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American Woman’s Boobs Rot Away Following Botched Plastic Surgery In Colombia



Lyndsay Colosimo, 38, has opened up about the horrifying moment she was left on the brink of death after having a botched tummy tuck and boob job abroad.

In a bid to “feel confident” for her 40th birthday, the Florida resident forked out $10,000 for a cheap boob job in May scheduled for Colombia that would have cost $35,000 in a US hospital. Unfortunately, the cheap alternative ended up costing her more as she claims she had to part with a total of $40,000 after the boob job went wrong.

Days after the surgery, the flesh around Colosimo’s wound and her nipples began rotting, and her skin turned black.

American woman

She is now warning others about the dangers of having cosmetic surgery abroad following her harrowing ordeal.

“I regret it so much. I went there to feel confident and now I feel embarrassed,” she said.

Colosimo first decided to have the surgery in Colombia after two of her friends went to the same clinic and claimed their results were “amazing”.

“I had a tummy tuck in the US in 2012 and I wasn’t happy with it and wanted it revised with a bum lift,” Colosimo said.

“When I got to the clinic, I was advised on a breast reduction and lift too — something I have always wanted but it wasn’t my priority.

“I decided to have both but I did worry as I felt as though it was too much surgery at once, but you trust the professionals.”

American woman

Colosimo was in surgery for five and a half hours before she woke up and everything began to go wrong. Describing the aftermath, she said:

“When I woke up, I didn’t feel right and a doctor was nowhere to be seen. My legs felt numb and I began vomiting uncontrollably. It was the worst pain of my life.

“It continued for a few days and I could see a black spot under my bandage, but I was told it was dried blood and not to worry by medics. I knew in my heart it wasn’t as I was getting worse by the day. Eventually, I saw what was under the bandage and 30 percent of my nipple was black.”

Colosimo claims she was diagnosed with necrosis — dead cells in an organ or tissue due to disease, injury, or failure of the blood supply — and that her nipple and milk duct was surgically removed three weeks after the initial surgery.

What was supposed to be a 20 day stay in Colombia turned into 32 days as she claims there were further complications.

“I had open wounds on my breasts as the implant pocket wasn’t big enough — it is like the incision was made for a C-cup and DD was shoved in,” she said.

“My skin started breaking open, it was terrifying to see. I had a fever and continued to show signs of infections and was encouraged to walk around whereas usually people are told to rest after surgery.

“My stomach began to fill with fluid and puss would seep out of my belly button and massage therapists were sent to my hotel room with razor blades to cut open the incisions and massage the fluids out.

“This is unsanitary and hotel rooms are not sterile environments. Massage oil is also not good near open wounds — I ignored all the red flags as I was desperate for it to make me feel better.

“Unfortunately, I am more educated after the events rather than before. I researched the clinic and seen amazing results with my own eyes, but I didn’t see any of the bad.”

On her return to the US, Colosimo was taken straight to the hospital and claims doctors found an E. coli infection in her breast and told her revision surgery was needed on her stomach.

Following this, she required a wound vaccination weekly and a doctor to change her bandages daily. She was finally discharged from their care on November 20.

American woman

Speaking about the traumatic experience, she said: “I was seeking perfection but now I look back and realize I was good enough.

Before surgery, I wouldn’t wear a bikini and now I won’t even wear a dress or leave my house. I thought I would feel liberated after, but I feel ashamed. I shared my story on social media to prevent other women going through the torture I have been through.”

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Messi To Leave Barcelona? | FULL DETAILS



The club president is not due to step down for another year but the captain’s refusal to sign a contract extension is likely to change things

Lionel Messi never used to say much.

As a kid, he was famously introverted.

Even after establishing himself as the best player in the world, Messi shunned the limelight. He was always content to let his football do the talking for him, and it spoke volumes.

Things have changed, though. Dramatically.

Since the turn of the year, Messi has felt compelled to make his voice heard.

When Eric Abidal suggested that Barcelona’s players were responsible for the dismissal of Ernesto Valverde in January, the club captain issued a sharp rebuke.

When it was reported in the Catalan press that the squad was reluctant to accept a coronavirus-related pay cut, Messi suggested that those stories were coming from inside the club.

