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CEO Of “TAGWorldwide” Gives Full Exclusive Details About the Adventurous Bus Trip On “KubiLiveChat”



KubiLiveChat: Welcome to KubiLiveChat, Ghana’s number online chat.

CEO Of TAGWorldwide: Thank you it’s my pleasure.

KubiLiveChat: Mr. Senyuie been a CEO of TAG worldwide how is the feeling?

CEO Of TAGWorldwide: It’s a great challenge because all the time I have to get ideal projects to make talents in my organization a unique brand.

KubiLiveChat: That’s great!!! Your company what is the main vision and focus?

CEO Of TAGWorldwide: Our vision is to become a global marketing and production company most admired for the talents of our people, the inspiration of our performances, the cultivation of our associations, and longevity. And our mission is to unearth the World’s hidden talents and offer effective support to those with viable ideas that are in need of resources and business etiquette. We are here to create an atmosphere conducive to the growth of our youth and creative genius, so that they may increase their net worth and become self-sufficient for generations to come.

KubiLiveChat: That’s a great vision!!! Let’s go straight to your upcoming event. Watching the timeline of your event it seems it’s one of a kind.

CEO Of TAGWorldwide: Sure this event is fully packed with fun and educative moments.

KubiLiveChat: Alright but can you give us an insight based on this event?

CEO Of TAGWorldwide: Ok this event is basically about an adventurous trip where one gets the finest edutainment activities. This event will also honor all participants a certificate of participation because it is an undiscovered tourist site which they partook to show others they are hidden places t visit. In view of this TAG worldwide is giving a package of wildlife photo shoot for models which will create a portfolio, Z card and be featured in an upcoming magazine called discover to recover. Later this whole event will be compiled and forward to Ministry of Tourism, Art, and Culture to show how useful this tourist sites can be. And each participants name will be in the documentary for future purpose and reference.

KubiLiveChat: This is very great and a positive idea. Based on this, what got me is the modeling side of it all. How will this help our modeling industry?

CEO Of TAGWorldwide: Thank you for this question. Most models don’t have Z card, portfolios and idea of the project proposal for their brand. And this is a national initiative to use their art to showcase the hidden beauty of tourism in the country. The President in his speech spoke about tourism as one sector he wants to develop. so as a model if you are part of such a project where new tourist sites are brought to limelight you deserve an honor which we are proposing to the government as ambassadors of tourism as compared to the beauty pageant titled miss tourism which has been running for years now. To add to that most models don’t have wildlife photo shoot as compared to the western world so this will be an opportunity to have this shot from Vell Marty who got the best shots with best camera’s. Models will also be taught how to propose or develop a business proposal for a firm.

KubiLiveChat: This is a very well planned event. Based on this adventure can you Gist us on some of these wildlife places you will be visiting in the country?

CEO Of TAGWorldwide: Mampong waterfalls, Obosomase waterfalls and Gardens, Amenepa, and the nice caves at Abiriw.

KubiLiveChat: I think over 5 places.

CEO Of TAGWorldwide: Yes, please!

KubiLiveChat: Based on your documentary, are there investors behind this project?

CEO Of TAGWorldwide: We have partners both in Ghana and the state who have together put efforts to make this project successful.

KubiLiveChat: That’s great!!! Is the Ministry of tourism aware of this movement?

CEO Of TAGWorldwide: No because we went to have a finished documentary before we propose it. But we have been there to tell them about our projects just that it’s not endorsed by them but they will be expecting a feedback from us.

KubiLiveChat: That’s a great move. Tell us about how you will be accommodating anyone one who joins this adventure.

CEO Of TAGWorldwide: We have a 16 bedroom apartment with all facilities intact. Its a walled house with about 3 plots of land as it compounds. The police service there is already informed and will be informed again on our arrival.

KubiLiveChat: That’s very great. What are your expectations based on this adventure?

CEO Of TAGWorldwide: We expecting to give our best to our participants and also get the nation talk about this since we will be Live on Facebook and Instagram from the one till we return so people will also watch how interesting it will be.

KubiLiveChat: Alright there you go my people. Keep in touch with TAG worldwide on these social media handles below for live updates on adventurous Bus trip below!!!

