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KubiLiveChat: Hi,am Rama from KubiLiveChat and am glad to have you on our chat today.

Eric Acquah: Yeah. Hi Rama.

KubiLiveChat: So sup with you.

Eric Acquah: Nothing much just keeping cool.

KubiLiveChat: Alright! So we wanna know who we chatting with today. A Little introduction will do.

Eric Acquah: Am Eric Acquah, a soccer player and a member of the Ghana national under20 in 2010, born and raised in Accra.

KubiLiveChat: Oh nice. Can you give me a gist of your educational background?

Eric Acquah: Well nothing much to talk about my education I completed SHS. I wasn’t much into school cause I realized my potential as a soccer player at an early stage. I remember telling my dad I don’t want to go to the university cause I want to play soccer and I bless God for how far he has brought me. The sky is the beginning.

KubiLiveChat: Wow! The sky indeed is your beginning. But I think school too is very crucial. Cause as you know in your profession is easy to pick an injury.

Eric Acquah: Well it’s true but with God in my corner no bout will be lost. As playing soccer one main thing to do is good investment that can sustain me after I’m done with soccer. I bless God I have a good management who make sure I invest well.

KubiLiveChat: Great! So what really pushed you in football.

Eric Acquah: Its a God given talent. It’s something I grew up with and I felt it’s a sin if I don’t play. Aside that, I grew up in a footballing community and I realized I could play and it continued from there.

KubiLiveChat: Wow, it’s a sin if you don’t work with your God given talent!

Eric Acquah: I believe so because that’s why God gave you that talent and one day you have to give an account to it when you meet HIM one day.

KubiLiveChat: Oh cool! So at what age did you start playing football?

Eric Acquah: Started playing when I was little boy.

KubiLiveChat: So when did you start playing professional football?

Eric Acquah: It started when I was playing juvenile football, my coach realized the potential in me so he pushed me to play when I was in SHS 1 couple of years ago. So at an early stage I started doing the business.

KubiLiveChat: Can you give us the age you started playing football professionally?

Eric Acquah: 16 years by then but now; the world has changed and soccer is not about age when you can play well you can play at any level.

KubiLiveChat: Great! So how far now in your career?

Eric Acquah: So far so good. God is taking me places and I bless HIS name for that.

KubiLiveChat: Amen. Now let’s talk about something more juicy.

Eric Acquah: Okay hit me with the headlines.

KubiLiveChat: Are you double or single?

Eric Acquah: I’m single #1.

KubiLiveChat: OOOOiiii why?

Eric Acquah: I’m still searching.

KubiLiveChat: Oh wow! All the best then dear.

Eric Acquah: Thank You very much!

KubiLiveChat: So which club are you at?

Eric Acquah: I’m with a first division club now after a short stay in Sudan and Dubai as well.

KubiLiveChat: Cool.

Eric Acquah: Yeah.

KubiLiveChat: So your management has been really working hard for you. How was the feeling when you got called to play for the under 20 in 2010?

Eric Acquah: Very very hard and words could not express how I felt but I will say it’s a great honor to be called to play and serve your motherland. God bless our homeland Ghana.

KubiLiveChat: Cool. I personally think is a kind of dream for every Ghanaian footballer

Eric Acquah: Exactly!

KubiLiveChat: So I’m not really a football person, so brief me small about football.

Eric Acquah: Well football is a game played by 22 players 11 each for both sides from the 11 each we have 10 players and a goalkeeper from the same both sides. It’s one of the greatest and biggest game on earth. I would love to say we are the modern day gladiators.

KubiLiveChat: Wow.

Eric Acquah: Just like ancient Rome.

KubiLiveChat: Oh cool.

Eric Acquah: Yeah!

KubiLiveChat: We wish you all the best. We about wrapping up; anything for your love ones and fans.

Eric Acquah: Thanks very much really appreciate it. All I will say is you guys should keep praying for me and I thank and really appreciate you all for your love and support God bless you all. NO LONG THING.

KubiLiveChat: It was nice chatting with you and we hope to see more of you.

Eric Acquah: Same here and thanks for having me on your chat!

By: Rama De Jesus [KubiLiveChat]

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I Love To Cuddle Mostly When I’m With My Boyfriend : Ghanaian Female Singer Reveals




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According to the incharge singer, although she is single at the moment, one thing she mostly loves doing best with her boyfriend is cuddling.

She made Ghanaians know that she doesn’t love sex but she is the hugging, holding and cuddling type.

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According to the MC men of God have been his mentor.

He revealed this actually started with his Grandfather who was a bishop and then it went on to TD Jakes as there are more pastors who are his mentor.

Been asked if he wishes to become a man of God, Sheldon said “It’s not a wish per say. I won’t have a much of a choice in the matter. When the call comes I’ll answer”.

This answer of his tells us he has a wish to become a man of God as he been very submissive if a calling from God comes.

Sheldon is an award-winning MC, a host and also a musican.

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Kobla Jnr Reveals How He Got Signed To Black Avenue Muzik; Says It Took A Year | MORE DETAILS



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Black Avenue Muzik signed artist Kobla Jnr who is an afrobeat musican has revealed to us how he got signed into Ghanaian top-notch rapper’s record label.

Making this revelation in an exclusive interview with KubiLiveChat, he said in 2015 he tried reaching out to D-Black for a feature.

Although he was still in the process of trying to have D-Black jump on his song, it took a period of one year.

Then one-day D-Black invited him into his studio whereby he had the humble opportunity to him and RonyTurnMeUp.

According to Kobla Jnr, he had the opportunity to play some of his songs whereby he had earlier recorded to D-Black and after impressing D-Black, he felt he was a very great asset to his label and then he gave him a contract to sign.

Kobla Jnr ended by saying, “I wasn’t going to turn down this major opportunity. I mean it’s Black Avenue Muzik baby, and I signed up and here I’m now”.

Kobla Jnr released his first single under Black Avenue Muzik which he titled “Marry You” as Efya featured on.

Enjoy it below!!!

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