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Cyril Finally Breaks Silence After The Christening Of His Baby With Baby Mama



Aaron Adatsi otherwise known as Cyril from the most-watched educational youth television series, YOLO after several backlashes on social media following his baby christening with a beautiful baby mama has reacted.

In a press statement, the actor took time out to respond to trolls that he has not served his purpose as an ambassador for abstinence as he has given birth out of wedlock.

Netizens are of in the opinions that Cyril because of how he preached the message of abstinence in the TV series, they expected from him to also practice what he preached.

But more, the viral news about him having a child still shocks many.


19? OCTOBER 2020

Several months back, I, together with my family and some close relations welcomed an unimaginable blessing into our lives.

While I did not envision putting out a statement to welcome my blessing; it has become necessary to take control of the narrative – as unforeseen circumstances have robbed me of the precious opportunity to formally outdoor my blessing to the world at my own convenience.

News of his christening has come as a surprise to many and over the past few days, has stirred up conversations regarding who I am and what I stand for.

I understand that in some of my professional engagements I have come to represent many morally upright things to the masses, but, in all humility, I refuse to hoist the flag of hypocrisy as a substitute to taking responsibility of the choice I made.

The very core of my human nature and some of my professional endeavours underline the need to make choices one can be responsible for – and for this subject, I did.

I am now better equipped as I could ever be, with first-hand experience, to continue leading in my unofficial capacity as an ASRH ambassador.

So come, join me on my mission to represent the broader spectrum of people – both young and old, who boldly accept their responsibilities and forge ahead for a better future against the judgement and stigma that plague our society.

Thank you for all your well wishes and support. God bless us all. AA

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Beef Is Good For Music Industry Growth : Diamond Platnumz



Diamond Platnumz, Bongo flava artiste has supported beef between artistes saying it was paramount in the growth of the music industry.

Diamond, who has been rivals with AliKiba for over a decade now, believes their beef is not personal but says their differences have never gotten to an ugly point.

The big bongo star also recently started beefing with his former friend and label mate Harmonize after their fallout that emanated from Harmonize’s decision to ditch his WCB stable to start his own label Konde Gang.

Nonetheless, Diamond believes beef between entertainers helps each to grow and improve as long as the involved parties do not take it personally and involve families.

“If you want our art to be we must be jealous, we must have these things but in a way of abandonment otherwise people will relax. People should not take personals and incorporate family matters. People should compete for things like creativity. Of course, people will enter their words but you better know your target,” Diamond said in a recent radio interview.

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Zari Kills Hope Of Reuniting With Baby Daddy Diamond Platnumz



Zari Hassan, Ugandan socialite has cleared the air over rumors that she was getting back with her Tanzanian baby daddy, singer Diamond Platnumz.

Zari on Thursday landed at the Julius Nyerere International Airport accompanied by the two children she had with Diamond, who was at hand to welcome them.

“There is a whole lot of things happening on social media but for me I just brought the kids because their father wants to see them and he could not come for a reason I think he got lots of things lined-up for him. He really wanted to see the kids. It’s been two years. We’re co-parenting and even if he got somebody, I can still come because it’s home for the kids regardless of what happened between us. A lot of people are saying we gotten back (but) no I’m just here for the kids.” the 40-year-old clarified to a battery of journalists at the airport.

After their nasty break-up in 2017, the two former couple goals had not been in talking terms for over a year with Zari accusing Diamond of being a deadbeat dad to Nylan and Tiffah.

Few months later the two buried the hatchet and that is when the rumour of them getting back together started gaining traction.

Zari dumped Diamond on Valentine’s Day in 2017 for constantly cheating on her.

At the time, the socialite had just forgiven him for having an affair with Tanzanian model Hamisa Mobetto and were trying to work things out when fresh rumors emerged claiming the singer had yet another side chick hence her decision to end the four-year relationship, saying she was tired of being disrespected.

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Zari: This Is Why I Broke Up With King Bae



Zari Hassan, Ugandan socialite has revealed the reason why she broke up with her mysterious lover ‘King bae’ after parting ways with bongo flava singer Diamond Platnumz.

The mother of five introduced the mysterious man to the world, a few months after dumping Diamond back in 2018.

The two shared photos of their fun times for over a year and at one time it was reported that they had held a private wedding in South Africa.

Months later fresh reports emerged that Zari had parted ways with the mysterious man whose identity she never revealed on her social media feeds.

At the time, she did not explain the reason for their split amid wild rumours.

However, in an interview moments before leaving Tanzania for South Africa after a one-week stay in Diamond’s house, Zari opted to share the details of what went wrong between her and King Bae.

“King Bae alikuwepo and he was such a chilled guy lakini kuna vitu vingine vimetokea kama mtu unaona I’m not (part of). With love sometimes shit happens, like that one didn’t last and we went our separate ways but we still talk once in a while,” Zari said.

Zari also revealed that it was Diamond who reached out to her after she accused him of being deadbeat dad after they parted ways, leading to her visiting him in Tanzania accompanied by their two children.

“He is the one who sent me a text and that’s how we started talking. He wanted to actually come and see the kids (in South Africa) but then lockdown happened. When the locked down was eased he said he couldn’t come because of his involvement in the campaigns but said he wanted the kids to come. I didn’t have problem with that,” she explained.

She maintained that she was not contemplating getting back with Diamond but was happy that he was back in the lives of their children Tiffah and Nillian as they father.

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