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Fans Blast Normani For Cozying Up To Chris Brown In Steamy New Video



R&B fans are blasting Normani for agreeing to star in a new music video for Chris Brown — despite his history of domestic violence.

Normani, a 26-year-old former Fifth Harmony, was seen cozying up to the controversial crooner, 33, in the steamy clip for his track “WE (Warm Embrace),” which dropped on Wednesday.

In the video, Normani is seen sensually grinding up against Brown before they share a passionate kiss in a swimming pool.

The clip has already racked up more than 1 million hits on YouTube, with dozens of commenters claiming the pair have sizzling chemistry.

However, numerous Normani fans have hit out at the songstress, saying she shouldn’t associate herself with Brown given his problematic past.

“Idk why the new R&B girls feel the need to collaborate with him,” one fan opined in a viral tweet, which has been retweeted almost 2,000 times. “Ella Mai, HER, Chlöe, now Normani. It’s disappointing. I can’t even say I get it bc he has repeated his behavior toward women, kicks darkskin women out of clubs he’s in and has made the same song since 2012.”

In the video, Normani is seen sensually grinding up against Brown before they share a passionate kiss in a swimming pool.

“We were ALL rooting for you. I HAVE NEVER HAD TO YELL AT A GIRL LIKE THIS @Normani,” another disappointed fan wrote.

“Why would Normani do this to her own career? Chris Brown? Seriously??” another asked in exasperation.

Brown has had a long list of legal issues over the years. In June 2021, he was under investigation for allegedly striking a woman, and in 2009, he was infamously arrested for physically assaulting his then-girlfriend Rihanna.

normani and chris brown

For the latter incident, Brown pleaded guilty to felony assault and completed probation in 2015, in addition to community service and domestic-violence counseling.

Earlier this year, Page Six revealed that a woman was suing Brown for allegedly drugging and raping her while at a party in Miami in December 2020.

Brown hit back, blasting the allegations, saying on Instagram: “Whenever I’m releasing music or projects, ‘THEY’ try to pull some real bulls – – t.” He also added a cap emoji — slang for “lies.”

Normani fans have hit out at the songstress, saying she shouldn't associate herself with Brown given his problematic past.

He later posted a series of texts and voice messages on his Instagram Stories that he claimed to prove the woman continued to pursue a relationship with him despite the alleged sexual-assault incident.

Meanwhile, it appears Normani has been a fan of Brown for some time.

Following the release of the new music video, undated footage of the songstress talking about Brown resurfaced on Twitter.

The clip shows Normani excitedly mentioning Brown, before the interviewer responds: “He’s always in trouble though, boo. We can’t have you with him.”

“I can change his life,” the singer responds. “I can help him.”

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My Jealous Husband Removed My Eye And Cut Off My Fingers : Woman Narrates | WATCH



A woman identified as Maureen Atieno Omolo, has recounted how her husband plucked off her eye, cut off her finger, and inflicted several machete wounds on her body.

Recalling the sad experience in an interview with Afrimax TV, the lady said the man’s intention was to kill her rather than watch her walk into another man’s arms.

Omolo revealed that she came from a family of four but lost both parents while she was nine. She became an orphan at that tender age and had the responsibility of fending for herself and her younger siblings.

According to her, she was compelled to get married at the age of 15, to get someone to help take care of her and her siblings. Although she didn’t want to get married at that early age, she thought it was the only option available to her at the time.

She said her husband would go to work every day, all in a bid to take care of the family. But there was a big challenge. He wouldn’t want any other man, not even his own friends; he wanted to be the only person in her life.

Omolo said she became a prisoner in her husband’s house as she had to live a solitary life because her husband feared another man might snatch her from him.

She tried to allay his fear, but the man was adamant, saying he had to be protective of her because he loved her. He would lock her up and leave for work, to avoid losing her to another man.

Although the husband’s jealousy was becoming unbearable, she decided to endure it, hoping that things might change in the future.

Omolo disclosed that her husband also vowed that he would rather kill her than allow another man to take her away from him. She took the man’s threat lightly because she thought he had only said it out of love and jealousy.

