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Ayisha Modi Mistakenly Exposes Stonebwoy On How He Travelled With His Boyhood Friend Abroad As One Of His Crew Members



Ayisha Modi has inadvertently exposed Stonebwoy on how he lied his way through immigration in order to sneak his childhood friend identified as Shatta Fiadzomo aka Shatta Bhim out of the country during one of his gigs outside.

Probably seeing the gravity of her post and the huge indictment it would have on Stonebwoy’s brand, someone drew the Bhim Nation boss’ attention, and Ayisha was perhaps ordered to take the post down. So yeah- the first post has been deleted and a new one, more refined has been posted in its stead.

Apparently, Ayisha wanted to point out how ungrateful this young man has been to Stonebwoy upon all the sacrifices the Dancehall/Reggae artiste did for him.

She narrated how Stonebwoy paid all expenses and travelled abroad with his boyhood friend, Shatta Bhim, as one of his crew members, aided him to beat immigration and abscond to start life over there but he foolishly came back to Ghana with a stupid excuse that he sleeps in a couch.

Ayisha Modi also claimed that Stonebwoy set up a shop for Shatta Bhim to sell Bhim products but never bothered opening the shop to sell the products and rather went around to badmouth Stonebwoy.

The new version of her post read;

“Problems Solved. I so value the Respect ✊ and Love 💕 you just shown me. We are family and as one we stand. Never met someone has respectful as u are , someone who accepts his Mistakes. You know ur brother @stonebwoyb don’t joke with u @shatta_bhim . You said something very sensible to me ! (Mama am sorry and it’s won’t happen again) For this ur respectful act check ur momo😘😘. Bhimnation is for life and for life is for life 😘.”

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Facebook Changes Company Name To Meta



Facebook on Thursday announced that it has changed its company name to Meta.

The name change was announced at the Facebook Connect augmented and virtual reality conference. The new name reflects the company’s growing ambitions beyond social media. Facebook, now known as Meta, has adopted the new moniker, based on the sci-fi term metaverse, to describe its vision for working and playing in a virtual world.

“Today we are seen as a social media company, but in our DNA we are a company that builds technology to connect people, and the metaverse is the next frontier just like social networking was when we got started,” Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said.

The company also said in announcing the new name that it will change its stock ticker from FB to MVRS, effective Dec. 1.

Meta’s stock price was up more than 3% on Thursday.

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Funny Face Should Apologize To His Ex-Wife, His Case Is Not Physical : Prophet Nana Appiah



Founder of Prophetic Life Chapel Prophet Joseph Nana Appiah has advised comic actor Funny Face to render an apology to his ex-wife if he wants to come back to his normal self.

According to the prophet who was speaking on Onua TV’s Entertainment and lifestyle show Anigye Mmere with A J Pounds, what is happening to Funny Face is not normal but spiritual. He emphasized that Funny Face needs to apologize to his ex-wife in order to gain his sanity back.

“Funny Face case it’s simple, the first woman you marry has 70 percent power over you. Never joke with a woman you marry. She can be your God or your devil. She can either be your wife or be your knife, so to avoid whatever is happening to him in life, he should go and apologize to his former wife. If he apologizes, the dust will soon settle.

“Am talking about the policewoman. If the woman whole-heartedly says, ‘Yaw I’ve forgiven and forgotten what you did to me. Everything will work for him. Whatever is happening to him is not physical. Women are very powerful,” Prophet Nana Appiah concluded.

Funny Face is currently in a psychiatric hospital and has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. This comes after the Accra high court came to directives for the ctor to be re-examined by the hospital after he was granted bail.

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Renowned Kumerica Sound Engineer & Musician Commits Suicide After Leaving Suicidal Note On Facebook



In a sad report, a renowned Kumasi-based sound engineer identified as Yaw Geng has committed suicide.

This comes after he left a suicidal post on the popular social media platform, Facebook on October 16, 2021.

The sound engineer who is also a musician committed suicide with his post suggesting that he has lost hope in life and according to reports, he committed suicide by hanging himself.

The post he made on Facebook reads;

“Sometimes things don’t go as planned and there is nothing you could do aside giving up. We are only humans and we are not meant to be here forever. There is a question I’ve been asking myself a billion times ….why are some of us born into suffering and others with a silver spoon in their mouth…The world ain’t fair.”

People who knew him have reacted to his death and here are some of the reactions we gathered;

Wag Gengs – Oooooow family Yaw Geng is Dead ooooooooooooo😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭. He hanged himself ooow ow ow yaw waha me ooooo ow hmmm 😭😭😭

Robby Single – Oh bro so you were serious with this message, oh 😭😭😭. Giving up wasn’t the best choice, some people were born blind, dumb, epilepsy, etc. Yet still they are full of hope, why did you left me bro. 😭😭😭😭😭😭.

King Bobby – Bro we all been to hell life but we Understand the word Time,Even though it’s really tuff outchea,But living and life is precious no matter what,It’s about less than a year i have known you but your personality is one of the best.I admired your hustle,the hardworking and your talent a lot.its really sad we only have to send condolences bro.May God Be With You Where Ever You At Geng.B.I.P(Be In Peace)😭😭😭😭

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