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KubiLiveChat: You welcome to KubiLiveChat and I’m Baby your host.

Supreme Inc: Thank you baby. Pleasure to be on here.

KubiLiveChat: Pleasure is all mine. So who do I have on my chat tonight?

Supreme Inc: Ermm…Well. How best can I describe myself. Cause I could use two hours and I won’t be done. Lol. I call myself Clinton Mckay Jr. CMJ for short. I was named Clinton Nyarkoh by my parents.

KubiLiveChat: Hahaha.

Supreme Inc: Friends call me Mckay Jr. and the ladies affectionately call me Kay. I’m a level 300 University of Ghana Student majoring in Geography and the CEO of Supreme Incorporated.

KubiLiveChat: Wow! Mckay how old are you please?

Supreme Inc: Lol. this question. How i dread it. Lol.

KubiLiveChat: Hahahaha.

Supreme Inc: I’m quite young. It’s something I like to keep from the ladies. So if you wouldn’t mind I’ll tell you in private. Lol.

KubiLiveChat: I see, some ladies man o…alright, I will secretly find out.

Supreme Inc: Ladies man?? I wish I was Hahahaha.

KubiLiveChat: Hahaha. Mouth shut, that was just by the way.

Supreme Inc: Hahah! Yh yh.

KubiLiveChat: So tell us something about Supreme Incorporated, what do you guys do?

Supreme Inc: So Supreme Incorporated, I call it my baby. It’s a 360 degrees creative agency. We’re into creative marketing, but marketing through events, digital marketing, publishing, Public Relations, advertising, TV and music production, talent management and promotion, photography and videography, graphic design and branding, brand management, ushering and modeling. I could go on and on. We do almost everything. The plan was to make it a hub where all our clients needs can be catered for.

KubiLiveChat: This is amazing!

Supreme Inc: Yah! Thanks! We’re still young and we’re hoping to become the first choice name that comes to a potential client’s mind.

KubiLiveChat: It will surely come to pass.

Supreme Inc: Amen.

KubiLiveChat: I must say I’m really impressed, being young with such a great dream; may you go far, just shout Amen!!! Lol

Supreme Inc: AMEN! Thanks for the encouragement though. It was needed.

KubiLiveChat: You always welcome. What really inspired you to come up with this great idea?

Supreme Inc: Truth is. I’ve always wanted to be my own boss since childhood. I felt I was made up of too much to be limited by being someone else’s employee. Even when my dream was to become a pilot or doctor I wanted to own the airline or hospital. Wild dreams right??. Lol.

KubiLiveChat: Very wild. Hahahaha.

Supreme Inc: So I worked on this magazine for my senior high school when I was in form 2. I was actually the editor in chief. Then I had this thing about organizing events too. So I wanted to put all the stuff I was passionate about together into one hub. But the original idea was just events, Publishing, media and talent management.

KubiLiveChat: I see, then it means this whole idea started from SHS right?

Supreme Inc: Yh.. from SHS. But it was difficult putting stuff together. cause I was still young and didn’t know how to go about stuffs. Plus I didn’t have that much exposure and didn’t know many people. So it was quite difficult coming out.

KubiLiveChat: Awwwww..but I’m glad finally you made it.

Supreme Inc: Yah! We’re still hoping for the best though. It’s just a matter of time.

KubiLiveChat: Sure! sure! sure!

Supreme Inc: Yeah!

KubiLiveChat: Being a CEO and a student at the same time, how do you combine these? I know Geography is a hell of a course, how do you manage?

Supreme Inc: Trust me it’s not easy; very challenging. But I feel it helps you. cause you learn to apportion your time properly since you want to make it in both your business and your education. Do you know i had my worst grades in the first semester I started Supreme Inc.?

KubiLiveChat: So sorry dear.

Supreme Inc: Then i learnt how to strategize. Cause business was growing and it was difficult keeping up the pace. So it’s all about time management. If you know how to manage your time well you’ll be able to combine both. Though it ain’t that easy. There are times I have to skip a full week’s class due to a project I might be working on.

KubiLiveChat: It is well my dear, its all about time management.

Supreme Inc: Yh yh. It’s very important for every start up entrepreneur.

KubiLiveChat: Exactly. But Mckay, your parents know they’ve sent their child to school to learn, are they aware of your business?

