants children
  • Is for/against (insert political or social movement)
  • Has a good career plan

Choosing a life partner is an important task, so it makes sense that someone has some deal-breakers and makers. Soul mates meet each other’s “requirements” and don’t need to change themselves to fit them. This is a true sign of compatibility that isn’t forced and bodes well for the future.

2.    Their Communication Is On Point

Positive communication is one of the most important aspects of a relationship, and soul mates have this skill down pat. When they have concerns or disagreements, they know how to talk it out in a productive and efficient way. They don’t use unhealthy, emotionally twisting tactics, and they rarely bother dropping hints – they are straightforward and direct so everyone is on the same page.

This also means that both parties in the relationship are happy to listen to their partner, even about things they don’t necessarily understand or agree with. Their ears are open and they make their partner feel heard and valued because they truly want to know what that partner has to say.

  • Soul mates who communicate well also never have trouble starting conversations with each other.
  • They talk about anything and everything, listen to each other’s stories about their days, and are not afraid to bring up any topic.
  • At the same time, they understand the value of quietly hanging out together and enjoy many comfortable moments of silence!

3.    They Just “Get” Each Other

Couples can have an intuitive bond that allows them to know each other extremely well. This is very true for soul mates, and sometimes you might feel that yours knows you better than you know yourself.

As an example, your partner may know that a particular facial expression means you want to leave a party. They might know you’re having a bad day based on the movie you put on or the food you’re eating. They may be able to predict your reactions and even list out a number of unconscious habits you display – including ones you might not be aware of!

But it’s not just about recognizing quirky habits. It’s also about being able to pick up on your partner’s emotions. You might intuitively know when your partner is feeling down, needs comforting, or needs some quiet alone time. You’re able to step in to help when needed, and they’re able to do the same for you.

You might also just really feel like your soul mate understands you. They just get you, and it’s a wonderful feeling in a relationship.

4.    They Talk About Their Futures

A soul mate is in itfor the long haul. They will have no trouble discussing their future plans, and you’ll always be a part of their visions of their upcoming days. Someone who isn’t happy discussing the future likely doesn’t see themselves in yours, or you in theirs.

Soul mates will also likely find it easy to talk about difficult subjects regarding the future. They’re not afraid to discuss career goals, location possibilities, and building a family. They discuss fears and compromises, talk about contingency plans or game plans for troubling times, and are able to responsibly and maturely plan for a shared future.

Another reason this is important is that it indicates a mature relationship. It shows that, even if thinking about the future seems daunting, you are willing to discuss it and form some sort of plan. It means that both parties have ambition and goals, signifying their responsibility and mental maturity – something very important in any partnership.

  • You don’t have to build vision boards and exchange them.
  • All you have to do is be on the general same page when it comes to what direction your lives are going.
  • Most importantly, you know that no matter where life takes you, you’re both in it together.
  • That’s the kind of positive thinking that keeps a couple together!

5.    They’re Comfortable Around Each Other

People make jokes about how you know the romance has died if you’re so comfortable around each other when using the bathroom, lying around looking like a mess, or wearing your worst, ugliest clothes. But that doesn’t really mean the romance has died; it means that you’re comfortable with each other, and that’s a beautiful thing!

Think about it. If you can see each other at your absolute worst and still find the other person attractive and be more in love than ever, you’ve met your soul mate. Of course, some people take more time to feel comfortable than others, so don’t feel pressured to adapt too quickly. But this comfort is a big sign of intimacy – and it’s one of the many habits soul mates have in common.

This also means that soul mates are at peace being entirely themselves around each other. They don’t worry that being their true selves will make the other person love them less. They can be honest and open and hide nothing from the other. That’s what happens when two people truly become one family – or, more accurately, when two people realize they perfectly complement each other.

6.    They Approach Problems As A Team

Life is always going to have speed bumps. Hurdles will surely appear in the road ahead, no matter if you’re single or in a relationship. But knowing how to handle those hurdles makes all the difference.

When you and a soul mate fight, you recognize that there are ways to do so in a constructive way. You communicate your feelings effectively, refrain from personal attacks, and practice positive thinking. You recognize that it’s not one partner versus the other, it’s the relationship versus the problem.

