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Calusha Withdraw To Support His Opponent Kaunda In Ahafo Regional NPP Election



On 19th May, 2022, on Genesis Radio morning show with Oman Nana. He had an interview with Mr Asante Bernard aka kalusha on alarming issues that he has release his application as incoming regional youth organizer to support his opponent Mr Kenneth Kwaku Kaunda.

Asante further stated clearly that he has not accepted nor taken money from anyone for his action. But due to the massive support Mr Kenneth Kwaku Kaunda provided to the NPP party in the 2020 election, his team believes that Mr Kenneth Kwaku Kaunda is the right person for the position as youth organizer.

Oman Nana asked Asante Bernard aka kalusha about the investment he made for this position. How is he affording to lose it? Asante Bernard aka kalusha stated frantically clear that, Mr Kenneth Kwaku Kaunda supported TESCOM massively and for peace, separations of party leaders and a successful election to prevail, he does not care must about his loss of investment.

Asante believes with his actions and Tano north support, after the regional election on 28th May, 2022 Mr Kenneth Kwaku Kaunda would be declared the winner as regional youth organizer.

Finally, Asante Bernard aka kalusha disclosed to Oman Nana that he’s not ready to campaign publicly for Mr Kenneth Kwaku Kaunda due to personal reasons but he will do his best to ensure his victory on the 28th May, NPP regional election in Ahafo Goaso.

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Sam George Takes On US Embassy Over Claim To Protect LGBT Right In Ghana



The US Embassy has claimed to protect the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender people, etc. living in Ghana.

According to the US Embassy, they will protect and end the stigmatization people of the LGBT community in Ghana suffer daily.

In a tweet, the US Embassy urged the LGBT community in Ghana to be sure of their resolve and commitment to promote and protect their rights and freedoms in Ghana.

“The U.S. is committed to ending violence, discrimination, and stigma against LGBTQI+ persons and promoting human rights and fundamental freedoms for all.“

In a sharp response, the Ningo-Prampram MP has asked the US Embassy to focus on important issues.

According to his counter-argument, Ghana would also be concerned about ending gun violence as it pertains in the US.

Sarcastically, Sam George maintained his stance against LGBT and asked the US embassy to focus on solving the recurring gun violence in their home country other than focusing on protecting LGBT rights in Ghana.

Ghana is also committed to ending senseless gun violence anywhere and everywhere in the world. We are committed to seeing school kids go to school without their parents scared of receiving calls of a school shooting involving military-grade weapons.

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Revealed: Nat’l Cathedral’s Design 12 Times More Expensive Than Burj Khalifa’s



It has been revealed that the design of Ghana’s National Cathedral will cost 12 times the design of the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa.

After the government announced $22 million as the new cost for the design of the National Cathedral, it has been revealed that it is more expensive than what Dubai paid for the design of the Burj Khalifa.

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest skyscraper in the world and when it was been designed in 2003, it cost the Emirati government $1.8 million.

In 2022, Ghana is paying $22 million for the design of the National Cathedral which will cost $22 million.

The revelation was done by StatsGH:

The design of Ghana’s cathedral is 12 times more expensive than the design of the Burj Khalifa. We paid $22 million for ours. The Arab money holders bargained $1.8 million for theirs.

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“E-Levy Is Failing, We’ve Raised Only 10% Of Estimated Revenue” : Gov’t



The government of Ghana has cried over the failure of the Electronic Service Tax (E-LEVY) to meet the required revenue target after its rollout on May 1, 2022.

According to the de facto Prime Minister, Gabby Otchere Darko, the country has failed to meet its revenue target even after the E-levy has been rolled out.

In a tweet, Gabby Otchere Darko intimated that only a paltry 10% of estimated revenue has been generated so far.

He also criticized Ghanaians for being so hard on the government for introducing the E-levy considering the fact that it has not yielded much.

Gabby Octhere Darko bemoaned Ghana’s ballooning debt stock, inflation and high cost of living.

After 5 months of stalemate and bashing, the e-levy, after implementation, is delivering only 10% of estimated revenues; our revenues remain very low as compared to the rest of the world; debt levels are dangerously high, cedi, like most currencies, struggling against the US dollar.

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