Supreme Inc: Oooo Yeah! They’re both aware. Initially my mum didn’t understand why I was in a hurry to branch out into business. She actually made me put Supreme Inc. on hold for a year cause she thought i was too young. But when I started making stuff happen she believed the dream and kept encouraging me. Advising me regularly and teaching me a few business practices. She’s actually one of my role models when it comes to business.

KubiLiveChat: Awesome, then I guess they’ve given you their full support now.

Supreme Inc: Oo yah they have to.

KubiLiveChat: But come to think of it. Why should school be an impediment in starting a business?

Supreme Inc: School is the best place to start a business. You network a lot; make a lot of connections; meet people who believe in your dream and are willing to help. Plus it’s easier to control people when they’re still in school; that’s where you make some of your first clients.

KubiLiveChat: Wonderful! I know right. Most people don’t know this.

Supreme Inc: Lol. It’s their loss then. But trust me. When you start good while you’re still in school you’re assured of some success after school.

KubiLiveChat: I will agree with you on that.

Supreme Inc: Sure!

KubiLiveChat: How long has it been since you started your business and do you work alone or you have a team you work with?

Supreme Inc: Supreme Inc. was founded in 2015; but we started official operations in January 2017. We started with a team of 4 people, who were all friends I worked with on a magazine project in Senior High School. In 6 months our team had grown to over 100 people with teams on 10 University campus in Ghana.

KubiLiveChat: You do all.

Supreme Inc: Lol. We’re trying. It’s been Grace.

KubiLiveChat: God has eyes for those who work hard you know.

Supreme Inc: Yeah!

KubiLiveChat: Can you tell us your major challenges in the business so far?

Supreme Inc: There has been a lot of challenges but major one. Well. I think the major challenge is the stress that comes with the job. Being the CEO most of the work lies on me to do. cause you might not get your team all the time. Some have other works and duties to attend to. So working on most of the stuff tends to be stressful. Having little time for myself. I have to put my head in every department to ensure we get quality work and the best for our clients. Cause our company’s name is at stake and we want to be known for only the best of work.

KubiLiveChat: Oh ok, that’s lot of stress over there, don’t worry it really pays.

Supreme Inc: Most def. We can’t complain. Once you’ve set out to do it you’ve got to be ready for whatever comes with it.

KubiLiveChat: Good! They said aside every bad thing, there’s a good one. I’m sure there have been some achievements right?

Supreme Inc: Oh Yeah! We had 4 successful events in our first 6 months of operations, two of them being major. We’ve worked with a couple of clients including some of the big companies you hear of. And there are a lot of projects we’re currently working on; some of which have started gaining a lot of media publicity and others you’re gonna hear of soon. There are 2000+ stuff in the pipeline. We’ll be unveiling them one after the other. We’ve worked on projects for Technation Ghana, Aftown Music, Ayatickets Laurels and Garlands School, Silicon Valley School, Ododow Ghana, Tribal Council, Hilla Limann Hall and Elizabeth Sey Hall of University of Ghana. Just to mention a few. These have been some of our clients in the few months of operations. And we’re working on something with Echo House Ghana and Vodafone Ghana

KubiLiveChat: Wow wow wow. That’s dope

Supreme Inc: Yeah! We mean business.

KubiLiveChat: That’s how it suppose to be. Now let’s move from this business stuff to the juicy ones.

Supreme Inc: Hehe. Juicy. I love that.

KubiLiveChat: Yeeaaayyyy. He loves it, most people who come on my chat run away from this segment o

Supreme Inc: Hahahaha. Maybe you’ve got a way of juicing out information from people.

KubiLiveChat: Oh meeee!!!!

Supreme Inc: Lol.

KubiLiveChat: So what’s her name?

Supreme Inc: Who? Hahahaha!

KubiLiveChat: Huh!!! That beautiful lady.

Supreme Inc: Lol. There’s no one yet. Still searching.

KubiLiveChat: Jesooors!!! Please don’t kill my vibe.

Supreme Inc: Lol.. I’m damn serious. There’s someone I’m hoping to go out with. but it’s nothing serious yet. You barb? Hahaha.

KubiLiveChat: I barb but please make it serious ok.

Supreme Inc: Well, it all doesn’t depend on me you know. It’s always about when the lady is ready.

KubiLiveChat: Then make her ready err.

Supreme Inc: Myself I’m not in a hurry too; so I don’t see why you should force someone into something I’m not ready for.

KubiLiveChat: Oh ok, my dear lady please don’t make him wait for long.

Supreme Inc: Hahaha! As for me, my mind dey oo. So long as the lady is my kinda lady.

