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Apple CEO, Tim Cook Is Now A Billionaire



Apple CEO, Tim Cook has become a billionaire after the Cupertino-based iPhone maker broke all previous records to become the world’s most valued company at over $1.84 trillion.

According to Bloomberg Billionaires Index, the net worth of Cook has eclipsed $1-billion mark, officially making him a billionaire.

“Cook owns 847,969 shares directly and took home more than $125 million last year as part of his pay package,” reports the BBC.

The milestone comes 9-years after Tim Cook took over from Steve Jobs, who died in October 2011.

Last week, Apple surpassed Saudi Arabia’s state-owned oil company Saudi Aramco to become the world’s most valuable company.

The massive earnings helped Apple shares closed up 10.47 percent to become the world’s most valuable publicly-traded company, surpassing the largest oil producer in the world.

Apple is now closing in on the milestone of being the first company to be valued at $2 trillion. Back in 2018, Apple was also the first US company to cross the $1-trillion mark.

However, Cook still has a long way to meet up with other CEOs on the Bloomberg Billionaires’ list, like Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos ($187 billion), former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates ($121 billion) and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg ($102 billion).

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Taxi Driver Kills Girlfriend Who Dumped Him And Commits Suicide After



Emmanuel Kwakye, a taxi driver at Cape Coast in the Central Region of Ghana has killed his girlfriend of 3 years called Lamisi.

According to the reports received by GhPage, Emmanuel Kwakye killed Lamisi after she broke up with him for no reason.

The reports explain that the taxi driver was married with two children before he met Lamisi but dumped his family and stayed with Lamisi.

It was the same person, Emmanuel Kwakye who sponsored Lamisi through her three years of education at the Teacher’s Training College.

But after completing school, Lamisi informed Emmanuel Kwakye she can’t marry him without giving any ‘proper’ explanation.

Anger by the shocking turned of events, Emmanuel Kwakye stabbed Lamisi to death and fled the scene to avoided police arrest and lynching from the public

The taxi driver was later found at Brohima L/A Basic School in Mankessim where he had committed suicide.

This incident has shocked netizens throwing people into the old discussion about men who sponsor their girlfriends to schools who ends up dumping them upon completion.

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I’m Not Too Old For The Premier League : New Chelsea Signing Thiago Silva Declares



New Chelsea signing, Thiago Silva says he is not afraid to use his status as a former champion with Brazil, Paris Saint-Germain and AC Milan to help the club’s push for glory this new season despite turning 36.

The defender celebrated his 36th birthday on Tuesday September 22, and is preparing to make his Chelsea debut against Barnsley in the Carabao Cup on Wednesday.

Even though doubt’s remain about his adaptability to the pace of Premier league football due to his age, the Brazil international, thinks his dedication on and off the field means he will come good after joining from PSG last month.

“No, I don’t worry at all because I know where I want to get to because I have really high hopes about this team, this young team,” Thiago Silva said as Chelsea unveiled their new signing ahead of his debut.

“Thank God, I physically feel really good. Age is just a number on your document but physically, I feel very young. I am very well prepared for this and I have been preparing for this my whole life. People who know me know how much I put into my work.

“I put in 200 percent and this is a great opportunity that Chelsea and Frank Lampard have given me and I don’t want to let them down.”


He added that he had never previously desired a move to the Premier League until he changed his perception of the division: “I had never really seen myself in the Premier League previously. That’s because I saw it as a difficult style of football personally.

“I didn’t have any desire to play in the Premier League because my impression of the football played was of long balls, high balls and long shots. I thought at the time that I couldn’t see myself playing in that championship but, over time, I have seen that the championship has developed tremendously, there’s a lot more technical quality.

“A lot of teams play with the ball on the ground, with the full-backs attacking in the area and every team has their own idea and strengths but I previously saw it characterised by long balls and that didn’t appeal to me.

“I know how to play that way but my preference is to play with the ball on the ground. I know my quality, and little by little, the Premier League football really won me over. Anyone who knows me knows that. At 36, I am arriving to play in one of the best championships in the world.

“This is usually a league of young players but I am coming here as an older player and I see it because Frank Lampard and Chelsea wants a player of my experience.

“If someone wants a runner, then I refer to the words that Carlo Ancelotti used for James: ‘If you want someone to run, they can sign Usain Bolt’. With my experience and the young players here, I hope to help them in this new adventure.”

According to Silva, he and Lampard will set the standard of what it takes to win in a squad littered with younger players .

“I think it is important to show the young players that just playing matches isn’t enough; they need to be preparing to be ready and to be in the best state that is possible,” he added.

“They need to see how important it is to win things because it is people who are successful and winners who are remembered. The example is our manager, Frank Lampard; he has won the biggest and main championships in world football, so he will be remembered eternally. Not just by Chelsea fans but England fans too.”

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Social Media User Reveals The Secret Behind President Akufo-Addo’s Seat And Why He Carries It Everywhere



For some time now, Ghanaians have been wondering why the President of Ghana, H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is seen carrying his presidential seat around as he embarked on various tours across the country.

Well, a social media user who is also an NDC member, Kobby Fiagbe, has taken to Facebook to share a long post on the secret behind the president’s seat.

Kobby Fiagbe (right)

Check out Kobby’s post on Facebook below:

The personal seat that has been accompanying President Akufo-Addo in recent times is not a mere seat. It is indeed an electronic device put together to keep Akufo-Addo from falling asleep.

According to a highly placed, unimpeachable source within the presidency, the seat is actually a contraption fitted with a device that delivers mild electrical vibrations “to keep the old man awake”. “With time, it became ever more evident that we have to devise an away to keep Nana awake at public functions. He has gotten to the stage where trying to keep him awake at events was becoming a nightmare. So someone came up with this bright idea of implanting a shock-delivering device in a seat that he would have to use at every publication function. Where the seat cannot enter a place, for instance where the doorway is not wide enough to allow entry, the handlers of the President must ensure that he doesn’t spend more than ten minutes,” The source told TGL.

Asked how the device works, he explained that, “it really is a simple device that is remotely controlled. The trusted aides handling the remote control are under instructions to deliver a certain level of electric shock to the President at specified intervals. The shock is not delivered to cause him to jolt, but rather to deliver some vibration to keep the Oldman awake.”.

Asked why the presidency is resorting to such subterfuge, the source said, “we are just a few months to an election in which the oldman wants a second-term, it would just be suicidal politically for him to be seen sleeping at public events. It is important that the public doesn’t become aware of how really tired the oldman has become.”

“This is why,” the source continued, “the presidency has encouraged the spread of rumours linking the seat to superstition. You know, the average Ghanaian is superstitious and believes in the supernatural. So linking the seat to the supernatural provides a good cover behind which the truth about the seat can hide. Another cover story we are encouraging out there is that these seats, three of them, are special gift made in Dubai and was presented to Nana as a gift.”

In recent times, Mr. Akufo-Addo has piqued a lot of curiosity with his penchant for carrying his “personal seat” along with him to every public functions, including carrying it to studios of radio stations for interviews.

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