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Akuapem Poloo To Lose Custody Of Her Son?



Controversial social media sensation and actress Akuapem Poloo real name Rosemond Brown could lose custody of her seven(7) years old according to the Department of Social Welfare.

Akuapem Poloo days ago shared a raunchy photo with her son to celebrate his seven birthday, though some social media users applauded her for her caption on the picture, but had problems with the picture.

In the wake of all the bashing on social media by some institutions, the Head of Foster Care Services Unit at the Department social welfare Samuel Anaglattey has revealed that the son might be taken from her if established that he is in danger.

According to him, his outfit would conduct an investigation into the home environment Poloo is providing for her son and make an assessment on whether she’s qualified to keep on taking care of him.

He continued that if the assessment ends up proving she’s not providing a good enough environment for the son, they can take the son away from him.

“… It could get worse. We have that right to separate the child from her, or remove the child from the environment,” he said.

“It could get so bad that we may decide to even remove the child from the environment until we are done working on her before we can return the child to her. So immediately, we are waiting for her to come, it’s just unfortunate we can’t locate her. We will talk to her and continue with our assessment.”

He added: “If at the end of the day, we come out with the conclusion that the child is still safe with her but we just have to keep an eye on her and monitor her. If we think the child is in danger, we have the mandate to remove the child from her based on the child’s best interest.”

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Blvck Vaper Sends A Strong Message In New Project “MindTrap EP”



Blvck Vaper, US-based Ghanaian rapper after outdooring his new freestyle T&T will introduce a new project.

Listen here:

The rapper in his new Project will be releasing an EP. Titled “MindTrap”, the EP is a 6-track Tape.

Every song on “MindTrap EP” sends a strong message out to his fans, music lovers, and the world.

Blvck Vaper followed by releasing the official artwork and tracklist. “MindTrap EP” will officially be released on September 22nd, 2020.

Get it below.

Connect with Blvck Vaper on these socials below.

Facebook: Blvck Vaper (

Twitter: @BlvckVaper (

Instagram: @BlvckVaper_(

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Kanye West Reacts To Claims Jay Z Allegedly Sold Kanye’s Masters In Order To Get His Own Back



Kanye West has defended Jay Z after it was alleged that the latter sold Kanye’s Masters to get his own back.

Kanye, who had been temporarily banned from Twitter for sharing a journalist’s phone number on his timeline, returned to the platform today to react the claims Jay Z sold him out.

Kanye, 43, tweeted screenshots of a post by blogger Akademiks, featuring the headline, “Jay Z Allegedly Sold Kanye’s Masters to Get Own Masters Back.”

Kanye West reacts to claims Jay Z allegedly sold Kanye

Reacting Kanye said Jay is his brother and the media shouldn’t come between them.

Kanye wrote: “Don’t let the system pit us against each other. JAY IS MY BROTHER … I have eternal love for all artists that have been through and are still trapped in this crooked system. Jay still doesn’t get his own masters back for ten years. I will see to it that we all get our masters.”

Kanye West reacts to claims Jay Z allegedly sold Kanye

He added: “we will change the paradigm.”

Kanye, who is battling Universal Music Group for ownership of his masters, posted his entire contract on Twitter earlier this week.

Several music industry executives who read through the contracts concluded that Jay Z sold Kanye’s first six albums in order to get his own masters back.

@lavidaNOTA, a South African label owner, wrote: “Kanye contracts SUMMARY: Apart from the inducement which Kanye had to sign to get his advances. This shows that Jay Z sold the masters to first 6 @kanyewest’s albums just so he could get his own back. He did so knowing Def Jam won’t sell them back to Kanye in future. That’s BEEF!

“[Kanye] owns album[s] 7-10 but the most lucrative and most critically acclaimed albums are owned by Roc-A-Fella which is wholly owned by Def Jam… The majors will never sell you your masters because that’s what gives them market share and drives profits and Jay Z knew that.”

However, Kanye’s recent tweet disputes this claim.

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Dr Dre’s Wife, Nicole Claims He Secretly Transferred His Stage Name And Other Assets To Avoid Losing Them In Their Divorce Battle



Hip Hop mogul and producer, Dr Dre’s estranged wife, Nicole has stated that Dre secretly transferred valuable assets like his stage name and “The Chronic” to himself recently after they split in order to avoid losing them to her when their divorce battle started.

But Dre and his management have debunked her story calling them “ridiculous” and an attempt to embarrass him into submission.

Dre and Nicole have been in the middle of a messy divorce battle where she is asking for almost $2 million a month in spousal support after finding out she can’t get half of his properties and wealth because she signed a prenup agreement.

Nicole says she signed the prenup under duress and that Dre ripped it up several years into the marriage, actions Dre strongly denies.

Nicole Young, in new legal documents, claims Dre created a solely-owned, brand new holding company and transferred into it what she claims is joint property — trademarks for “Dr. Dre” and “The Chronic.” Nicole says it’s a blatant attempt to hide assets that are community property.”

According to Nicole’s legal docs, she says Dre transferred the trademarks after he allegedly kicked her out of their home, and before he threatened on June 27, 2020, to divorce her.

Nicole then took advantage of the heads up and filed for divorce just 2 days later.

Nicole calls Dre’s move an “epic failure and reveals the true nature of his character or lack thereof.” Nicole says the Dre trademark was first filed in 1997 — when they were already married.

Nicole also claims she was the victim of physical, emotional, and financial abuse during their marriage. She does not outline specific instances of abuse. Our Dre sources say to that

But a Dre source has denied her claims, telling TMZ:
“They were married in 1996. Chronic came out in ’92 and Dr. Dre used his name since the ’80s, so it’s all his and his alone.”

“It’s the act of a desperate woman who finally realized that the iron-clad prenup she signed doesn’t win her the lottery.”

“In their 26 years together, there has never been any hint or claim of threatened or actual physical violence and the insinuation is an insult to actual victims of domestic abuse.”

“There was one incident of violence 30 years ago not involving Nicole — and Dre paid the price for it.”

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