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Feli Nuna’s ‘Towel’ Makes It To Boomplay ‘Girl Vibes’ Playlist



Feli Nuna On Boomplay

Feli Nuna’s ‘Towel’ song was added to Boomplay’s ‘Girl Vibes’ playlist, marking her first music chart appearance since its release.

Feli Nuna’s song ‘Towel,’ produced by Shawerz Ebiem, was released on May 11, 2022.

The Off Da Ground signed singer made a spot on the ‘Girl Vibes’ playlist, which featured other well-known female artists from around the world, in her first music chart appearance since the release of ‘Towel.’

Feli Nuna’s ‘Towel’ song received some streams on the Playlist which had over 1 million in total

Check out the playlist below.

Feli Nuna’s towel song is all about self-care. Self-care is defined as the ability of individuals, families, and communities to promote health, prevent disease, and maintain health by eating well and engaging in relaxing activities that can help manage stress levels.

Born Felicia Nuna Akosua Tawiah from Leklebi Agbesia in the Volta Region of Ghana, the affectionately known Feli Nuna, broke onto the Ghanaian music scene in 2015 with list of hit songs including I Like Am, Love Me Now, Gelaway and Afro Magic to name a few. Then the vivacious performer took some much needed time away from the mic. “I believe as humans you have to always take a break so you don’t get lost in it all. It’s important to take time to figure out myself. My music is who I am.”

The University of Ghana, Legon graduate believes she owes it to herself and her fans to give her best music. Loving the process of creating music often means taking the time to process and express life’s struggles, lessons and joy in a way that honors her soul and her audience. “I can’t separate myself from my music. It is who I am. Nuna means gift. Felicia – means happiness. I am a
gift of happiness.”

Feli Nuna represents a new generation of great music and young artistic influencers across Africa pushing Ghana music to the top of Afro Beats and World Music, and she’s doing it her way and with her own unique sound. Now with Off Da Ground records, an established record label owned by Ghanaian artist and hitmaker Fuse ODG, Feli Nuna is back with a strong team, renewed confidence and relentless joy. With a solid team behind her and a winning spirit, the energetic performer is ready to take her music across Ghana and around the world. With Off Da Ground at her side, prepare to see this beloved Ghanaian star soar.

Twitter: @felinuna

Instagram: @felinuna

Snapchat: @felinuna

Facebook: Feli Nuna

TikTok: @FeliNuna


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David Osei Reveals Jackie Appiah’s Source Of Wealth After Her Mansion Went Viral



Despite being hailed after a video of her plush mansion was uploaded online, Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah has for some unknown reasons come under pressure to disclose her source of wealth.

Thanks to Nigerian actress Luchy Donalds, Jackie has been trending on various social media platforms for 3 days after she paid a visit to her Ghanaian colleague and was stunned by the luxury she saw in her house.

Luchy could not help by shout with openmouthed astonishment as she filmed herself taking a tour of the mega house owned by her fellow woman, which consequently landed online.

Hours after the video received plaudits, it momentarily started courting unpleasant reactions from a section of social media users who have brought Jackie’s source of wealth under scrutiny.

Many have wondered whether the actress single-handedly put up her magnificent house from funds accrued from her acting career over the years or if she has unknown people sponsoring her with money after opening her legs for them.

But actor Prince Davido Osei has waded into the conversation with a strong defence for his colleague against trolls who cannot celebrate her achievement without raising doubts.

He wrote: “These ladies invest the monies they make from movies and other deals! When Jackie started doing UB40 TVC, Computer Ads was in Legon many years ago!!”

While slamming naysayers for trying to credit Jackie Appiah’s success to politicians and some unknown big men, David Osei also issued a stern warning to trolls who have plans of downplaying his hard work when he makes a groundbreaking leap in life.

He noted that now that he’s hustling with his ‘sweat’ as an actor, people are not talking about it but would emerge to say he benefited hugely from his affiliation to the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) when he makes it big in the future.

He wrote: “I am out here, hustling 6/8 to do my tours with my sweat, tomorrow if I hit some monkey will come and say it’s NPP money Gyimi saa.. Some of us hustlers we never claim to be rich, we work hard filming day&night exploring other avenues to make money.”

David Osei defends Jackie Appiah-1

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Johnny Depp ‘Back For Pirates Of Caribbean Film In $300m Deal’



Disney are reportedly hoping to get Johnny Depp to star in the sixth Pirates of the Caribbean film and a Disney Plus spin-off series in a $300 million deal.

Bosses are said to want the actor, 59, to reprise his role as the legendary Captain Jack Sparrow after he won his blockbuster legal battle against his ex-wife Amber Heard, 36, earlier this month.

Johnny was reportedly dropped from the franchise in 2018 and said during his recent defamation trial he wouldn’t be open to returning in the future.

A source however has claimed Disney want the actor to reprise his iconic role in not just the sixth film, but also a spin-off series exploring the character’s backstory.

The insider told Poptopic the company are keen to get Depp back for the sixth film as well as the spin-off series – with it claimed they’re offering him around £244 million.

They told the outlet earlier this month: “Disney are very interested in patching up their relationship with [Depp].”

The source said the company reached out to Depp prior to his defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard – which concluded with him winning the legal battle.

They claimed Disney had asked if he would be interested in returning for another film, with him reportedly sent a gift basket and a “heartfelt letter” at some point by them.

The source said: “The studio has already penned up a draft for a film about Jack Sparrow – so they are very hopeful that Johnny will forgive them and return as [his character].”

The source claimed Disney are preparing a deal that’s worth $301 million (£244 million), including a sizeable donation to a charity of Depp’s choice.

Depp was reportedly dropped from the sixth film around the time that his ex-wife Heard wrote her now-infamous Washington Post op-ed about domestic abuse.

The actor sued Heard for $50 million after she wrote the op-ed in 2018 in which she called herself a “public figure representing domestic abuse.” Heard countersued Depp for $100 million.

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Esther Smith Endorses Bishop Cynthia Adu Boateng’s New Song “Wo Fata”



Ghanaian multiple talented gospel songstress Esther Smith has endorsed her senior sister, Bishop Cynthia Adu Boateng’s new trendy gospel song dubbed “Wo Fata”.

“Gye No Di” hitmaker, Esther Smith showers praises on her senior sister, Bishop Cynthia Adu Boateng’s new trendy gospel song.

Watch video here.

Bishop Cynthia Adu Boateng is a Ghanaian songwriter, preacher and gospel songstress who based in UK.

“Wo Fata” is out now on all the platform and it’s making waves across Ghana and beyond.

Listen to “Wo Fata” below.

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