These were hugely significant public statements from such a private person.

Messi has yet to respond to Cadena SER’s claim that he could leave Camp Nou when his contract expires next summer – but that in itself is telling.

Indeed, the silence is deafening.

Goal can confirm, Messi does not want to leave Barcelona – but he is immensely frustrated with how the club is presently being run. The suspension of talks over an extension is evidence of his dissatisfaction.

Make no mistake about it: this is a deliberate move on Messi’s part; a vote of no-confidence in Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu.

For the first time in his 19-year stay in Catalunya, Messi is getting himself involved in the politics of the club. He has always preferred to stay out of such matters; it wasn’t his business.

But now what’s happening off the field is directly influencing what’s happening on it.

Barcelona have signed the three most expensive players in the club’s history since 2017. But Ousmane Dembele is injured (again), Philippe Coutinho is on loan at Bayern Munich, while Antoine Griezmann was a 90th-minute substitute in Tuesday’s draw with Atletico Madrid.

The best player on the pitch at Camp Nou was arguably a 20-year-old academy project, Riqui Puig.

It’s a staggering state of affairs for a club of Barca’s size and stature, one that has spent more than €1 billion (£901m/$1.12bn) on transfers since Bartomeu became president in 2014 – and wasted nearly all of it.

One bad deal has been swiftly followed by another and such wastefulness was always going to catch up with the Blaugrana, who now find themselves with insufficient cash to land their primary summer transfer target, Lautaro Martinez.

According to Inter, their Argentine attacker’s €111m (£100m/$125m) buy-out clause will expire on Monday. Nobody familiar with the financial situation at Camp Nou expects Barca to meet it during the next 24 hours.

Messi has not hidden his admiration of Lautaro. Or his enduring affection for Neymar, who left Barca for Paris Saint-Germain in 2017. He had hoped that the club would bring the Brazilian back last summer.

However, the perception was that Bartomeu didn’t want to re-sign Neymar; he merely wanted to be seen to be trying to re-sign him. Tellingly, Messi openly wondered if everything had been done to make it happen.

It was the first sign of strain in a relationship between president and captain that now appears broken beyond all repair.

‘Barca-gate’ played a pivotal role in its collapse, as it was reported that the club had hired a PR company to not only boost the image of Bartomeu and his fellow board members but also sully the reputation of their perceived enemies, including Messi.

The six-time Ballon d’Or winner merely admitted he found it all very “strange”.

However, when stories appeared in the press claiming that the players didn’t want to help the club by reducing their wages during the financial crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Messi claimed that “from within the club there were those who tried to put us under pressure to do something we always knew we would do”.

He is now completely fed up with the way in which he is being portrayed – not just the players in general.

He is annoyed by the suggestion that he holds too much sway in the dressing room; that he has a problem with Griezmann; that he decides whether a coach is hired or fired.

Messi does indeed possess an incredible amount of power at Camp Nou because of his status as the best player in the world – but he has never felt compelled to wield it.

Until now.

It was previously thought that Bartomeu would see out the final year of his tenure no matter what, but Messi’s refusal to sign a new contract has thrown the president’s immediate future into doubt.

Bartomeu was already more isolated than ever before. Six of his directors resigned in April, with one, Emili Rousaud, alleging that somebody had their hand in the Camp Nou coffers.

Messi’s refusal to commit himself to a new deal has now piled the pressure on his boss and there is every chance that next year’s elections could now be brought forward.

Some may interpret Thursday’s news as evidence that Messi could leave Barcelona. In reality, though, it’s Bartomeu who’s now facing an early exit.

By saying nothing, Messi has made his voice heard. Bartomeu will do well to survive the resulting calls for his resignation.

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Top Footballers Who Helped Ghana Become A Top Team



Football is now a favorite worldwide sport that individuals enjoy and have more excitement. Investors have tended to go into football through creating football academies, buying and selling of talented players, setting up sporting bets and more.

In Ghana, the football dream always started at home whereby mostly boys play gutter to gutter footballs, on town parks, and more.

The National football team is now a top-level as it has been rated as one for the best teams in the World and has the quality of players. We then have identified top footballers who have helped the national football team become a top-notch.

