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Bleaching Caused My Downfall : Young Beautiful Slay Queen Regrettably Advices Young Ladies



This story by a young and beautiful Slay Queen who has had a bad experience in bleaching her skin might change your mind to stop if you are already discoloring the skin or yet to start.

Regretfully, Mary Naana Ankomah has chronicled her painful suffering after she started to bleach her original brown skin.

Heavily endowed Mary said in 2013-2015 due to her strong popularity on and off social media, a lady sent her a DM recommending a skincare product which according to her will make her more beautiful and get followers.

Though she had that glowing skin then, she was carried away by the lady’s[the one who sent her a dm]sugar-coated testimonies of the product she had recommended to her.

Curious to know how it will work fine on her body, Mary Naana Ankomah fell for the use of this new product.

Fast-forwarding her narration, the Slay Queen said the lady who came to her DM gave her a list of items to buy that she can mix and use as her cream to give her that nice fair skin men will love to see.

After moving from one cosmetic shop to the other in search of the items given her, Mary finally landed in the hands of one woman who though couldn’t get her the preferred list of things needed but assured her of a bleaching cream that could help very well.

Ready to explore, she agreed and started using the product which in its early stages gave her the preferred skin tone.

Again, in 2015 when she was due for travel to Dubai she went for another one[bleaching cream] because the first one that she used was just as the woman said, ‘very was good’.

“A week later after traveling to Dubai the cream changed color, it became very brownish” That didn’t scare her as she continued to use until she came back to Ghana and met the shock of her life.

Her once beautiful skin was covered with stretch marks. In fact, every part of her ‘perfect’ body was destroyed. The bleaching cream had done the worst on her skin.

Due to how messy the skin has become, Mary said she started to feel bad and inferior thereby losing her self-confidence.

Because of the stretch marks, she lost great deals and even her boyfriend who promised to her with her whether rain or shine started to change, distancing himself from her.

The world began to seem like hell for her. The stretch marks began to spread all over her body, the skin began to spoil.

In a bid to cover the striations on her skin, she went for a tattoo. After some time she proceeded in searching for other alternatives to bring her skin back to its normal ‘settings’ so that the inferiority self complex will no more be with her.

Advising the youth, Mary said it’s not good to use any harsh cream on the body that will in the long run cause a problem to the skin.

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Girl Exposes A Lady Using Sperms Of Guys For Rituals; As She’s Part Of An Occult Group Called “Sisterhood Money Club”



A twitter lady by the handle @EdNarh_xx has exposed an occult group.

In a chat shared by Yaa Bayern the lady exposed one Angela who is part of the secret group calles Sisterhood Money Club. In the exposed chat, the lady (Angela) gave every information on how they make monies in this group.

According to Angela, what they group needs is the Sperms of a guy as they are rewarded with $500.

Read the full thread of the chats below.

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Slay Queen Disgraced Online After She Offered To Sleep With A Guy Just To Take Pictures With His iPhone 12



There is a leaked WhatsApp chat going viral on social media of a Slay Queen who offered to have sex with her male friend’s close friend just to use his iPhone 12 to take photos.

The shameless Slay Queen took the contact of the unknown guy using the iPhone 12 from her male friend after she saw him on her friend’s WhatsApp status.

She [Slay Queen] wanted to be on a level pegging with her other female friends who’re likely using iPhones, hence shooting her shot on this one.

Wanting to satisfy her need to use the iPhone 12 to take photos, the unidentified Slay Queen quickly after taking the iPhone guy’s contact, DM him.

In the chat, the lady gave two offers to the guy using the latest iPhone series which launched on 13th October 2020. She told the guy to either have 2 rounds of sex with her or charge money.

The guy who wanted more from the lady bargained with her, asking her to offer him 4 rounds of sex in lieu of the 2 because the phone is expensive.

The Slay Queen, however, pleaded for 3 rounds with a special package, which is to give him [the guy] a BlowJob in addition to the 3 rounds of coition. Both at the end agreed to it.

Read the chat between the Slay Queen and the guy she wanted to use his iPhone 12 to take photos below;

Leaked Chat

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What Is The Best Average Penis Size?



Most men across the world have become to concern about the size of their penis as some due to porn or dating sites like OnlyFans and more tend to raise alarm based on the kind of sizes of penies they see online.

According to our research, KubiLive today will provide you the best of average size penis that can especially satisfy a woman.

According to a NHS steerage, teenage boys are the most likely to get a ruler or tape measure out to find out how long their penis is.

On the other hand, the pressure men put on themselves when it comes to their downstairs, saying: “Man has always placed great importance on the size of his penis. Many cultures associate penis size with masculinity.

“Throughout the ages, it has come to symbolise qualities such as virility, fertility, strength, ability and courage.”

Not being happy with the size of your penis can damage a man’s self-confidence and impact their social life.

If you feel embarrassed about your penis, you may start to avoid intimate relationships or even using public urinals or shared shower rooms.

However, we all grow at different rates so there is no average penis size for teenagers.

Every penis is unique and the penis doesn’t stop growing until the age of 21.

Most men have a penis that is about 3.75 inches long when not erect.

But then, the best average size penis is between 6.35 to 6.56 inches.

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