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Game Changer: Meet the New 2019 Range Rover Evoque



2019 Range Rover Evoque

This is the new Range Rover Evoque, the premium, compact and popular SUV by Jaguar Land Rover. On sale from spring of next year, the car evolves the original model to be more polished and in keeping with its siblings within the Range Rover family. The new Evoque is a progressive car too, offering a mild-hybrid drive and a host of innovative technologies.

This is a momentous occasion, for the Evoque is a critical car for JLR. The story began in 2007 with the creation of the LRX. Penned by the creative director Gerry McGovern, the concept car was bold, brave and carved a new vehicle sector – the small urban SUV. The Range Rover Evoque production car that followed stayed true to the LRX. It was a risky choice. Company management at the time apparently predicted modest sales with what they saw as a niche model. The Evoque, though, tapped into a new market and spoke to a whole new demographic group. Urbanites loved it, as did women and younger drivers and the car sold far more than expected (over 700,000), elevating the brand to new levels.

The new Evoque evolves the original model to be more polished and refinedJLR

“It transformed the world of compact SUVs” smiles McGovern confidently. “The new model is set to continue that remarkable journey. This characterful vehicle combines refinement and fun to create that all-important emotional reaction which will turn heads and make people smile.” We are at the National Automotive Innovation Center, a new campus at Warwick University in the UK. Funded by JLR, it houses the advanced design and engineering departments as well as connect education and industry. This is an impressive space to reflect the company’s progressive attitude and long-term ambitions.

The Evoque has pronounced shoulders, powerful wheel-arches and sits on 21-inch wheelsJLR

I am here to see the new Evoque ahead of today’s global reveal. The car before me retains the volume of the outgoing model, but offers a more generous interior space thanks to the new architecture it is built on. The high waistline, sloping roof and raised rear, design features which gave the original Evoque its edgy and unique stance, have been retained but modified and more refined. The new car has pronounced shoulders, powerful wheel-arches and it sits confidently on 21-inch wheels. The exterior surfacing is calm with hardly any visual distractions. There are Velar-style flush doors and slim Matrix LED lights with the odd surprising element, such as copper blade accents, adding a touch of intrigue.

The new car fits visually within the Range Rover familyJLR

I ask McGovern if he was nervous approaching the second-generation Evoque. After all, the company is a very different place now. Since 2007, JLR has progressed beyond recognition. The collection of cars from both Jaguar and Land Rover confidently compete with some of the finest of luxury motor cars. McGovern himself is a respected figure in the creative industry and one of the most commercially successful car designers of our time.

“No I never get nervous; I’m too arrogant,” he offers half joking. “It is unmistakably an Evoque – this was something we knew we had to do. It was also about moving the game on. Is it an evolution? The Evoque was a game-changer so it was about making it more refined.” McGovern admits that the new car purposely has a quiet presence. “We dialed down some of the reductionist themes which has its best manifestation with the Velar. It is about tapping into the passion of opulence. It is an accumulation of details.”

Slim Matrix LED headlights and tail-lamps feature on the EvoqueJLR

This is also a technologically accomplished product. The new mixed-material “Premium Transverse Architecture” has been developed for electrification, with a 48-volt mild-hybrid available at launch and a plug-in hybrid model promised within a year. The mild-hybrid is a first for JLR and functions by harvesting energy normally lost during deceleration using an engine-mounted belt-integrated starter generator and storing it in the under-floor battery. At speeds below 11-mph, the engine will shut off while the driver applies the brakes. When pulling away, the stored energy is redeployed to assist the engine under acceleration and reduce fuel consumption. The idea is for a more refined, quiet and efficient drive in city traffic.

Flush doors, first seen on the Velar, feature on the new EvoqueJLR

Land Rovers need to perform off-road, even if cars like the Range Rover, Velar and Evoque may never leave the city tarmac. The Evoque too offers all-terrain capabilities in all weathers thanks to a host of technology – all-wheel drive, active driveline with driveline disconnect and adaptive dynamics to deliver the optimum balance of comfort and agility. Adopted from the Range Rover, “Terrain Response 2” automatically detects the surface being driven on and adjusts the set-up accordingly, so the Evoque can now wade through waters 600mm deep.

