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Feli Nuna Storms Okay FM Almost Naked



Feli Nuna, Ghanaian singer, has made headlines for wearing inappropriate clothing to an on-air radio interview with OKAY FM.

According to a couple of photos taken during the singer’s interview inside OKAY FM’s studios, she was only wearing a towel.

Feli Nuna is reportedly promoting her newly released song “Towel,” which could be the inspiration for her heinous attire, which deserves harsh condemnation from Ghanaians.

Feli Nuna is on a media tour to promote her song, so she doesn’t have the luxury of dressing comfortably.

What will happen if she is not summoned and later releases a song titled “Naked”? Isn’t your guess as good as mine?

The simplest and most effective way to destroy a society is to promote indecency, which is what our celebrities are currently doing under the leadership of Abena Korkor.

Kubidyza is a Global Celebrity Blogger, Music Promoter and a Social Media Influencer | Most Influential Blogger In Ghana For Bookings:

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FBI Uncover Secret Tunnel Linking Mexico To California Filled With $100,000,000 Worth Of Cocaine | PHOTOS



The FBI has discovered a hidden underground drug-smuggling tunnel that connects California and Mexico.

The tunnel, which is 1,774 feet long, connects Tijuana, Mexico, to a warehouse in the Otay Mesa district of San Diego, California.

FBI uncover secret tunnel linking Mexico to California filled with $100,000,000 worth of cocaine (photos)

Following a federal agents’ surveillance operation, nearly two tonnes of cocaine with a street value of nearly $100 million were recovered.

Federal agents were spying on a house known to be used by a criminal gang and where 61 pounds of cocaine had previously been stashed when they discovered the tunnel.

FBI uncover secret tunnel linking Mexico to California filled with $100,000,000 worth of cocaine (photos)

Agents tracked alleged gang members Luz de Luna Olmos and Vanessa Ramirez from their home to a tool shop and then back to the warehouse.

They were arrested alongside Juan Cruz, Adrian Enriquez, and Mario Jaramillo and were scheduled to appear in court on Monday.

FBI uncover secret tunnel linking Mexico to California filled with $100,000,000 worth of cocaine (photos)

“There is no more light at the end of this narco-tunnel,” said US Attorney Randy Grossman.

‘We will close every subterranean smuggling route we discover in order to prevent illicit drugs from reaching our streets and destroying our families and communities.’

Since 1993, at least 90 drug tunnels have been discovered in California’s southern district, with the most recent one discovered in March 2020.

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PHOTOS Of Rev Obofour’s Family House In A Bad State Surface On Social Media



When any random Ghanaian on the street is asked to name some wealthy pastors in the country, the name Rev. Obofour cannot be overlooked.

Rev. Obofour, the founder and leader of Anointed Palace Chapel (APC), is also known for helping those in need and rushing cars to some of the country’s celebrities.

Despite this, it appears that his village family is not benefiting from his wealth, as some netizens have released videos and photos purportedly of his family’s home.

A social media video of the residence astounded internet users; no one expected anything related to Rev Obofour to be so revolting.

The house is an antique with an exterior that appears to have remained unchanged since its construction many years ago.

Watch below.

According to the audio narration, the person speaking appears to be very familiar with the wealthy pastor.

Rev Obofour has yet to comment on this.

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PHOTO Of Sandra Ankobiah’s 280 Million Dress Trends



Sandra Ankobiah, famous Ghanaian socialite and professional legal practitioner, has taken over social media trends after spending over GHc28,000 cedis on a single dress.

The social media sensation, who turned a year older today, posted a few photos of herself wearing a dress designed by the famous Maria Lucia.

Checks show that the dress Sandra Ankobiah wore for her birthday photoshoot cost $3,750, which equates to GHc 28,687.50.

Spending over 280 million Ghana cedis on a single dress is not a child’s play, and only a few of our female celebrities can challenge Sandra Ankobiah to this game, but I doubt any of them will.

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