Abedi Pele

The football legend, way maker and mentor for most Ghanaian footballers served as captain of the Ghanaian national team. Known in real life as Abedi Ayew he took inspiration from Brazil world star Pelé. He played for several European clubs and found his fame in the French Ligue 1 with Lille and Marseille, the latter where he won the UEFA Champions League in 1993, among other titles. In his time for the Ghanaian team, he played 73 times as he won the African player of the year three times in a roll. Currently, his sons Dede Ayew and Jordan Ayew are now first-team players in the Black Star teams as Dede Ayew is also a captain.

Stephen Appiah

Stephen Appiah, better known in real life as Stephen Leroy Appiah became his career from local top-flight team Accra Hearts Of Oak where he made 21 appearances and scored 19 goals. He 1997, he got his breakthrough to European team Udinese and emerged as a top midfielder for the team. He made his Black Star debut at age 16 as he rose to become one of the significant captains ever. He passes, tackles, assists, and goals have been significantly making Ghana a team to watch especially during the 2006 World Cup tournament.

Michael Essien

The midfielder machine has to be a major impact star for the Ghanaian national team as he has played over 50 times for the team helping the team become one of the eye watching teams in the world. He has played for a number of European clubs becoming a major impact for the Chelsea football club, scoring unexpected and significant goals for the team, earning many calls up into the Black Star team. He made his competitive senior debut in the 2002 Africa Cup of Nations against Morocco on 21 January 2002 but had played for Ghana in a pre-tournament friendly against Egypt on 4 January 2002; since he has earned many national calls ups into the senior side as he is seen as a role mentor for young and rising footballers worldwide.

Sammy Adjei

Ghana’s one time most important goalkeeper was picked as part of the Ghana National team when he earned a call up around 2006 during the African cup of Nations. He got his opportunity to be on the pitch when Richard Kingston was taken off due to an injury. He made a major impact as he played for local famous top-flight team Accra Hearts of Oak as well as Club Africain. From his impact, his name became a label on the lips of many Ghanaians worldwide for his commitment and hard work for the national team.

John Boye

The 1.85m defensive player who currently plays for Metz has made his name unto the first team sheet of the Ghana National team. Kicking off his career from Schwepps youth academy, he had the chance to move on load to Stade Rennais on where he impressed them and got officially signed by them in 2009. From his hardwork, he earned a call up into the National side as he had his tournament debut in 2015 whereby based on his hardwork and impact for the Black Star team, we had a sliver wear medal for the national team. Based on his hardwork, he has about 6 goals to his name for the national side.

Thomas Partey

The new midfielder machine for the Ghanaian national team who is currently playing for Spanish side Atletico Madrid has been on a top-flight for both his club and national teams. Known in real life as Thomas Teye Partey, he has been tagged as a potential leader for the national team as top-flight teams such as Arsenal, Manchester United, and more are chasing him for his signature. In 2016, he earned his first-team calls up ahead of the 2017 African Cup of Nations qualifications. In 2018 he scored his first hat-trick for the national side during the 2018 Fifa World Cup Qualifications. Since then, he has become a top-flight for both country and club as he has helped the national side improve much more.

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Meet The Man Who Exposed Hushpuppi And Woodberry To The FBI | PHOTOS



Many have been wondering how the Dubai Police and Federal Bureau of Investigation got all the information on Ramon Abbas popularly known as Hushpuppi to arrest him. But as the saying goes, there’s no smoke without fire.

The man behind the arrest of Hushpuppi and Woodberry has been identified as Aziz Mirza who is a Pakistani-Canadian based fraudster who was also arrested in 2019 for fraudulent activities.

Mirza is reported to have lived a flamboyant life just like Hushpuppi. He was also known to have flaunted his luxuries and wealth on social media like Ramon Abbas. However, he was also busted by the FBI and upon several torturing from the police, he gave up information which led to the arrest of Hushpuppi and Woodberry.

The information Mirza gave was what assisted the FBI to stalk the two Nigerian guys which made the FBI name their hunt of arresting Hushpuppi and Woodberry “Fox Hunt 2″.

See below.

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