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Cheating Husband Catches Coronavirus On Secret Trip To Italy With Mistress




A married man in quarantine with coronavirus is in a sweat because he caught the killer bug during a secret trip to Italy with his mistress.

His unsuspecting wife is now in self-isolation, unaware of how her cheating husband caught the disease.

He confessed to public health coordinators in the north of England how he picked up the killer bug following a secret break overseas.

The unnamed patient – in his late 30s – told his wife he was away on a business trip in the UK, and she has no idea he visited Italy.

He presented himself to a hospital on return with coronavirus symptoms – and tests revealed he has Covid-19.

The man, described as “well-heeled and with a high-flying job”, told doctors that the affair was with a woman, but has refused to name her.

His wife has now self-isolated at their lavish home in the north of England.

A source told The Sun: “This patient is the talk of public health officials.

“His case would be funny if it wasn’t quite so serious.

“The man confessed what he’d been up to in Italy, and that his wife has no idea.

“She thinks he just picked up the disease on his business trip away.
“Although the patient admitted to medics what had happened, he said nothing would persuade him to name his mistress.

“Despite his infection he is expected to survive the outbreak, unlike his extra-marital relationship.

“He thought he had the perfect alibi to carry out his affair, but hadn’t reckoned on the coronavirus meltdown. The patient is just relieved he got home before flights were cancelled – that would have taken some explaining.

“He’s in a blind panic, but more about his adultery being exposed rather than his health.”

Italy has been the hardest hit European country by the coronavirus pandemic, with 2,158 deaths. The oldest was 95 and the two youngest were 39.

The country is in lockdown and the Italian authorities have advised against all but essential travel.

However there was a glimmer of hope in the worst affected country after China and under lockdown for a week.

It yesterday announced 349 deaths, taking its toll to 2,158, but said the worst-hit region of Lombardy was beginning to show signs of a possible slow down in the spread of the virus.

Its governor Attilio Fontana said: “The increase is not a sharp a rise as it was two, three days ago. Let’s hope it is the start of a trend reversal.”

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5 Things To Know About Hushpuppi’s Lawyer Who Once Defended Michael Jackson In Court Over Sexual Abuse Charges



Gal Pissetzky is the lawyer who defended pop stars like Michael Jackson and other American celebrities.

Pissetzky & Berliner is the name of the law firm that is defending embattled alleged fraudster, Hushpuppi and they have claimed to be the best defense attorneys in the world.

1. Pissetzky & Berliner have professed to be “experienced criminal defense attorneys defending clients nationwide” on its official website.

2. The defense practice areas of the law firm include Money Laundering, Federal Crimes, Sex Offenses, Violent Crimes, Murder, Gun Crimes, White Collar Crimes, and Criminal Appeals.

3. With respect to its track record, the firm explained that; “We have obtained reduced charges, dismissals, and acquittals in high-profile cases that were deemed unwinnable by many attorneys.”

4. According to the firm, “Clients come to us when they want a bulldog in the courtroom. Our Chicago criminal defense attorneys take on serious criminal cases. We handle federal charges, white-collar crimes, large-scale drug crimes, sex offenses, violent crimes, and more.”

5. In a case at UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT CENTRAL DISTRICT OF ILLINOIS URBANA DIVISION, Case No: 19-CR-20010, a man “was federally charged with possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine. After reviewing the discovery and videos in the case, the law firm recognized that the police officers violated CK’s 4th Amendment Rights when they stopped, searched, and arrested him. Mr. Pissetzky filed a Motion to Suppress Evidence.

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Hushpuppi Was Not Arrested, He Was Kidnaped By The FBI : Lawyer Says



Top Chicago lawyer, Gal Pissetzky, who has been engaged by Hushpuppi as his defense counsel has submitted that American authorities kidnapped his client.

The lawyer also maintained that his client is not guilty of the multi-million dollar fraud charges leveled against him as he is a legitimate businessman.

A spokesman for the US Department of Justice quoted by the BBC also said Hushpuppi was expelled from Dubai and was not extradited. He, however, did not answer how he ended up in US custody as the United Arab Emirates has no extradition treaty with the United States and he is not a US citizen.

Hushpuppi’s lawyer, Gal Pissetzky argued that his client was not a criminal and had made his money legitimately by getting money from various brands in exchange for giving them publicity and presence on social media.

He is a social media influencer with millions of followers, with millions of people that respect and loved him, and he loved them, and that’s what he did. In today’s society, that’s a business,” Pissetzky said.

He then added that “In my opinion, the FBI and the government here acted illegally when they kidnapped him from Dubai without any legal process to do so.”

“There was no extradition, there were no legal steps taken, there were no court documents filed, it was simply a call to the FBI. He is not a citizen of the United States, the US had absolutely no authority to take him,”

“There was no extradition, there were no legal steps taken, there were no court documents filed, it was simply a call to the FBI. He is not a citizen of the United States, the US had absolutely no authority to take him,”

The lawyer who vowed to prove his client’s innocence added that “If Dubai wanted to expel him, they should have expelled him back to Nigeria. I’ve never heard of anything like that. That is the real story here.”

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Long And Artificial Nails Are At High Risk Of Contracting Coronavirus : Health Expert



According to Health experts, it is said that persons(most especially ladies) with long nails are at more risk of contracting the deadly coronavirus. The nails are capable of harboring germs, bacteria, and even the virus underneath it even if hands are washed.

It was also explained further by the expert that people with long nails tend to bite them off and this practice can lead to the virus enter your system very quickly.

Numerous videos showing how to use the sanitizer and individuals using hand sanitizer in this global pandemic but the expert warned that this alone won’t do the trick for people with long nails as they may still have the germs inside of their nails.

“Long nails, nail varnish, and nail extensions have always been a no-no for anybody who needs spotlessly clean hands; nurses, doctors, therapists, cooks, mothers, and carers.”

“Germs such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses (including the Coronavirus) can harbor underneath the nail space and easily be transmitted to whatever you touch. Put simply, you cannot see the dirt that lies beneath.”

“Doctors know this and rigorously scrub under their nails before donning gloves and performing surgery; with a sterile nail brush and sanitizing solution. We should now follow their example.”

“It is advisable to cut your nails as short as possible as they harbor infection.”A British beauty and aesthetics expert Dr. Elisabeth Dancey warned.

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