The cabin is calm with technology appearing only when the engine ignitesJLR

The new architecture has created more interior space too. The longer wheelbase adds 20mm extra rear knee-room, an increase in small item stowage and offers a larger 591-liter luggage space. Inside the Evoque has a calm cabin – technology here is hidden until summoned when the engine ignites. There is a twin touchscreen “Touch Pro Duo system”, 16-way seat controls and cabin air ionization. There are some novel digital ideas being explored here too. “ClearSight” is a digital rear-view mirror which projects a flawless all-surround 360-degree view image thanks to a camera positioned on the roof. “Ground View” makes the bonnet invisible by projecting camera imagery onto the upper touchscreen to show the driver a 180-degree view under the front of the vehicle, useful when negotiating difficult parking spaces. And “Smart Settings” uses artificial intelligence algorithms to learn the driver’s preference for an on-board butler of sorts.

The color and trim team are exploring technical and ecological materialsJLR

The JLR team are constantly discovering new material themes from outside the auto world. Evoque customers will be able to specify technical textures and more responsible fabrics, including a specialist wool blend being invented alongside the Danish firm Kvadrat as well as textiles that use recycled plastics as an alternative to leather. The team have introduced interior modular color schemes to complement exterior colors. McGovern feels it is about “finding a relevance within markets that are more urbanized”.

The Evoque is the quintessential compact urban SUVJLR

The original Evoque introduced new customers to JLR and raised its profile globally. This edgy little SUV boosted confidence. Its critical and commercial success has meant the design team, led by McGovern for Land Rover and Ian Callum for Jaguar, are able to offer often radical new products, cars like the electric I-Pace and niche Velar, with their voices heard clearly by the management at company owners, Tata Motors.

The new Evoque will be on the road from Spring 2019JLR

“The LRX changed the direction of our brand,” admits McGovern. “It helped send out a message that design is integral to our origin and therefore our success.” The new Evoque, though, comes at a different time in automotive history. “The world has changed since 2011 and we face new challenges – mass urbanization, tough legislation, the environment. We need to continue to do vehicles that are unique and distinctive,” he says, “It is about creating a balance and not becoming too generic. If we do this properly, Range Rover, Land Rover, Defender, they will all become brands in their own right.”

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Dealing With Relationship Stress To Have A Happy And Enduring Relationship



What are other people saying…

“In the initial stages of our relationship, we literally couldn’t get away from each other. We spent almost every time together but it got to a point where I no longer had enough time for her because combining relationship with school work was draining physically and psychologically. Our relationship was on the rocks and subsequently we broke up”. Pascal, 22 (UCC)

“Times changed so quickly that he could go two days without calling or seeing me and he wouldn’t pick if I called him. He calls me when he feels fine. He will usually tell me he loves me but is being stressed out with work and our relationship stuff that he’s finding it difficult coping. I asked him to break up with me if he felt he was not ready. And even though I asked him to do that, I was surprised he did.” Sandra, 24 (ATU)

So from the above it’s obvious you are not the only one facing relationship stress. Trying to make peace between your work or school activities or maybe a project and your relationship is very important in creating an enduring relationship.

When individuals and couples discover functional ways of coping with stress, they can restore emotional closeness, renew intimacy, and revive romance.

“Emotional distance, a loss of intimacy, and the death of romance. That describes our marriage less than six months after my wife and I exchanged vows. We’d married with dreams of living happily ever after. Conflict on our honeymoon cast doubt that our dreams would come true, putting our relationship on the rocks. Then I started a new job that demanded up to 80 hours of my attention each week. I coped with the stress by shutting out my wife.
In the months before our wedding, the passion between us was thick. While we lived 90 minutes away from each other, we’d talk on the phone for hours, send each other love notes, and spend every weekend together.” Kenneth, 39 (GSL)

But emotional distance and romance are like oil and water. They don’t mix, and they create a slippery surface that can cause couples to slide into a world of disappointment and frustration.
That’s a problem many couples face when one or both partners succumb to stress.
The relationship troubles begin when one partner shuts out the other from their inner world. It’s destructive to the relationship, but it’s seldom done intentionally. It’s a dysfunctional way of coping that expresses itself in various behaviors. A recent study in Britain revealed one in four couples sleep in separate beds due to the stress in their lives. Some couples keep their conversations on an intellectual level, and avoid talking about what’s in their hearts. Others use harsh words or silence to keep each other out.
When individuals and couples discover functional ways of coping with stress, they can restore emotional closeness, renew intimacy, and revive romance.

