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Chioma Allegedly Vows Not To Allow Davido Access To Their Son



Davido, Nigerian superstar after his photo with his alleged side chic went viral is trying as much as possible to get issues settled between himself and his baby mama Chioma Avril Rowland.

But from the look of things seems that harm has already been done as Chioma has allegedly vowed not to allow the musician close to their son Ifeanyi Jnr again according to a post by Instagram blogger Cutie Juls.

Since the photo of Davido and his American girlfriend Mya Yafai locked up and kissing each other went viral, some netizens went on social media to mock Chioma saying despite the assurance from Davido, she has now been left to endure the pain.

In the post by the faceless Instagram blogger, she revealed that conversation from Chioma’s camp has it that the closest Davido can get to their son is through social media.

Read the full text below:

“Chioma has vowed that for David to break her heart among his other usuals, the closest David will get to Baby Ifeanyi is by social media likes and comments. After all, according to Igbo tradition, the child is hers since her bride price wasn’t paid before the baby was born and still her bride price hasn’t been paid yet.

Mama Chioma says na lie. Chioma must allow David to see his child because the Rowlands are strong practicing Christians and so therefore to hell with Chioma’s decisions and her so-called Igbo tradition.

On a more serious note, Chioma’s parents and David’s father have very good relationship and both sides have been actively involved in trying to get these 2 together. Chioma’s mother especially as per our 100% authentic source, has been counseling both Coconut head Chioma and David whenever they had issues.

Especially Chioma as she is her daughter. More reasons why Chairman Adeleke is not happy with David’s decision to call the marriage off because Chioma’s parents are apparently very very good and they’ve won Chairman’s heart. So he doesn’t like David’s decision about calling off the marriage.

Chioma we’ve been told has been in close contact with Chairman as expected and have even dropped name. Some DMW crew members are already in Chairman’s bad books.

And from the look of things, David might also soon drop his own list in Chi’s camp to his father now that he is back from his trips. we love Chi o. But in this, I stan Chi’s mom. A child’s relationship with any of the parents should not suffer just because the parents have issues.

A child needs a mom and Dad. Especially when David’s responsibility as a dad cannot be faulted. Ifeanyi still gets what is due him even tho David was a little angry about an initial something that happened but he still made sure Ifeanyi had everything he needed.”

See screenshot below:

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I’m Crushing On Samini : Gloria Sarfo



She took to her Instagram page to share a very s3xy photo of the Linda hitmaker— Gloria says she could not end the night without telling him how much she is crushing on him.

See below.

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Funny Face Reveals Relationship With Adebayor



Funny Face has disclosed that, he has repaired his relationship with Adebayor.

According to him, they fell out because he would not listen to Adebayor when he advised him to stop ranting on social media. He says that was a time that he was heavily depressed and could not make sense of what was happening in his life.

Speaking, he claims they are now cool.

”My relationship with Adebayor is cool now. Everything happening to me is for real. He unfollowed me because I was fighting some people but I didn’t listen. All that was caused by depression”

Funny Face also confessed that he is expecting another set of twins from another woman. Funny Face is already a father of three, twin girls, Ella and Bella that he named after Adebayor and a daughter he recently welcomed.

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‘Do Away With Women Who Don’t Appreciate Little Things’ : Actor Advises Men



Kenneth Okonkwo, veteran Nollywood actor has schooled single men on the qualities they should look out for in choosing a life partner.

In a lengthy post on social media, he said a woman who doesn’t appreciate little thing is a Red flag and men should flee from such women.

According to the actor, a woman who genuinely loves a man will not push him beyond limits, but instead she would appreciate his little efforts and support him to achieve his goals.

He wrote: “To make N200, an Okada rider might have to do 4 trips. Even so, his profit will not be N200 considering he has to first subtract money for fuel and union dues. N200 could be big money depending on the financial capacity of the giver.

“See, any woman who doesn’t appreciate the little you give to her is not for you. You will never grow as a man with such a woman in your life. So the earlier you do away with her, the better for your mental health.

“It is better to marry a stark illiterate who hawks groundnut and makes a profit of N100 than to marry a woman who doesn’t believe in the dignity of labour and who undermines the importance of speaking life into her man.

Kenneth Okonkwo continued: “The problem is not that you don’t give her enough money – and there is no amount of money that will be sufficient for a woman without value. The problem is that you’re wasting your resources and time on the wrong woman. As a rule of thumb, never go out of your way to do what you cannot do for yourself for any woman. It is not love. It is foolishness.

“A woman who genuinely loves you will not push you beyond your limits. She will respect the efforts you’re making and she’ll encourage your dreams. If a woman is working for or is involved in a legit hustle for money, she will know the value of money. The moment you meet a girl who believes that her vagina is the gateway to financial independence, run. If you don’t, that is the beginning of your end.”

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