The same goes for non-fight problems, such as losing a job, having issues with money, facing a natural disaster, or getting along poorly with a partner’s family member. Soul mates team up and challenge these struggles together, and they often emerge even stronger from them.

Even with individual struggles, such as personal problems, a soul mate is there to support you and you are there to support them. Those who aren’t soul mates may turn on each other, toss around blame, or become reserved and distant. Soul mates realize that there’s no one they’d rather have by their side through difficult times than their other half, and it’s a beautiful habit to behold.

7.    They Are Best Friends Who Respect Each Other

Above all else, soul mates don’t just love each other – they like each other. Their respect for each other runs deep, and they’re more than just romantic partners. They’re also the best of friends. After all, friendship is an incredibly strong foundation for longevity in a relationship. And what is it that best friends do? They respect one another.

soul mates

The positive strength of friendship is what you need to outlast bad times and thrive during good times. It’s what you need to accept each other, love each other, and challenge each other to be better people without forcing the other person to change who they are. You share a sense of humor, you get along all the time, and you love just hanging out and chatting.

  • This also means you’re not shutting out the rest of the world to be with a soul mate only.
  • You have your own friendships and have your own life outside of the relationship, and they do too.
  • Just because you like spending time with each other the most doesn’t mean you don’t have separate interests and social circles!
  • You’re your own unique people, and you love that about each other.

Final Thoughts On Habits Soul Mates Have In Common

Have you met your soul mate? Do you and your current partner share these 7 habits soul mates have in common? Finding your perfect match isn’t easy, but when you do, everything falls into place and you realize that you want to be with that person forever.

If you haven’t met your soul mate yet, don’t sweat it. Love isn’t something that can be rushed, and you can be rest assured that it will come just when the time is right – mark our words!

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Fashion And Music: Teflon Flexx Serves Us Both



Music celebrities and designer collaborations have altered the course of fashion, though good examples of this relationship are few. The effects of these unions have been very significant. Outcomes include Jean Paul Gaultier’s whirlpool corset dress worn by Madonna on her 1990 Blonde Ambition tour, which subsequently contributed to the trend for wearing bra tops and less clothing. Grace Jones’s collaborations with the art director Jean-Paul Goude, who in the 1980s rendered Grace Jones’s body a fashion object, made groundbreaking music videos and advertisements for various products. However, Grace Jones’s haircut became a major trend; it became known as a “high top” when copied by young black youth. Here in Ghana reigning Unsung Artiste of the year at the VGMA 2020 Teflon Flexx also known as the SOG is gracing our screens with his beautiful traditional apparel.

Teflon Flexx a Ghanaian-based Afrobeats artist, who hails from Sandema, Wiaga in the Upper East Region is gradually gaining his grounds in both the music and fashion space after starting music two years ago with his debut EP ‘Village Boy in the suit.’ He is distinguished from other northern artistes due to his strong fashion sense and style of music, which has earned him the name ‘Sound Of Greatnes’s (SOG).’ The relationship between fashion and popular music is one of abundant and mutual creativity. Reciprocal influences have resulted in some of the most dynamic apparel visualizations ever created in popular culture. The culture of dressing is inextricably tied down to a person’s identity and gives spiritual, intellectual, and emotional distinction from others.

Fashion and music have had and still have a tight relationship. As music is becoming more mainstream, it is inherent in Ghanaian/African artists not to drift from their cultural heritage but position themselves in a strategic position to synergize the Ghanaian fashion heritage in the way they dress. Ghanaian musicians just as their counterparts will continue to have such a close relationship with fashion, these two will not separate anytime soon.

What has always been missing in our Ghanaian music industry is the fair sense of musicians propagating their local cultural heritage forgetting it has tremendous rippling effects on all facets of the local economy of their Country. Kanye West, Drake, Rihanna, Pharrell Williams, and several others have actualized the American fashion sense and today own popular brands that have influenced the world in their sense of fashion. Today, not only do they earn billions of dollars from endorsing popular brands, they have succeeded in corrupting the style of dressing of African/Ghanaian artistes.

