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Benedicta Gafah Took Me To A Spiritualist To Take My Shine : Actress Reveals | DETAILS



Xandy Kamel

Zylofon Media signee, Benedicta Gafah who was recently in news based on a relationship with rapper Obibini seems to be using other sources of powers to raise her career.

In a recent interview on Entertainment Review via Peace FM, an actress identified as Xandy Kamel has come out with serious revelation about how Benedicta Gafah gets her shine rising up.

The actress during the interview disclosed; Benedicta Gafah took her to a pastor whose name hasn’t been revealed yet [to the public] to take her shine.

According to the Xandy Kamel, Benedicta Gafah told her she is taking her to Kumasi Kotwi and as they got there, they went far away into the bush. At a point, they had to continue their journey on foot for two more miles.
On reaching their destination, the only visible building was a mud hut.

She further went on to reveal the exact direction the pastor asked them to do.

Xandy Kamel said; A pastor brought a bowl of water, asked her to wash her face first with it and give it to Benedicta Gafah to also wash her face with the same water.

Quickly she revealed she had a flashback of Emily Brobbey in a movie were she lost her husband to her friend, after performing a similar ritual.

Benedicta Gafah

Aside from this, the pastor demanded for some items including kola and a goat supposedly to carry out the divine directions.

All these while Xandy Kamel was thinking cause she was dating a very big and famous artist in kumasi so Benedicta Gafah wanted to take away that guy.

She then came back to Kumasi to buy the stuffs this pastor requested and then called her mum. She then relayed the outcome of her trip to her mum, who strongly advised her against going through with the rituals.

According to her mum, she [Xandy Kamel] was going through trials and to do away with seeing different kind of pastors.

She then got back to Accra and they went to Royal House Chapel. She then met a pastor [his name wasn’t also revealed] there and the pastor asked her to seriously pray over it and keep mute about the whole affair.

But according to Xandy Kamel, reason why she has voiced out is because Benedicta Gafah has been going about destroying her image.

She event went on to tell prominent people all sorts of lies about her which really got her so pissed off.

She went on to reveal she isn’t living in a rented apartment but a house of her own whereby Benedicta Gafah is really aware of; as she isn’t a slay Queen but got better plans for her family and sisters who are looking up to her as well.

She ended by saying the main point is, Benedicta Gafah took her to a soo called man of God who turned out to be a fetish priest to her; cause no genuine man of God will tell her to use water to wash her face and give it back to her Benedicta to also do same and further ask for kola, a goat and other stuffs Juju men uses.

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Could Sarkodie Not Wearing His Ring Signal Availability For Adultery?




The most decorated rapper in Ghana and well celebrated in Africa, yesterday turn heads with his performance at the Glo Music fest and left everyone talking and re-affirming why he is the King.

Sarkodie on the night appeared on stage in an all-black attire looking dapper but left one thing; his wedding ring.

The rapper who recently got married to his Baby mama Tracy was seen for the first time without his wedding ring on such a big stage. What could be the reasons behind this act?

This act now opens up the Pandoras box for allegations and flooding in of opinions on if or not all is well between him and his newly wedded wife Tracy.

This could sound like a lame opinion, but this is Ghana, where wearing one speaks a lot and going without one says otherwise.

A little digging into the matter popped up some very interesting reasons why celebrities wear and don’t wear rings. Below are the reasons; spanning from Health-related issues to infidelity.

Many people who use their hands for work – regardless of the type of work – don’t want to build up the calluses that ring inevitably cause. While others find them uncomfortable. Others are afraid they’ll lose them and surprisingly, some simply don’t buy into enforced symbolism; wearing rings to show the world they are married.

Notwithstanding the above, Jeanne Safer, a psychotherapist in New York shared an opposite viewpoint, saying, “I think they’re making a statement by not wearing one, It may unconsciously signal availability for adultery, either actually or in fantasy.”

Could Sarkodie be scared of losing his ring, having issues with his wife, not feeling like wearing it or preventing calluses that ring inevitably cause?

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Stonebwoy’s Former Manager Disappointed In His Onetime Artiste




After parting ways with the Bhim nation honcho Stonebwoy, Karl Gidiglo the name that has been known for working to advance the career of Stonebwoy and building his current Burniton Music Group from scratch expresses disappointment in Stonebwoy and says he [Stonebowy] is insecure about his position in the music Industry.

Karls comment comes at the back of assertions made by Stonebwoy in an interview which suggested that he Karl has been struggling with his signed artistes since they parted ways.

Karl’s comments which were penned down in a press release cited by sounded as though the two parted ways on not too much of a good grounds.

Touching on the attack, he said,

“This needless and unprovoked attack on me and my team exposes his deep insecurity about his place in the music industry.”

It’s an open secret that one of the artists on Karl’s Freedom Cry Record label by name Eye Judah sounds and possesses same mannerisms as Stonebwoy if not more and has been tipped to be the next best person to fill in and take after Stonebwoy.

Below is the full statement issued by Karl.

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We Lack Unity In The Music Industry : Queen Haizel



Queen Haizel

Ghanaian musician Queen Haizel who is known to be staying in Accra-Madina but hails from Cape Coast in the Central Region visited her homeland on the radio tour she’s embarking on.

According to her this is her first time being on radio interviews in Cape Coast although she has visited the place on several occasions.

When asked if she knows any female musician in the Central Region she mentioned Eshun and added “she’s the only one i know”.

The host Kwaku Bee of Okokroko fm mentioned other female musicians who also hails from the region to her and asked if she has heard about them and will love to work with any of them.

She stated;”why not,i will be very glad to work with any artiste from the central region not necessarily the ladies but any musician who is also ready to work with me”.

She later told the host how one female musician turned down her request to work with her on a track which being the main reason she’s not approached any other female musician but she made it known that she’s ready to work with anyone so far as the person is ready to work with her.

She ended the interview by suggesting all musicians in the Central Region lift up their game and join forces just like how the musicians in Tema did to prove to the country that Central Region also has talents.

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