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Egyptian Man Allegedly Removes All His Teeth To Weave A Necklace For His Girlfriend | PHOTO



The best way for an Egyptian man who is yet-to-be-identified to prove his undying love for his beloved girlfriend was to remove all his teeth to weave a necklace for her as a sign of his unconditional love for her.

We have heard of people tattooing the names of their loved ones on their bodies, others also do all manner of insane things just to prove their love for their partners but we have never heard of anyone removing his teeth for his or her partner just to prove his or her affections until now.

In some ways, love drives a person insane. When it’s your first love, you become the dumbest, but if you’ve dated more than twice or thrice, you’ll become more grounded. Your expectations have matured, and you are more pragmatic than idealistic.

For this man, we can tell this is his first time finding true love and for that reason, he went to the extent of weaving a necklace for his beloved using his removed teeth just to express his affections.

See the photo below;

Photo News

Display Of Powers: Wizards Reportedly Fly In Broad Daylight In Congo | PHOTOS



On the 17th January, 2022, a conference of witches and wizards was reportedly held in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with several pictures and reports showing the enchanters display their magical/demonic powers as they fly around in broad daylight.

Several reports suggest the witches and wizards took guests by surprise when they proudly arrive at the venue of the event (organized by them) clad in red and yellow outfit to entertain the audience with their strange powers.

Confirming the story, some media organizations who streamed the event live shared photos that showed the witches and wizards hovering around the air making waves.

However, the enchanters were faced with backlash afterwards, as many blame them for using their powers against the people to serve humanity positively.

See a tweet below reporting the event;

More images below;

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Afghans Now Selling Their Kidneys To Survive Under Taliban Rule



Starving families in Afghanistan are not only selling children, but have now been pushed into sell their organs to survive.

Thousands of US and UK troops pulled out of the South Asian country in August after a 20-year-long military mission, paving the way for a violent takeover from the Taliban.

Six months into the new regime, the economy has been ‘paralysed’, and over half a million people have lost their jobs, forcing many to sell their kidneys and even their children.

One family, including three brothers and two sisters, all underwent surgery and sold their organs for around £1,150 each in order to feed their relatives.

Afghans now selling their Kidneys to survive under Taliban ruleIn a heartbreaking interview with Sky News, a 25-year-old mother, from a village outside the city of Herat, in the western part of the country, said: ‘About six months ago, my three-year-old son died of hunger.

‘I cannot see them all lose their lives… at least this way, someone else will feed them.’

Both she and her husband have already sold their kidneys and are now facing the unthinkable choice of which of their eight children to sell.

Afghans now selling their Kidneys to survive under Taliban ruleHe said: ‘We have nothing left to sell. We have to sell our children now and I’m prepared to do this for even 20,000 Afghanis (about £150 or $200).

Both she and her husband have already sold their kidneys and are now facing the unthinkable choice of which of their eight children to sell.

He said: ‘We have nothing left to sell. We have to sell our children now and I’m prepared to do this for even 20,000 Afghanis (about £150 or $200).

Harrowing photographs taken in a small village community outside Herat show rows of men and women showing large scars on their abdomens from the painful surgeries. Many of them have had to sell their organs to buyers across the border in Iran in an effort to repay their mounting debts.

Afghans now selling their Kidneys to survive under Taliban rule

One teenage mother, who said she had been operated on about a month ago, said: ‘We have no choice. We do this to feed our children.’

More than half of the country’s estimated 40 million population faces ‘extreme levels of hunger, and nearly nine million of them are at risk of famine’, according to the UN refugee agency, UNHCR.

International funding to Afghanistan has been suspended and billions of dollars of the country’s assets abroad, mostly in the US, were frozen after the militants regained control of the government.

Ramin Behzad, of the International Labour Organization (ILO) for Afghanistan stressed the situation is ‘critical and immediate support for stabilisation and recovery is required’.

He continued: ‘While the priority is to meet immediate humanitarian needs, lasting and inclusive recovery will depend on people and communities having access to decent employment, livelihoods, and basic services.’

ILO also expects that by the middle of this year, job losses will increase to nearly 700,000.

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Photo News

Shatta Wale Acquires A Range Rover For New Gf Elfreda | PHOTO



The blurry signs are very clear now and from all indications, Shatta Wale is madly in love with Elfreda – his newly found girlfriend Shatta Michy and Magluv sleepless nights.

The dancehall artiste born Charles Nii Armah Mensah decided to prove his love for Freda by purchasing a Range Rover for her to establish his seriousness about their relationship.

In a new post on Snapchat, Shatta Wale has posted a photo of a white Range Rover packed on a compound next to his yellow Rover he added to his fleet of cars in 2021.

Shatta Wale indicated that the luxury vehicle is his Valentine’s Day gift to his slay queen girlfriend who he unveiled last week in lovey-dovey social media videos.

“Mummy and Daddy’s #RR. Valentine gift for you Freda,” he captioned the post amid love emojis.

Earlier, Shatta Wale had hinted at acquiring a new toy for Freda but he was not ready to show it off on social media following her explicit instructions not to do so.

According to him in a post, he bought the Range Rover for his love on Wednesday but keeping it under wraps.

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