After some years, she and her husband had four children, but lost one, leaving them with three. One day, she sought her husband’s permission to start doing some business to earn some money to support him in taking care of the family. She had feared that he would not agree to the idea, but he did, surprisingly.

She got a job as househelp in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, and she had to leave her husband and the children behind and only visit them from time to time. She said;

“He warned me that if I ever cheated on him, he would kill me.”

While away, text messaging was one of the means of communication between her and the husband, and he kept reechoing the threat to kill her together with any other man she cheated on her with or tried to leave him for.

While she was keeping herself safe for her husband, a few months later, when she returned home to visit the family, she had the shock of her life. Her husband had gone for another woman.

After crying, Omolo decided to return to the city because she didn’t feel she belonged in the house, but her husband would not agree. He wanted to still have her as his wife and throw the second woman out for her sake.

After she went back to Nairobi, her husband became furious and called and threatened to kill the children if she didn’t come back. She said she quickly returned home to avoid her children being killed. She had to live with her rival, with whom she always had misunderstandings.

She decided to return to Nairobi to retrieve some money that her former employers owed her. Her jealous husband thought she was leaving for good, so he texted her brother to inform him that he was going to kill Omolo.

Before her brother could call to alert her to flee, the man had already launched an attack on her with a machete that his second wife had brought to him. The mother of three said;

“I was pleading with him to stop, but he didn’t. He cut me, and I fell on the ground. I kept pleading with him to forgive and not kill me, but he said whatever I said, he was going to kill me and then go to prison.”

He continued to cut her right hand, back and her shoulders with the machete, and proceeded to pluck off her eye and then she blacked out.

He thought she had died, so he left her and drank poison to die but failed. He then ran to the police station to report himself. His second wife too fled.

Omolo was rushed to the hospital and fortunately she survived. She now sells fruits by the road to earn money to take care of herself and children.

Watch the video below………..

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Strongman Feat Mr Drew – Sing Your Name (Official Video)



It’s the song of the season and you won’t regret feeding your eyes and ears with such bolstered visuals to an incredibly awesome song by Strongman branded as; Sing Your Name; Produced by MixMaster Garzy.

Stream Here:

Just as the title goes, your hardcore punchy rapper melts down into the puddle of love on this tune with easy going yet arousing bars and hooks throughout the tune.

He hires the services of none other than Ghana’s silky smooth singer cum dancer extraordinaire, Mr Drew for a lovey dovey icing on the already munchy cake to make up the perfect sonic snack.

Strongman reminisces of the times when he was wooing his girlfriend and highlights the sculptured features of the said lady as Mr Drew balances the scale with his catchy chorus; Ohhh ohhhh Abiba, Wod) yi de m’ayada ….Girl I want to sing your name, La la laa la la laa

Production credits roll out to Mix Master Garzy for the spanking Afrobeat tune hinged on crisp vocals and amplified bass lines that ascertain a solid mid-tempo groove, fit for your party time or that cozy moment.

Stream/watch Sing Your Name across all music streaming platforms here and get interactive via his socials.

Watch the video below.

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Bruno Fernandes Furiously Tells Alex Telles And Fred To “Film My D***” In Leaked Footage



Footage has emerged of Bruno Fernandes telling Manchester United teammates Alex Telles and Fred to ‘film his d***’.

The 27-year-old was caught appearing dishing out an expletive-filled rant towards the Brazilian duo, who were filming at the club’s Carrington training base. Fernandes urged Telles and Fred to stop filming and concentrate on football during an abysmal season at Old Trafford.

Their encounter was filmed as part of Telles’ ‘A day in the life’ video with Brazilian football marketing agency O Clube Football. The pair of Red Devils players were stood in the car park when their Portuguese colleague – tipped as a potential club captain – spotted them and called out in his native language: “Stop being such ‘ballers!”

Fernandes appeared to further blast the two, telling them: “You are here to play football, not film it,” before instructing the camera crew to: “Film my d**k.” Bemused by his reaction, Telles and Fred attempted to suppress the situation from going any further by saying: “Chill out you f*****!”.

While the midfielder’s outburst will have done no favours as far as team spirit at Old Trafford goes, supporters have praised Fernandes for his no-nonsense approach.

Watch the video here.

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