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The location of where you see yourself living and starting a family is something that should definitely be talked about before there’s a diamond ring involved.

One of the most infamous things people say about love is that it is blind and often times, the two people falling in it don’t always see or know everything that they should about each other.
So before the question of “Will You Marry Me?” is popped and wedding plans begin to kick off, it’s critical that the key, life-changing questions are thrown up on the table — and answered honestly.
Wondering how well you know your partner? Here are seven questions you need to ask each other before getting engaged and then saying “I do.”

1. Do you want children?
The question of whether or not you both want kids is something that should be discussed before marriage. If one of you does and one of you doesn’t, this is something that should be known and discussed openly and honestly.

2. Where do you want to live?
The location of where you see yourself living and starting a family is something that should definitely be talked about before there’s a diamond ring involved. If one of you has goals to move to Florida and the other wants to stay in Ohio for life, a compromise or future plan of action should be considered.

3. How important is religion?
What holidays are most important to you? How often do you want to go to church (or other house of worship? How religious do you want your kids to grow up?

4. Are we open about all our finances?
Do you know each other’s financial history or potential past debt? While the idea of talking credit scores isn’t very sexy, it’s very important.

5. Where do you see us in 10 years?
Life changes even before you have a chance to plan for it too much, but chatting about a future and a 10-year plan is an important way to kick off this conversation.

6. Do you understand my love language?
Since the act of loving another person is often very unique person-to-person, it’s important to know if your partner understands all the ways you show your love without actually using the word.

7. What are you willing to give up?
Because life and marriage are all about compromises. It’s important to know what the other person is willing to sacrifice and what he or she is not.



Two Nigerian Men Arrested After Allegedly Attempting To Kidnap 5-Year-Old At Kasoa



Two Nigerian men were apprehended in a viral video.

Despite the fact that there have been many ritual killings across the country, an attempt to kill a child today failed.

A man was seen in an Instagram video narrating how he was able to save the life of a 5-year-old child.

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Car Gutted In Flames At Legon Campus | WATCH



Today is an unfortunate day at the University of Ghana, Legon Campus.

A car was caught in flames today, according to a report shared on Twitter by blogger @SIKAOFFICIAL1.

He went on to specify the dates and times when this unfortunate event occurred.

He posted; A car erupted into flames at UG earlier today. According to the eyewitness at the scene, the fire outbreak occurred around 4:50 PM of Friday May 20th, 2022.

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Woman Accidentally Posts Her Nude PHOTO On eBay



A seller on eBay, an online auction site where users can buy and sell items, had an embarrassing moment when she posted a nude photo of the platform while listing her air fryer for sale.

A woman in her twenties listed a Multi-Cooker for auction. She took the time to include the exact model number in the title and included four photos of each part of the utensil.

Woman accidentally posts her nude photo on eBay while listing her air-fryer for sale

However, it is the last photo that has gotten everyone talking and has prompted dozens of buyers to place bids. Instead of sharing another zoomed-in shot of the kitchen essential, the seller inadvertently posted a nude photo of herself that was clearly not intended for the advertisement.

She was seen standing in front of her bedroom mirror wearing nothing but skimpy black pants. Unsurprisingly, the ad quickly became popular on Twitter.

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