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Female Senator Goes Half-Naked During Government Zoom Meeting



A Mexican female senator has issued an apology after going topless during a government video while trying to change without realising her camera was still on.

Martha Lucia Micher, 66, was unaware her camera was still on when she started to get changed during the live meeting last week.

The incident occurred during an official meeting on zoom, a measure taken by the Mexican government during the coronavirus pandemic to avoid unnecessary risk of contagion.

Martha Lucia Micher has now issued an apology for her mistake, blaming it on her lack of tech knowledge.

According to local media, the meeting was attended by at least 15 senators from the left-wing National Regeneration Movement political party who convened with the governor of the Bank of Mexico and press representatives.

In an open letter shared online, Micher explained the incident:

“Yesterday an unfortunate incident occurred during a virtual meeting with fellow senators about the current economic situation in Mexico and strategies to confront the ‘new normal’ over the coming months.

“In one part of the session, without realizing and while the camera of my computer was on, I got changed showing my naked torso. I carried on participating in the session and thanks to a call from senators Alejandro Armenta Mier and Ovidio Peralta Suarez, I realized my error.”

The senator went on to offer an apology, saying that there are certain rules of conduct which nobody is exempt from and blamed the mishap on her not yet mastering these new forms of digital communication.

Screenshots of the topless senator soon began to circulate on social media, prompting mirth and cruel comments about her appearance and physique online.

Micher, who is also the president of the State Commission of Gender Equality, responded to these criticisms in her letter, in which she said that she is not ashamed of her body.

“I am Malu Micher, and I am not ashamed to have shown part of my intimacy by accident, because it is exactly the notion that a woman is ‘just her body’ that has allowed and fomented the objectification of women against which I have always fought.

“I am a woman of 66 years of age who has breastfed four children, three of whom are today professional and responsible men, and I feel proud of my body for having nourished them.

“I am a woman who has fought for the left for almost 40 years and who has occupied various public roles in my fervent commitment for the defence of human rights, I am a woman who is not ashamed of her body, I love it and I take care of it.”

Many other colleagues and politicians also retweeted her letter and posted on social media to show their support for the senator.

Fellow senator Ricardo Monreal Avila wrote: “In view of the attacks against her, a product of a mishap during a virtual meeting, we endorse our fellowship. Morals and integrity will always be stronger than infamy and assaults.”

Another senator, Maria Elena Morena posted: “The rubbish stinks in the senate and on social media. Our political and party differences should have limits.”

According to media sources, it has yet to be discovered who took and leaked the screenshots.

Fellow party member Martha Tagle wrote: “I will investigate and sanction those responsible for taking and leaking these photos. The violence to which you were subjected cannot go unpunished.”

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Long And Artificial Nails Are At High Risk Of Contracting Coronavirus : Health Expert



According to Health experts, it is said that persons(most especially ladies) with long nails are at more risk of contracting the deadly coronavirus. The nails are capable of harboring germs, bacteria, and even the virus underneath it even if hands are washed.

It was also explained further by the expert that people with long nails tend to bite them off and this practice can lead to the virus enter your system very quickly.

Numerous videos showing how to use the sanitizer and individuals using hand sanitizer in this global pandemic but the expert warned that this alone won’t do the trick for people with long nails as they may still have the germs inside of their nails.

“Long nails, nail varnish, and nail extensions have always been a no-no for anybody who needs spotlessly clean hands; nurses, doctors, therapists, cooks, mothers, and carers.”

“Germs such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses (including the Coronavirus) can harbor underneath the nail space and easily be transmitted to whatever you touch. Put simply, you cannot see the dirt that lies beneath.”

“Doctors know this and rigorously scrub under their nails before donning gloves and performing surgery; with a sterile nail brush and sanitizing solution. We should now follow their example.”

“It is advisable to cut your nails as short as possible as they harbor infection.”A British beauty and aesthetics expert Dr. Elisabeth Dancey warned.

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“Hushpuppi Has A Chance, I Will Put Up A Vigorous Defense To Get Him Out” : Lawyer, Pissetzky Says



Gal Pissetzky, the lawyer representing Nigerian alleged fraudster, Ramon Abbas popularly called Hushpuppi has made another commentary about Hushpuppi’s case.
Gal has argued that Hushpuppi has a great chance of coming out of these accusations leveled against him clean.

Speaking to Punch, the Chicago lawyer revealed that and his team has developed a carefully-mapped out plan to ensure their client is accurately defended and set free.

Gal intimated that as to whether they are going to consider a plea bargain, it is up for talks between him and Huspuppi.

“There is always a chance, absolutely. That’s why they hired me and that’s why I am going to put up a vigorous defense and defend him. I will give him a good representation. He has a chance. In the United States of America, you have a jury system.”; He said

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Salt FM Boss Donates To Agogo Hospital Minutes After Fire Consumed His Studios



Chief Executive Officer of Salt Media GH, owners and operators of Salt 95.9 FM – Agogo, Salt TV and Saltfmonline, Ohene Kwame Frimpong has made a donation to Agogo Presbyterian hospital minutes after fire consumed the station’s main broadcasting studio.

Mr Frimpong who visited the children’s ward and other wards of the hospital gave out money to some patients who were on admission.

The UK based Ghanaian business man who visited the site after the incident, left with his team moment the fire department arrived at the scene, to make this surprising charity gesture to the hospital.

Noted for his numerous charity works, Ohene Kwame Frimpong emphasized the need for Salt Media GH to maintain the value and purpose they bring to society, especially the vulnerable in whatever situation they may find themselves in.

“We are focused and even though the fire is devastating, we are thankful that no harm was caused to anyone. Nobody was injured by the fire outbreak and we are grateful to God” — Ohene Kwame Frimpong said


Fire razed Salt FM’s main broadcasting studio in Agogo Thursday afternoon.

A statement issued by the management of the station described the incident as shocking.

They also indicated that investigation into the cause of the fire has begun.

“The burning of the Salt FM studio has come as a terrible shock to the station’s management and employees. Though the incident is currently under investigation, what can be confirmed is that no life was harmed,” part of the statement read.

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