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Accountant Commits Suicide After Detecting GHC 12,000 Church Money Was Missing



An accountant with Tabernacle Believers Worship Centre (TBWC) has allegedly committed suicide in Gyara Zongo in Medie near Nsawam.

According to a source, the accountant has been with the church for the past eight 8 years until he was found hanging from a tree in the late hours of yesterday at the back of his house.

It was revealed that the body of the deceased was found hanging by one Enoch Agana who is also a church member of the Tabernacle Believers.

The source in narrating the incident revealed that Enoch had gone to the house to deliver the youth’s weekly finance to the deceased church accountant so he could add to his Sunday stewardship briefings, on the state of the church’s financial affairs.

Enoch arrived at the Accountant’s house at almost 5 pm, where he shouted the name of the deceased but there was no response. Enoch after waiting for six minutes and still not getting any responses decided to go to the backyard of the house to ease himself.

It was at that point that he saw the hanging body of the 51-year old Church Accountant.

Enoch called for help and together with others was able to take the almost lifeless body of Mr Armstrong to the Medie Hospital for emergency care.

Mr Armstrong was confirmed dead at the Medie hospital after he was admitted to the emergency theatre of the hospital.

Though there hasn’t been any postmortem, Enoch Agana and some church members have confirmed that the man’s death was because of a missing 12,000cedis which he couldn’t account for in his end-year financial review.

They revealed that Mr Armstrong in his end of year financial review on 27 June 2021, could not account for a missing 12,000cedis which was nowhere to be found after he read his financial report to the church.

A church audit report conducted on the church’s bank accounts revealed that the 12,000cedis was missing from the account because it was never deposited into the church’s bank account.

The auditors further stated that the accountant Mr Armstrong, may have either deducted the actual monies that were supposed to go into the church’s bank account or had misplaced it.

This called for his resignation and prosecution from some of the church members while others blamed it on his old age.

The church leaders were yet to decide on what to do with the situation when the news of Mr Armstrong’s death broke out last night.

He left behind a wife and two children.


Drama As Prophet Drinks Member’s Urine During A Healing Session



Drama as Prophet drinks client’s urine during a healing session. Madzibaba Tanya is accusing Madzibaba Steven Muchanyu of using him before duping him of US$5 000 which they had agreed on as his payment. Madzibaba Tanya told H-Metro that Madzibaba Steven “hired” him to help him heal a client suspected to have come from Zambia seeking help.

A Harare-based self-styled faith healer (prophet) says he is sick after he was reportedly forced to drink a client’s urine during a healing session. He said:

Madzibaba Steven looked so desperate when he approached me seeking help. He said he had someone who was coming from Zambia or Botswana not sure who was having problems of pulse beating uncontrollably when driving.

He also said he was having dreams in which every time he dreams of his funeral and wakes up feeling very sick. So he begged me to help him heal the person and I accepted his request to which we agreed that I would get USD$5000 from the USD$15 000 which the client was to pay.

After five days he told me that the person had arrived but I refused to perform the miracles at his church since he would get the credit. Madzibaba Tanya added that during the healing session, he was possessed by a strange “foreign” spirit and it was while he was in a trance that he drank the patient’s urine. He said:

I got possessed during the healing process with a spirit that I don’t even understand. I was told that the spirit wanted me to drink the client’s urine and it was the same spirit that wanted to kill the client.

So I drank the urine in which the client got healed, hana yake yakabva yangoti zii kurova fast kwayaiita and he (client) confirmed that he was healed and was grateful.

Madzibaba Tanya said he had been promised US$15 000 but was surprised to be given US$100 instead of the agreed fee. He said he needed US$5 000 so that he could find faith healers to heal him as he is now sick and also to be delivered from the alien spirit.

Madzibaba Tanya said that each time “I visit other churches I am told they are seeing death ahead of me due to the spirit which came upon me.” However, Madzibaba Steven disputed the allegations, accusing his erstwhile friend of unspecified action. He said:

I have issues with this man. We used to pray together before I left him over his conduct of getting drunk whilst at the shrine. He would also sleep with married women in the bushes, so he is trying to tarnish my image so that my church collapses. He is lying.

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Kasoa: Jealous Gay Boyfriend Stabs His Partner For Having A Female Lover



The Kasoa Market Police have arrested a suspected gay couple after one was stabbed for cheating.

They have been identified as Prince Nyator, 22 and Evans Amoah aged 23.

The two are said to be workers of a Kasoa-based restaurant.

Prince stabbed Evans in his right wrist during a confrontation after he found out the later had a girlfriend.

In an interview, a co-worker, who said Evans confided in him, said the latter had on several occasions been physically abused by Prince.

This, he said, was after he declined his offers for intimacy but gave in one time due to the heightened pressure.

“Filled with guilt after the act, Evans vowed not to continue but I confronted Prince who confirmed and told me he was also lured into gayism by his teacher from a school,” he narrated.

They are currently in police custody assisting with investigations.

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Crying Bride Creates A Scene At Her Wedding | WATCH



A video which has gone viral online has shown moment a crying bride created a scene at her wedding ceremony.

The bride cried profusely and had to be comforted by another lady supposedly in her bridal train. The lady walked to the church altar where the bride and her husband were exchanging their vows, to wipe her tears.

Watch the video below;

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