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Female Dancer “Nelly” Talks Kyses Studio, Working With Fuse ODG, Kuami Eugene And More On “KubiLiveChat”



Lillian Nelly Teiko

KubiLiveChat: Nelly you work with a media house?

Nelly: No

KubiLiveChat: You work alone?

Nelly: No. I am the head of kyses studios

KubiLiveChat: Ook dear kyses studio a record label?

Nelly: No! A dance firm.

KubiLiveChat: Okay! Cool!!! Aside from this what else you up to?

Nelly: That is all.

KubiLiveChat: Okay!!! So far which people have you worked with?

Nelly: Mz vee, Richie, Kuami Eugene, King promise, Fuse, Stonebwoy, Becca, Efya, Ebony, VVIP, Dblack, EL, Kofi Kinata, D2, Eazzy, Scata Bada,

KubiLiveChat: That’s wow!! Working with these celebrities how was the vibe?

Nelly: Good.

KubiLiveChat: Kyses studio is made up of how many team?

Nelly: 15 dancers, Myself, my assistant, and business manager.

KubiLiveChat: Aside from working with these celebrities any viral video or videos so far?

Nelly: Yes, Rewind was us, Kpakposhito was us, Dogo Yaaro was us… Plenty videos.

KubiLiveChat: That’s dope!!! Any awards so far??

Nelly: Yes!!! Best dance group and best twerker.

KubiLiveChat: Hahaha, that’s great wow!!! What is ur real name cause I just know u as Nelly

Nelly: Lillian Nelly Teiko

KubiLiveChat: Aside from working with Fuse who is an international artist any other of his kind?

Nelly: Ermm some girl from Sierra Leone and Togo. So I think fuse is the biggest.

KubiLiveChat: That’s great!!! Working with all these people which were your favorite?

Nelly: Dblack, Mz Vee second, Vvip third, and eazzy. Eugene is my son… baby

KubiLiveChat: BAM. Kuami Eugene?

Nelly: Yea!!!

KubiLiveChat: Based on your accident Gist me with an experience.

Nelly: There is non cause I had amnesia, so I didn’t even know until I was told and pictures were shown to me and videos.

KubiLiveChat: Wow Thank God for your life.

Nelly: Sure!!!

KubiLiveChat: Actually u dating?

Nelly: No!!! I’m single!!

KubiLiveChat: Wow hahaha!!! You beautiful why single now?

Nelly: I had a boyfriend but we broke up in January.

KubiLiveChat: Ok cool. If people wanna work with you how should they get into contact with you?

Nelly: They should call these numbers 0243977281 or 0267860060

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Kubi Live Chat

Ghanaian Movie Industry Needs A Distribution Company To Slove It’s Ailing Problem : Ghanaian-UK Based Director Advices



Director Jaguar

Director Jaguar, Ghanaian-UK based movie director and producer have given his advice to how we can revive the lost taste in the movie industry.

On KubiLiveChat, Ghana’s number one online chat Jaguar was asked if he thinks if Ghana had movie directors and producers like Nigerian one would the movie industry be better, and according to him, he doesn’t think so as the ailing industry isn’t because of our movie industry.

According to him, we need a distribution company to who will help in getting our well-produced movies into other countries as well and not only circulating in the Ghanaian market.

This us what director Jaguar actually had to say; First of all we need to think of other markets outside Ghana.

We shouldn’t be content in Ghana but we should try and link up other African countries and sell to them.

We also need to push for film festivals. Of course relevant ones. Big distribution companies come to festivals looking for movies to distribute.

Going international means we should produce quality films with good strong lines in other to meet the standards our there.

Mr. Jaguar an award-winning International director has produced movies such as Adinkra, A New Sun, The World Cup Is Missing, Grilled, Circles, Bridge and more have been nominated as the best director in the ZAFAA awards, C HUB awards and the CAFAA awards.

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I Will Love To Have A Nude Shoot With TooSweet Annan : Model Audrey



Model Audrey

Model Audrey, Ghanaian young model who has launched herself very well into the modeling industry by featuring on bigger modeling and fashion shows across the country has made a very big revelation during a WhatsApp interview.

The model who was picked by Citi FM for its Expressions of Accra Fashion and modeling show was asked to choose a celebrity whom she will love to have a nude shoot with.

According to Model Audrey. She will love to have such a shoot with Zylofon Media signee TooSweet Annan.

Although this was shocking, as the host thought it would be the loud mouth and bad boy Shatta Wale.

Sharing her challenges with us, she made us know that she has not faced any challenge at all.

I haven’t had any challenges so far except some people tend to look down on you or give you that judgemental look when they find out I’m a model. But that doesn’t get to me at all because I love what I do”; She revealed.

We also asked her to share her first runway experience with us as she said; My first experience on the runway was pretty much exciting. I just couldn’t wait to get on the runway to show my long sexy legs! I wasn’t nervous at all and I had fun!”.

Finally, since the modeling industry has its own issues, we asked her to share with us how she get her gigs and according to her; “Her agent or loved ones who forward gigs to her and if she meet all the requirements she goes for it. She also surfs for gigs by myself sometimes too.

To book Model Audrey, kindly email her on or follow her on these social handles below.

Twitter & Instagram: @Audrey_quist

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Hamamat Montia Inspires Me : Model Audrey Reveals



Model Audrey

Model Audrey, Ghanaian young model who has launched herself very well into the modeling industry by featuring in most fashion shows across the country.

Speaking to King Kubi on KubiLiveChat, she revealed who Inspires her so much based on the modeling career she has chosen.

According to Model Audrey, Hammamat Montia inspires her so much. She went on to reveal, she is the real definition of African beauty as she loves how she portrays the Ghanaian and African Culture to the entire world.

During the interview, she made us know how the modeling ambition came all about as she revealed; “It started off as a kid. My dad was a model too. Used to see pictures of him on the runway, in adverts and shoots. I had so much interest in that especially fashion shows and I told myself I’ll enter into modeling one day. And boom! Here I am today”.

Being asked if her dad agreed to this passion of hers’ she said; “Yes he did. Everyone supported me! My Family is the best” she revealed.

To book Model Audrey, kindly email her on or follow her on these social handles below.

Twitter & Instagram: @Audrey_quist

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