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Don’t Go To Accra Central In Search Of Love As Guy Details The Amount It Will Take You To Find Love In Some Parts Of Accra



A Facebook user has taken his time to lecture his fellow guys the amount it will take them to find love in certain areas within the country’s capital, Accra.

His research came after the award-winning musician, Guru took to the social media platform to ask his friends the price of true Love currently. “how much is True Love Now” Guru Asked

The App user ‘Larry Leety’ hilariously came out with a list showing a hefty amount of money some areas require while others are just low-class ratings.

Accra central topped his list with Ghs 50,000 followed by Trassaco (5000), East Legon (2000), Flagon kiosk estate (300), Ashiaman, (30) while the rest fall between Ghs 20 and 30 respectively.

See below.

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