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Funding Has Been Difficult For Our NGO Projects : DUSAF CEO Reveals



Ghanaian NGO, DUSAF has been very supportive to some rural areas in our country for some time now.

But in an exclusive interview on KubiLiveChat with their CEO, Debby she revealed to Ghanaians that funding for projects have been difficult but based on the love for humanitarian works they sail through.

She disclosed; “Funding has always been a difficult task looking at how things are in our society n country as a whole. But in as much as we love humanitarian work, we go out to individuals who believe in our projects including friends and family and we generate money. At the time we I do tally cards and envelopes to solicit for funds; just last year had a carwash with team members to raise funds.

Been asked if through these they are able to get funds for their projects, she ended by saying; “Yes, please. Members support with what they have as well”.

It was a great pleasure to have our president @deborahoduro empower and motivate women with some Enterpreneurship skills which will help them achieve some talent to enable them earn a living during a 1day Active women baking class organised by @CACL n @trustie_bakes which took place yesterday. Congratulations to all women who passed through the traning and to the organisers we say AYEKOO for such a successful. @ntiriwaa_anti @creamybakesgh @wayaawards @foodbankgh @creoconcepts @utvghana @nanaakwasicypro @korkorawuah @randacakes_and_more @wenettehopefoundation @vickyzugah @indomieghana @unicefafrica @maltaguinnessgh @awake_water @max.ghana @abeikusantana @bolarayofficial @bonitaglorya @naabanananii @jeeninspires @papitailor @stacyamoatengg @samuelnakoto @mystorymagazine @aewura_djoah @kinaatagh @kafidanku @freecityone @fellamakafui @iamamamcbrown @vanessa_gyan @vitamilkghana @lambeefinestmc @mylz_mylo @DianaantwiHamilton @tatasjackiechan @berlamundi @blessingqueen_estie @empressbaakoper @ivanbanns @famousefuabilionaire @verna_water_gh @vivian_jill_lawrence @agoaboagye @eventsbypearls @adomtv @ajsarpong @pmn_companyofficial @niimartey @hairsenta

A post shared by DUSAF ( on

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CEO Of LBC Family Of Live Fm Gives Us Reason Why They Had To Rebrand To “The Family”



Ghanaian giant radio station Live Fm had a special organization backing its morning show The “LBCLIVE”.

We all recently saw their lead presenter Jay Foley part ways with the radio station due to his own personal reasons.

But in an exclusive interview on KubiLiveChat with the CEO of the organization formally known as LBC Family that backed the morning show on why they had to rebrand, the CEO famously known as AJ Willz revealed to us the reason why they had to rebrand.

According to AJ Willz; “The reason for the new looks or new us was due to the fact that they as a family, were growing and had new goals and visions as time passed by.

“So in other to achieve all that and still stay relevant as a group they had to rebrand and not to forget the family was built on the LBC show of live Fm and when the show also can to an end we had to also factor in the rebranding”.

Been asked if it had affected them in any way, AJ Willz revealed; “Not really because the team was built on the principles of being a family. So we see ourselves as a family, not just a group. So most members are Ohk and aligned with the new us”.

He ended by saying;”But we still the same team with our host and team of live Fm LBC still part of us”.

The team earlier their new name on Instagram.

We rebranded….Same family but bigger and better…. Watch out for new things

A post shared by The Family Gh (@thefamilygh) on

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Producers and Directors Wanting To Sleep With You In ExChange For Roles Is Killing The Movie Industry : J Jorm Shares Experience



J Jorm

Ghanaian actress J Jorm is an exclusive interview on KubiLiveChat revealed to us some challenges that are making the Ghanaian movie industry fail.

Been asked how she is able to get gigs in the movie industry since it looks like the movie industry is failing, she revealed that; “This has been there even in the lives of Jackie Appiah & Nadia Buari’s time. Just that it’s worse now.

“Getting a gig isn’t that difficult but rather the price they want you to pay for it. We young actresses can’t even do what we love with passion anymore because every Director, producer or Boss in charge wants to sleep with you before giving you the role”.

“To me, that’s the challenging part cos it’s not every girl that wants to give in sex in exchange for roles & if you don’t, there goes your passion, your career”.

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