“My wife and I floundered for three years before I agreed to see a clinical psychologist who guided me toward better coping skills”- Kenneth, 39 (GSL).

If your stress is pushing you and your partner apart, you don’t need to wait any longer. Consider these actions as steps you can take toward transforming your relationship from disappointment and dread to one fueled by passion.

  • [ ] Identify Your Stressors
    Stressors experienced outside the relationship by one or both partners can cause distress in the relationship. High levels of stress from outside sources often interfere with a couple’s ability to communicate effectively, connect emotionally, and manage conflict in their relationship.
    The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale is a helpful tool for identifying sources of stress. Work through the scale with your partner to identify stressors weighing on each of you. Chances are if one of you is stressed, you both are. Add up your individual scores and compare your levels of stress.
    The scale provides a starting point for you and your partner to zero in on what’s pulling one or both of you down. As you identify your stressors and compare scores on the stress scale, keep in mind that people react to stress differently. The weights on the scale are based on averages. Your experience may be of greater or less intensity than the score on the scale. You and your partner may also differ in the severity of stress you each experience in response to the same event.
    Speak from Your Heart
    Once you each identify your stressors, start sharing with each other what you’ve been going through. Take turns answering the following questions:
    • In what ways has stress been affecting your emotions?
    • What are you doing that helps you cope with your stress?
    • What ways are you coping with stress that are having a positive effect on your relationship?
    • What ways are you coping with stress that are having a negative effect on your relationship?
    • What actions would like to take to cope with and reduce stress in the future?
    Listen intently to your partner’s responses. When your partner is done talking, reflect back in your own words what you heard them say about what they’ve been going through.
  • [ ] Strengthen Your Resilience
    The ability to bounce back from loss, trauma, tragedy, and other stressors is called psychological resilience. We all possess it. This strength varies from one person to the next. The stronger our resilience is, the better we cope with stress. If your resilience is weaker than you’d like, you can strengthen it.
    Research has identified behaviors, thoughts, and actions that can build up resilience. But the path to strengthening resilience is a personal journey, and each person needs to choose an approach that fits with their values and lifestyle.
    Here are some ideas that can help you and your partner choose your path to stronger resilience:
    Get socially connected. Social isolation weakens resilience, while social connection strengthens it.
    Begin by working on your connection with your partner. Practice by learning to identify each other’s bids for connection and responding by turning toward each other. Cultivate fondness and admiration. Establish what I call “rituals of connection.”
    Find social groups you both can participate in that share your common interests and values, such as charities, clubs, or community organizations. If you and your partner are struggling with the same stressor, consider connecting with a support group with others who are dealing with similar issues.
  • [ ] Take care of yourself.
    Stress takes a psychological and physical toll on a person. Engage in activities individually and with your partner that can help restore balance and health to your mind and body.
    Discovering and practicing your gifts, passions, and values can restore a sense of meaning and purpose. These are closely tied to resilience. Practicing gratitude is an effective tool for improving mental health. Exercise and good nutrition counteract the effects of stress on the body as well as the mind.
    Set and pursue goals. As you and your partner discuss how you each want to cope with and reduce stress in the future and strengthen your resilience, you’ll identify actions to take. Set individual goals and agree on goals to pursue together to bring about the changes you want. Then work out a plan for each goal, and a method for tracking your progress.
  • [ ] Update your Love Maps
    A Love Map is what Dr. Baney Cole calls the part of the brain where we store important details about our partner’s life including their likes, dislikes, fears, and dreams. Dr. Cole’s research shows that couples who keep accurate Love Maps of their partners have happier marriages and are better prepared to weather difficult life passages.
    Stressful events can change your partner’s view of themselves and their world. Updating your Love Map is important during this time. Ask your partner about how their stressors have changed how they feel about their life, job, relationships, security, and future. Doing so can help cultivate emotional closeness and intimacy, and revive a dormant romance.
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Paradigm Shift For Greater Value



At HUAWEI CONNECT 2020, Mr. Peng Zhongyang, Board Member, President of Enterprise BG, Huawei, delivered a keynote speech on the theme of “Paradigm Shift for Greater Value”. Peng stated that the shift to a new paradigm of industrial digital transformation is urgently needed for the development of our future intelligent society. To drive industrial digitalization and construct the new paradigm, we need to focus on clients’ demands and dreams, realize the new paradigm by scenario-based innovation, and through the synergy across five tech domains to establish a digital ecosystem for mutual benefits with joint creation while creating new value for industries.