There is beaming hopes of the upliftment of the Northern Ghanaian culture, kind courtesy of the fastest rising Ghanaian Musician Teflon Flexx with brand name STEW GANG who is obviously enthused with his culture. What makes him different from others is despite his rich international fashion sense associated with his brand, he equally slays in his fitting traditional outfits on most occasions. Teflon Flexx showcased the rich Northern culture at the just ended VGMA and also for winning the Unsung Award category, he was all glammed up in his recent music ‘Oluwa’ visuals. He has been on major platforms with trendy designs and looking dapper at events.

Teflon is equally a music gem whose hard work in the music studio spreads wide across the globe when dropped, he has served music lovers with bangin music projects like, ‘ No foreplay’, ‘ Eskebelebe’ which he featured DopeNation, ‘Madina’ featuring DJ Wobete.

The artiste and the music pride of the North is getting us deets on his forthcoming banger which features AMG Medikal, the title of the song has not been communicated yet but judging from the musical history of the dapper artist the speculation is, it is going to be a club banger.

We can’t wait for the hot tune coming from the leader of the stew gang.

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Greatness is coming 🤞🏽

A post shared by Teflon Flexx (@teflon_flexx) on

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Naa Amerley Takes Osu To Regionals; Stands For TV Africa’s Miss GaDangme 2020



Recheal Shantel Naa Amerley Odonkor, Ghanaian young model has embarked on a significant mission to make her community proud.

Starting from her homeland Osu, she was crowned the 2019 Miss Osu during the Homowo festival.

Her signature attributes, runway skills, and presentation of herself got the judges excited by her determination to win the beauty pageant.

Fast Forward, Naa Amerley has taken her community Osu to regionals as she was picked to represent Osu at the 2020 TV Africa’s Miss GaDangme beauty pageant.

About Naa Amerley.

Recheal Shantel Naa Amerley aged 21 represents Osu Ajumanko, Owusu We is currently a graduate of the Accra Technical University holding an HND in Accounting.

She loves singing, dancing, and has Public Relations attributes.

She believes the 2020 Miss GaDangme beauty pageant will help her gain greater exposure and help her work on her upcoming projects.

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Chelsea Tayui Crowned 2020 Miss Universe Ghana | PHOTOS



Finally, Ghana has welcomed a new beauty queen. 25-year-old Chelsea Tayui who has been crowned and unveiled this evening as Miss Universe Ghana 2020. This comes after Menaye Donkor’s Malz Promotions issued a press statement weeks ago that the pageantry show would not be able to run as expected due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

However, for Ghana does not to miss a spot at next year’s Miss Universe global competition, the organizers have appointed a new Queen to wear the crown, carry on with the duties of Miss Universe Ghana and represent Ghana at the international Miss Universe pageant slated for early next year. Chelsea was crowned at a brief ceremony aired live Joy Prime TV. Congratulations to the new queen! 🎉

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Chelsea Tayui Crowned As Miss Universe Ghana 2020 To Represent Ghana At Miss Universe International • • Finally, Ghana has welcomed a new beauty queen. 25 year old Chelsea Tayui who has been crowned and unveiled this evening as Miss Universe Ghana 2020. This comes after Menaye Donkor’s Malz Promotions issued a press statement weeks ago that the pageantry show would not be able to run as expected due to the COVID-19 outbreak. However, for Ghana not miss a spot at next year’s Miss Universe global competition, the organizers have appointed a new Queen to wear the crown, carry on with the duties of Miss Universe Ghana and represent Ghana at the international Miss Universe pageant slated for early next year. Chelsea was crowned at brief ceremony aired live Joy Prime TV. Congratulations to the new queen! 🎉 ——————— Special thanks to @joyprimeofficial @maxintlbeauty @woodinfashion @labadibeachhotel @shoezonegh @firstchoicesalon @sincerely_ghana @bodybyguy @aha.intimates @devtracoplus @savilerow.ghana @menscookgh @senakhaircollections @makeupbyzulky @twinsdntbeg @officialkelvincent @shey_by_menaye @quophiakotuahghana _______________________________________________________ #FameBugs #Ghana #Beauty #Pageant #MUG2020 #ChelseaTayui #MissUniverseGhana #GhanaNews #JoyPrime #RuthQuashie #BeautyQueen #MissUniverse #Ghanaian #Celebrities #Gossip #Enews #FameBugs

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