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“Bkay” Talks New Visuals For Hit Tune #KumkumBhagya, Crush And More On “KubiLiveChat”




KubiLiveChat: Good day and welcome to Ghana’s number online chat KubiLiveChat

Bkay: Good day Bro.

KubiLiveChat: To kick of with Who is Bkay?

Bkay: Bkay is a Congenial and a Versatile Artist who has his eyes opened to new experience

KubiLiveChat: That’s great! Why did bkay choose music and not any other occupation

Bkay: I have so much passion for music and music has been part of my life.

KubiLiveChat: How has the music journey been so far?

Bkay: Well it keeps getting tougher, but when it comes to KingLouisEnt, when the journey gets though we change our shoes.

KubiLiveChat: That’s a very great one plan for your and your record label! How many tunes has Bkay dropped so far?

Bkay: 4 singles!

KubiLiveChat: That’s wonderful!! How do you see the music industry now?

Bkay: Well what I have known from the start is, Ghanaian Music Industry is a Pay As You Go thing.

KubiLiveChat: Oh Yesu! Does it mean bribery and corruption?

Bkay: Lol. Well that is how you have termed it. To me Pay As You Go isn’t bribery. Bloggers,Djs and so on needs to eat.

KubiLiveChat: Nice One! As a singer which Artist do you look up ?

Bkay: I look up to many. But in Ghana my Number 1 choice is Mugeez.

KubiLiveChat: That’s a dope star! Any major tune so far?

Bkay: #KumkumBhagya #Iswear.

KubiLiveChat: Alright that’s dope! Which artists would you love to have a remix on based on these two tunes

Bkay: #KumkumBhagya = Systa Afia and #Iswear = Mugeez.

KubiLiveChat: Why Sister Afia?

Bkay: Well she loves what she does as an Artist.

KubiLiveChat: I can really see you watch and always choose the right artist for your works. Keep it up bro!

Bkay: Thanks Bro!

KubiLiveChat: It’s almost getting to the end of year, should we expect any new tune from you?

Bkay: For new tune it could be a Surprise. But will be dropping the Official video of #KumkumBhagya and its a must watch video.

KubiLiveChat: My people here you go, Kumkum Bhagya video gonna be a lit one. Any celebrity crush?

Bkay: Oh Yes!!! But….

KubiLiveChat: Name her haha.

Bkay: Well Systa Afia.

KubiLiveChat: Herh! So you dey? Hahaha! Where do we see bkay in the 3 years ?

Bkay: Working hard and smart to attain excellent Outcomes pertaining to my Career.

KubiLiveChat: Dope! Any last word for your fans?

Bkay: I just wanna say a Big Thanks to them for their unconditional support and that i Promise To deliver good Music. Botueeee!!!!

KubiLiveChat: There you go my people. Bkay is here to stay!!!

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Kubi Live Chat

J Spice Reveals Inspiration Behind His Brother Song



Fast-Rinsing Ghana versatile artiste J Spice who is recently out with a new song has revealed the inspiration behind it.

Speaking on an online interview with KubiLiveChat the fast-rising musician revealed to us how he came about with his first song Brother.

The Brother Man song was actually inspired by his brother to tell Ghanaians ann music lovers about his life journey and how far God has taken.

The “Brother Man” song has been an inspirational song for individuals as it has received over a thousand views on YouTube.

Facebook: Jay spice

Twitter & Instagram: @1_jspice.

Stream and Watch Brother Man” below.

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I Have No Mentor In The Music Industry : Gyidi




Gyidi, Ghanaian music rising star known in real life as George Kofi Asare has revealed he doesnt have any mentor in the music industry.

Revealing this in an exclusive interview on KubiLiveChat, he revealed honestly, he doesn’t look up to anyone in the industry.

He moved on saying, there are some people whose works he admires and get inspired by certain aspects of their crafts.

But outside the industry, he looks up to Apostle Vinny Max Bani, AVMB as he is all rounded and has the knowledge and skill for every area of life.

He also revealed he had once approached a label but now he doesnt want to be on any label.

Giving a reason, he thinks it’s better to start off on your own, build something substantial so that a label who comes looking for you will be able to have a better deal with you.

He told us; Yhhhh I think it is better to start off on your own, build something substantial, so that should a label come looking for you you have a greater negotiation or bargaining power. I don’t think it is advisable to go chasing labels, you may be at their mercies. But start something, learn the business, build a strong brand then if they come calling you can have a proper conversation where you’re not exploited or something. Yhhh. Get power so sey nobody go overpower you. Hehe.

Gyidi is out with a new EP called “Dawn”.

Listen and enjoy below.

Facebook: Gyidi.

Twitter & Instagram: @Gyidi_.

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Gyidi Reveals Inspiration Behind His “Dawn” EP




Gyidi, Ghanaian music talented musician in an exclusive interview with KubiLiveChat revealed the inspiration behind his new EP.

According to him, his”Dawn” EP was inspired mainly by what he perceived people could be experiencing.

So of his songs were written as a way to communicate to people, heal, comfort and guide them.

He also revealed to us why he chooses the name “Dawn” as this was decided by him and his team.

Explaining this, he revealed because they had been away from music for a while and felt like this was going to be a new beginning for them.

Check out his “Dawn” EP below.

Facebook: Gyidi.

Twitter & Instagram: @Gyidi_

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