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Female DOVVSU Officer Aiding Investigation Snatches Complainant’s Husband



A 42-year-old trader in Tema Katamanso has accused a police officer from the Ghana Police Service’s Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) of kidnapping her husband.

Mary Agbenu Edorla, the victim, stated that she had recently lost her husband, Stephen Tengey, to Detective Chief Inspector Divina Worlanya Afenu, a DOVVSU officer stationed at Katamanso Police Station.

According to the woman who was wronged, Chief Inspector Afenu suggested that Mr Tengey assist in the initial investigation of her case.

Madam Edorla began by explaining that she had been legally married to Mr Tengey for three years and that they had lived happily ever after until one day when their domestic help left the house.

A neighbor brought the victim to the house that evening, accompanied by a police officer, with a report that they had seen her lounging around in an unfinished structure, and when questioned, she revealed that her mother had threatened her.

Madam Edorla stated that she was invited to the police station to give her statement as well as to meet with the victim’s biological parents.

She claimed that when she confronted Chief Inspector Afenu about the allegation, he denied it until she saw her husband leave the policewoman’s residence the next morning after spending the night there.

Madam Edorla claimed she challenged them, and as a result, her husband assaulted her.

When the paper contacted Chief Supt Kwadwo Badu-Adu, he stated that the woman had reported an attack to his unit and that the topic of Chief Inspector Afenu’s alleged affair came up during his interrogation.

He went on to say that his office’s DOVVSU branch is handling the situation, but they have yet to convince Stephen Tengey to assist them with the investigation.

Below are excerpts of what she said as reported by Daily Guide:

“I introduced my husband to her while she was investigating a case I was involved in. She requested that my husband rather assisted her with the investigations, and all I could see was her later having an affair with my husband,”

“This policewoman used to call my husband at odd hours but I was made to believe that she needed information from my husband for her investigations, but little did I know that they were having an affair,”

“Now she has succeeded in taking away my husband in the name of investigations and as we speak, they are currently living as husband and wife,” “The girl actually stole my money, and when I reprimanded her, she left the house to an unknown place,”

“My husband upon his return to the house was given the news and quickly he drove to the police station where Chief Inspector Afenu was the case officer.

“The case officer, upon introduction asked my husband to go to the village of the victim to bring her biological parents, which he did.

“After settling the case, I realised that Chief Inspector Afenu constantly called my husband on phone at night, and whenever I ask, he tells me it was part of their investigations (sic).

“I accepted this excuse until one day when I saw some nude pictures she had sent to the mobile phone of my husband, and that was when I discovered that they were having an affair,”

“I initially reported the matter to some senior police officers at the station where the woman works, but they did nothing, so personally, I reported the case to Chief Superintendent Adu, the Divisional Commander.

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Daughter Catches Her Mother In Bed With Her Baby Daddy At Her Apartment | WATCH



A new video of an American woman who caught her own mother in bed with her boyfriend and father of her child has now gone viral.

In the footage, which has been widely shared on social media pages, a shirtless man and a woman can be seen lying in bed while being questioned by a third lady, who happens to be the man’s girlfriend.

“Okay, this is the sh!t Y’all be doing right?” the girlfriend can be heard saying at the beginning of the video.

“I’ve been calling you all day. This is what you do. My mom, is you serious? I know you lying and you just sitting here quiet. I will put this video on Facebook,” she continued, shouting at her boyfriend and mother, who tried to justify the reason for sleeping with her man.

The mother accused her daughter of not respecting and treating her man right before pleading with her to refrain from posting the video online.

The heartbroken woman ended up sending the baby daddy away from her apartment, but her mom refused to leave.

Watch the video below:

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Tiktok Star, Bhadie Kelly Breaks Silence Following Leaked Bedroom Video



Bhadie Kelly, a popular Togolese TikTok user, has spoken out after a supposed bedroom video of her recently went viral.

Bhadie Kelly gained traction after a video of her rocking a light brown and mixed color gown made waves on social media which saw her shaking her backside, making a flirtatious face, and dancing to viral TikTok songs.

The voluptuous, dark-skinned woman quickly racked up millions of views on the Tiktok video app, making her the talk of social media.

Bu a few days ago, an explicit video of her having coitus with a young man appeared online. She was the woman in the video, despite claims to the contrary from some.

Bhadie Kelly responded to this by claiming that she isn’t the person in the footage on her Instagram story.

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Military Man Catches Wife In Bed With Another Man As He Returns From War After 2 Years | WATCH



A video has been sighted on social media that captures the moment a military man walked in on his wife and her lover making love in his matrimonial home.

In the video, the agitated military man claimed he returned from war after two years only to find his own wife cheating on him with another man in his own home.

He threatened to end the life of the gentleman who has been sleeping with his wife ever since he left home for his mission in the bush.

The gentleman and the military man’s wife pleaded with him for forgiveness as well as some of the residents who rushed to the scene but all their efforts proved futile as he vows to take drastic measures against the two.

Watch the video below:

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