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Akuapem Poloo Reveals Secret Behind Her New Heavy Nyash



Akuapem Poloo, Controversial Ghanaian actress has come explaining how her backside has transformed hugely in recent weeks.

The sharp tongue actress has been trending in social media for the past days after sharing a picture where her buttocks were seen to be larger than what netizens know of her.

Many of the social media users opined that the actress might have gone under the knife which has resulted in the that heavy nyash.

However Rosemond Alade Brown as known in real life has come out debunking what most people said in view of her recent heavy backside.

In a new video she posted following the earlier picture, Polo stressed that people should watch and see as everything about her behind is real.

”To those who are saying I’m wearing Foam in the picture I just posted check the ass in this video oo lol the cute waist is making my shape come out lol I just have cute body wai I’m blessed. Natural girl ” She said.

In a follow up comment, a social media user asked the actress what she actually did to increase the size of her butt, and guess what, Poloo answered by stating that it is actually her boyfriend who has been giving her doggy style every night which has resulted to that increment.

“My boyfriend Dey give me Doggy style every night my secret..good night” She replied.

See screenshot below.

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