KubiLiveChat: Cool. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Supreme Inc: Next 5 years…how old would i be then?…lol. Hopefully Gotten Supreme Inc. to the Apex, with all our 12 departments fully developed and working with the tops names in Africa and the world. Most part of my life revolves around Supreme Inc. right now so when Supreme gets better I’m better.

KubiLiveChat: Great!

Supreme Inc: And hopefully being mentioned as the youngest and most successful CEO.

KubiLiveChat: Amen!!!

Supreme Inc: Amen!!!

KubiLiveChat: Mckay Loyalty and Money, which one would you choose?

Supreme Inc: Loyalty always. I’ve never been about the money.

KubiLiveChat: Good choice but why loyalty?

Supreme Inc: Basically loyalty is everything, in business, relationships and every social interaction. They all thrive on loyalty and break on money. That’s one thing I always tell my team. If we’re all loyal to the course without looking at the monetary aspects, we’ll be making some huge returns before realizing.

KubiLiveChat: Big ups!!!

Supreme Inc: Thanks Baby.

KubiLiveChat: You always welcome dear. Before we wrap up, any words for your people out there?

Supreme Inc: It’s simple. You can always do whatever you wanna do. But follow your passion cause your passion gonna guide you. And your strategy should always be ‘Pray, work hard and get a strong and loyal team’. And you’ll definitely get there.

KubiLiveChat: Wonderful! Thank you so much.

Supreme Inc: Thanks for having me too.

KubiLiveChat: You always welcome and we hope to see more of and from you.

Supreme Inc: Most def.

KubiLiveChat: Bye for now and enjoy your night.

Supreme Inc: You too.

By: Baby Da Model [KubiLiveChat]

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Kubi Live Chat

I Have No Mentor In The Music Industry : Gyidi




Gyidi, Ghanaian music rising star known in real life as George Kofi Asare has revealed he doesnt have any mentor in the music industry.

Revealing this in an exclusive interview on KubiLiveChat, he revealed honestly, he doesn’t look up to anyone in the industry.

He moved on saying, there are some people whose works he admires and get inspired by certain aspects of their crafts.

But outside the industry, he looks up to Apostle Vinny Max Bani, AVMB as he is all rounded and has the knowledge and skill for every area of life.

He also revealed he had once approached a label but now he doesnt want to be on any label.

Giving a reason, he thinks it’s better to start off on your own, build something substantial so that a label who comes looking for you will be able to have a better deal with you.

He told us; Yhhhh I think it is better to start off on your own, build something substantial, so that should a label come looking for you you have a greater negotiation or bargaining power. I don’t think it is advisable to go chasing labels, you may be at their mercies. But start something, learn the business, build a strong brand then if they come calling you can have a proper conversation where you’re not exploited or something. Yhhh. Get power so sey nobody go overpower you. Hehe.

Gyidi is out with a new EP called “Dawn”.

Listen and enjoy below.

Facebook: Gyidi.

Twitter & Instagram: @Gyidi_.

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Gyidi Reveals Inspiration Behind His “Dawn” EP




Gyidi, Ghanaian music talented musician in an exclusive interview with KubiLiveChat revealed the inspiration behind his new EP.

According to him, his”Dawn” EP was inspired mainly by what he perceived people could be experiencing.

So of his songs were written as a way to communicate to people, heal, comfort and guide them.

He also revealed to us why he chooses the name “Dawn” as this was decided by him and his team.

Explaining this, he revealed because they had been away from music for a while and felt like this was going to be a new beginning for them.

Check out his “Dawn” EP below.

Facebook: Gyidi.

Twitter & Instagram: @Gyidi_

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Ghanaian Rising Artist Gyidi Reveals Meaning Of His Stage Name




Gyidi, Ghanaian rising artist recently released a new EP called “Dawn” has revealed to us the meaning of stage name.

Speaking on KubiLiveChat, he revealed Gyidi means belief or faith.

It is actually the twi (a local Ghanaian dialect) for faith. The original pronunciation is “Gyidie”. I only took out the “e” to make it sound gyeer and more peculiar to me; he explained.

He also revealed to us, whatever he wants to achieve, he needs to believe to be able to do it, cos nothing comes cheap.

He further when on to reveal his name also announces to the people he stands for.

Enjoy his name EP “Dawn” below.

Facebook: Gyidi.

Twitter & Instagram: @Gyidi_ .

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