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Bullet Finally Speaks On The Cause Of Fantana’s Unruly Behaviour : This Is What He Said



Fantana apparently has been the ‘bad-nut’ so far from the camp of RuffTown Records headed by Ricky Nana Agyemang aka Bullet.

In the wake of Fantana’s rant on social media, Bullet has come out to clear the air on all the allegations leveled against his record label.

Bullet in an interview said — it is disrespectful for Fantana to talk against a record label that brought her out

According to Bullet Fantana is drunk in the little fame she has gotten within the short period and wants to damage his label with that.

About what caused her sudden change in behavior; He revealed he was the one who discovered Fantana and made her who she is today. To him she can’t control the little fame she’s got.

“Fame has gotten into Fantana’s head and that is why she is behaving the way she is, bent on tarnishing the hard-earned reputation of the label,” he noted.

He again disclosed he was very shocked when Fantana said in a live video on Instagram that Rufftown Records is short of lyrics and she does not want their songs.

In Bullet’s further take on the subject expressed total disappointment about the turn out of events after he decided to devote his time and help Fantana.

Bullet opined that the record label is bigger than any artiste and there is no way the Fantana could have done what she did in the United States or other countries if not the label.

The ruff town CEO emphasized he didn’t take a dime from the Fantana’s mother before she was signed onto Rufftown Records.

Again, he added that Fantana will soon be leaving the record label and if not for her father, she would have left long ago.

He added that ever since Fantana joined the record label, she hasn’t generated any revenue for the label. Aww, that’s too bad!.

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IG Blogger Reveals Real Reason Why Bibi Bright Is Allegedly Divorcing Her Husband Not Because He Cheated



An IG blogger identified as aba_the_great has revealed the real reason why actress Bibi Bright is allegedly divorcing her husband.

According to a chat she posted on her IG page, the actress is leaving her husband mainly because of financial problems and not that he cheated.

Per the chat, Bibi Bright’s husband lost his job a while ago and they are having financial problems hence she left her husband spiritually but they were only staying together physically.

Adding that he cheating came to worsen things and now she’s eager to have a divorce as she wants her freedom.

See the screenshot below.

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Adebayor Unfollows Funny Face On Social Media



Ghanaian comedian, Funny face has disclosed in a post on his social media pages that his close friend and “brother” Emmanuel Adebayor has unfollowed him on social media.

As sighted by our source indicates the self-acclaimed “Kasoa Vandamme” said he has been through alot in recent months and gave a gist of some of his ordeal to the public through the post.

Funny face, however, admitted he was wrong and should have stopped posting and throwing tantrums on social media at the time Adebayor asked him to stop but he couldn’t do it because of the emotions he was going through with the absence of his twin girls in his life.

He has apologized to Adebayor and asked for a second chance to be a better person and added “but just noticed my hommie @e_adebayor just unfollowed me “.

He extended his apology to Bola Ray and Fadda Dickson for disappointing them and accepted his flaws.

Read the full post below.

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Ghana dis is me .. NaNa Yaw Oduro Boateng .. I can never be somebody am not .. been through a whole lot from last year November till today a.. my ex girlfriend says I have frauded her 53,000 dollars because I said I won’t marry her again .. reasons known to me and my family .. fast forward friends turnkng into enemies .. now me and my baby mama drama .. my twins dat I will even lay down my life for was taking away from me .. I couldn’t say certain things or release some videos cos no matter what .. she is da mother of my twins .. now came through case of family turning me against people dat love me and wanted to support my craft .. now @e_adebayor has been one of da number one pillar in my life and career .. to which he has even got disgraced because of me .. to @e_adebayor bro I can never beg u enough or say anything to defend myself .. I was wrong I should have stop posting when u asked me to .. but I still went ahead to do it .. what I was feeling in me .. with my girls ( my #EllandBella ) not being around me . Only Jehovah can explain .. am sorry @bolarayofficial and @faddick if I dissapointed u .. was really going though a lot .. dat I couldn’t explain for u my ppl to understand .. in all .. I accept my mistake and wanna give my life a second chance .. but just noticed my hommie @e_adebayor just unfollowed me .. pls one day let @e_adebayor .. like he said sometime ago .. bro one day the world will understand our story .. will always be ur number 1 one fan .. no matter what.. .. I named my children after you for a reason Bro .. you believed in me .. when nobody did .. and I still stand by it .. Friends for life bro ✅🙏✊ .. ready to be a better person 🙏❤️✅✊

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We Need To Create A System To Benefit Us : SAJ Tells His Colleague Artists



One of Ghana’s music talents, Prince Solomon Ajao, known in music space as SAJ is encouraging his fellow artists to work smart with their craft so it can benefit them financially.

The music gem who describes himself as a versatile artist and a natural performer, says the era where artistes were being booked for shows or organizing live concerts to earn money is no more due to the pandemic and most artistes are going through tough times to stay relevant with their craft.

In an interview, he said artistes should consider creating a system that will equally make them relevant and also earn, “We need to create a system that can make musicians benefit from what they do (Monetization). Online promotions should be our rescue since there is a ban on social gatherings and events. Let’s get our songs on these music streaming sites to enable us to earn some money out of our craft”

He added that “In regards to earning something from our craft we are to plug our songs to the right platforms. A musician should get value for money.”

SAJ says he is inspired by most international and local artistes depending on his mood, “l am sometimes motivated by a number of artists; Adekunle Gold, Kojo Atwi, Osibisa, Fela Kuti, 2Face. My songs are written in Twi, Ga, Yoruba and English”

He also describe Ghana’s music industry to be, “a Growing industry but needs more investors and support.” He has released a couple of indie songs titled, “Beni”, “kumama ” and a few more.

About SAJ

Prince Solomon Ajao a.k.a SAJ was raised by his parent in Ghana, Greater Accra since he was still a child.

He spent most of his life traveling back and forth from Ghana to Nigeria due to schooling and parent missionary works. He had started writing songs since he was 12 years old however, he began his music career in church and later sang in school competition. He was also part of ‘BORN STAR COMPETITION’ on Viasat TV.

SAJ was born on May 17, 1989, is known for his Rocky voice, amazing dance moves, with inspirational sound. As the years went by, he got more roles in TV series and movies. One of the series he featured in Ghana was ‘Dreamilville’

Growing up in Greater Accra, SAJ was inspired by the musical artist as R.Kelly, 2face idibia, Fela, among others. SAJ has cited a number of artists as his inspiration, predominantly FELA.SAJ emphasizes “FELA is the reason why I do music and why I am an entertainer. , SAJ couldn’t resist trying his hands at the music industry, he’s released a couple of indie songs titled, ‘Beni’, “kumama ” and a few more.

SAJ developed a close relationship with @EdyK Beats @Signechor beat among a lot of engineer.

SAJ something that the world needs to hear.Welcome to Good music.SAJ ready for the world.

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