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Chris Brown Missing Rihanna More Than Ever As She Posts Sexy Pics: It’s ‘Driving Him Crazy’



Chris Brown And Rihanna

Rihanna’s hot new topless pics are driving Chris Brown ‘crazy’. And the photos are really making him ‘want to be with her again’.

Chris Brown may need a cold shower, as we recently discovered “[he] is loving all the sexy pics Rihanna has been posting for her lingerie and beauty line. He thinks she looks sexier than ever and he is totally turned on by her perfect curves.

The pics are making him miss her even more and he wishes they were still together. Not only does he still have a lot of love for her still, but her topless pics are driving him crazy with desire. Chris really wants to be with her again,” a source close to Chris Brown reveals.

As we previously told you, Rihanna stripped naked to promote her new Fenty beauty line, so we can’t blame Chris for getting all worked up over the pics. Especially considering the history they have together — it’s natural to desire an ex again when they’re looking super hot. And truth be told, Rihanna’s looks gorgeous in these photos! But let’s be honest… Chris Brown, 29, has never stopped loving Rihanna, 30. In fact, we recently learned he “thinks about her every day” and was “gutted” when she didn’t wish him a happy birthday the first week of May. “Chris was absolutely gutted that Rihanna didn’t reach out to wish him a happy birthday, it would have meant so much to him,” another source told us earlier this month.

Perhaps these hot new pics will entice Chris to reach out to Rihanna, instead of waiting for her to reach out to him. But he should be careful, as she already has a boyfriend — one who has a ton of money. Chris may have to wait until she’s single again — if that ever happens, of course.

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Stop Giving Your Wife To Men To Settle Your Loan : Kwaw Kese To Shatta Wale



Kwaw Kese

Kwaw Kese has accused Shatta Wale of giving his wife, Michy to other men to have sex with just to settle his loans so he has no right to come out and call other people poor.

Kwaw Kese in a video shared on her twitter handle claimed Shatta Wale has no single house to his name but rather living in Zylofon Media apartment and he is acting all bossy.

He pleaded with Shatta Wale to fix his “Wele mouth” (Big mouth) and also stop pimping his wife, Shatta Michy to other men if he says he is the richest artists in Ghana.

Kwaw Kese said:


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Be Content With Royalties From GHAMRO : FlowKing Stone To Musicians



FlowKing Stone

For the past months, there has been grumbling among musicians that royalties paid to them by the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) are nothing to write home about.

However, award-winning rapper and songwriter, Kwaku Nsiah Boamah popularly known as Flowking Stone has asked his fellow artists to appreciate the little they are given.

According to him, Chairman of the organization, Rex Omar tries everything in his capacity to pay what is required.

“Money we receive as royalties is not expensive but half a loaf is better than none. It can be better but for now, I appreciate their (GHAMRO) efforts.” Flow King Stone explained.

Flow King Stone advised his fellow artists not to be greedy and ask for more rather they should be content with the little they receive.
“For now we receive about thousand Cedis for three months, it’s not okay but let’s appreciate it and work to get more.” the member of the defunct group Bradez reached out to his, fellow musicians.

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Peter Of P Square Blasted By Ghanaians For Teasing Akrobeto’s ‘Big’ Nose



Peter Okoye of the defunct group Psquare, has received immense backlash for teasing kumawood actor, Akrobeto on Instagram.

A harmless photo shared by Peter has turned out to incur the wrath of Ghanaians

The Nigerian musician shared a photo of Akrobeto and captioned ” who Nose tomorrow”.

It, however, seemed the photo had been edited to make the kumawood actor’s nose looked bigger.

Some of Peter Okoye’s fans could not understand why he had to do and therefore blasted him for sharing Akrobeto’s photo on Instagram to mock him.

Check out some of the comments below:

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😂🤣😂 who Nose tomorrow😂

A post shared by Mr P (@peterpsquare) on

mohammedshamauU re not serious in lif @ peterpsquare. Which kind joke b that?

mohammedshamauNo malice intended thou but u delete am

mensah4110This man u teasing is a ghanian local actor.he is also a perfect gentleman more than u are. That’s just for the records

larry_arthurNjb. Massa ma wani nda ho na gyae jimii nu. Swine.

spanish_boga@snd_international if it is your father you will be happy sorry to ask

safeproperties Pull this down that’s great but making fun of that is old now and not good though

gh.melonzyFoolish goat .who told u this is hw his nose is?See his mouth kwasia kwa

jux_call_me_jb@mildred_asante we do laugh at him but don’t post or enlarge his nose like peter has done. Stop disgracing urself before d nigerians. SHAME

gh.melonzyNigerians pls learn sense small ahh!!!

jux_call_me_jb@afia_oheneba_phyllisinstead of he @peterpsquare should think of how to resolve issues with his blood brother he is here mocking someone as if d person created himself. I’m not surprised u behaving this way. If u can fight ur “twin brother” in public, what else can’t u do?.

ekobabyluizEven with the nose he still look good, I don’t know why u young people do not have respect for elders

boatengnoel1Am really disappointed, Pls respect ur elders .

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