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#EndSars Shows That Muhammadu Buhari Is The Biggest Threat To Nigeria’s Democracy



Nigerian elections are like gambling. We blindly toss a coin into the air — with no guarantee of what we get. We vote out one corrupt leader for an even more corrupt one. Or, as we like to say, “you go from the frying pan into the fire.”

Take President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria, for example. As the first opposition candidate to mount a sweeping defeat of a sitting president in Nigeria, Buhari — a former general and military head of state —rode the coattails of rife anti-government sentiments to victory in 2015. To those who voted for him, he symbolized a potent antidote to the issues plaguing the country. He promised to blindly fight corruption and cronyism. He vowed to strongarm the terrorist group Boko Haram into retreat or surrender. He also declared that he would stabilize Nigeria’s dwindling economy and fix the existing gulf of socioeconomic disparities between Nigeria’s uber-wealthy few and the majority of Nigerians who are abjectly poor. In a campaign tweet two months before his historic win, he swore a solemn vow to Nigerians. “Let me make you this promise today,” Buhari wrote. “We will protect your children. We will protect your wealth. We will make this country work again.”

Today, nearly six years after making that promise, Nigeria has become a relic of what it used to be. Many signs point to Buhari’s failures. He must go.

The streets are raging with violence. Nigerians are under an unprecedented lethal attack by Buhari’s government, which recently killed unarmed citizens protesting against the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), a brutal and abusive police force in Lagos. The #EndSars movement has become a global phenomenon. After days of denials, the Nigerian army admitted Tuesday that their officers were deployed to the scene of the deadly attack to ensure statewide curfew compliance. The army still denies opening fire.

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Man City Win Premier League 2020-21: Third Title in Four Seasons For Guardiola’s Men



Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City regained the Premier League title after rivals Manchester United lost 2-1 at home to Leicester City.

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Accra Timber Market On Fire, Fire Service Respond With No Water; Ghanaians React | WATCH



Reports coming in from the famous Accra Timber markets suggest some part of the place is on fire and some personnel from the Ghana Fire Service went to the venue without water.

As at now, its not known what might have caused the fire at the market which mostly trades in ‘wood’ by an eye witness account reveals people from the market called the Ghana National Fire Service and reported to them about some place of the market burning in flames.

They say the Fire Service responded to the call swiftly and upon arriving at the place, told the people and the shop owners around that they don’t have water in their truck to quench off the fire which was spreading to other areas of the market.

This left the people and the shop owners to result in a different method to try and quench off the fire and prevent it from spreading to other shops around.

Since the news hit media circles Ghanaians are reacting to it stating Fire Service don’t have water to quench off fire but yet still, the Ghana Police Service yesterday filled their trucks with hot water ready to spray it on #FixTheCountry protestors.

Check out the video of some parts of the market burning and the some comments from the public;

Nana Hemaa@Mystery26265713·1hReplying to @SneakerNyame_Yet water was reserved to hurt citizens… The hashtag must be taken to a much higher level.. The foolishness within the country must end now…. Govt officials think state resources are for their use alone.. Just look at this, totally burnt

Hit Boi@asapfreag·57mReplying to @SneakerNyame_You see they didn’t bring the sobolooo trucks

#FixTheCountryNow@kofi_nokturnal1·56mReplying to @SneakerNyame_But yestee, those afuom people will be like, “nne de3 yeb3 nua amanfuor mma.” Siasem #FixTheCountry#fixitnow

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“Nana Addo And His Appointees Are Planning To Eliminate John Dumelo” : Ibrah One Alleges



Controversial news commentator, Ibrahim Dauda, also known as Ibrah One has dropped another bombshell, revealing some of the evil plans of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) government. He seems to be inviting trouble to his camp and has never learned from his mistakes.

According to him, Ghanaian actor cum politician, John Dumelo should be careful because the President and his appointees are conspiring against him.

He said that Nana Akufo Addo and his appointees are planning to eliminate the actor for some reasons better known to him.

Well, he never specified as to the President and his appointees would want to eliminate John Dumelo but he cautioned his to be extra careful.

He wrote; ”John Dumelo should be very vigilant, What happen to Ahmed Suale might happen to him. Nana Addo and his appointees are evil, they are planning to eliminate him.#Ibrahone”

See the screenshot below:

Meanwhile, Ibrah One also took his platform to launch fresh attacks on controversial politician, Kennedy Agyapong following his comments on the #FixTheCountry campaign.

According to Ibrah One, Kennedy Agyapong first needs to fix his ‘foolishness’ before coming out to advise Ghanaians to fix their minds.

In his post, he also said that Karma will one day brutally deal with the Assin Central representative in parliament.

Kennedy Agyapong should Fix his foolishness before coming out to tell Ghanaians to fix their minds. When karma hits Kennedy in the face, Ghanaians will there. Just in case it needs some help.#Ibrahone, he wrote.

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