Cutting-edge technology, industry know-how, and practices

2020 is an extraordinary year, witnessing explosive growth in technologies together with reforms in different industries. The tremendous potential of digital transformation is to be unleashed on the basis of synergy across five tech domains, in which connectivity, cloud computing, AI, and applications develop surrounding 5G in ways never seen before.

By turning coal mines into digital structures for more than 10 scenarios, Huawei has achieved digital twining, making the whole mining business digital and smart.

For the Malaysian Video Cultural Creative Industrial Park, Huawei has collaborated with clients and partners to establish the cloud platform for the filming process, streamline the entire video production ranging from shooting, editing streaming, to storage and backhaul, shortening the cycle by 30% and reducing cost by 20%.

Huawei has long been adhering to best practices for a better future. In 2018, Huawei’s logistics park in Dongguan underwent a transformation that lasted for half a year. With the help of automated equipment and intelligent algorithms, delivery efficiency (volume of goods delivered per capita) has increased by 67%, and the delivery cycle has been shortened by over 50%.

Peng concluded, “There are three decisive factors while digitalizing scenarios. The first one is the cutting-edge technology, allowing the integration of ICT with core scenarios. The second one is industry know-how, where we should seek industrial insights in-depth and understand industrial knowledge. Finally, it is all about execution. That is to put all these into practice, turning theories into reality with continuous exploration and innovation.”

A new paradigm of digital transformation

A digital ecosystem with which Huawei creates and shares value is crucial for the construction of a prosperous digital future.

In the digitalized era, the essence of business is to “make the cake bigger” and achieve win-win results rather than compete in the zero-sum game. To this end, Huawei proposes to build a “digital ecosystem cube” from three dimensions. The first dimension is to target at the future of digitalization, gain insights into the unsatisfied demands from numerous segmented scenarios in various industries, which is the premise of “the bigger cake”. The second dimension is to aggregate different capabilities of various partners and fully play to their strengths, which is the basis of “baking a bigger cake”. The third is to develop multiple approaches for collaboration and business models and make a conscious effort to create and share value together. This is the permanent force that continually drives the expansion of market size.

Taking Shenzhen Airport as an example. By working with industry-leading solution partners and based on the synergy across five tech domains that integrates end devices, data management, and industry application, Huawei has developed diverse and segmented scenario-based solutions, such as flight schedules, stand allocation, and ground support. In 2019, it helped reduce the number of passengers who took shuttle bus by some 2.6 million, boosting the efficiency of security check by 60%. It has led to a safer airport with better efficiency and superior experience tailor-made for travelers.

Now, Huawei has built on the 100 scenario-based solutions, creating more industrial value associated with partners.

“You can’t find a new land with an old map,” Peng said, calling on clients to embrace changes, and craft a new paradigm of industrial digital transformation for a greater future.

At HUAWEI CONNECT 2020, the global leading ICT company also invited clients with great achievements in digital transformation to share their experience.

Chen Jinzu, General Manager of Shenzhen Airport Group, said that Shenzhen Airport is a pioneer in digital transformation, contributing to building a smart civic airport with the wisdom and experience of Shenzhen.

Tang Shaojie, General Manager of Shenzhen Metro Group, said that as the backbone of public transportation, Shenzhen Metro will facilitate station-city integration, a high degree of amalgamation of multiple transportation modes across Shenzhen and the region, and joint construction of the “Greater Bay Area on the track”, with a smart city initiative.

In appreciating global partners for their efforts in driving business growth and shared success over the past years, Huawei has presented them with outstanding partner awards of 2020. These recognitions include the Excellent Global Channel Partner, Excellent Global Strategic Partner, Excellent Global Distributor, Excellent Global Industry Solution Partner, Excellent Global Talent Ecosystem Partner, and Excellent HUAWEI CLOUD Channel Partner. Meanwhile, Huawei has announced its declaration of the industry ecosystem, which is to innovate and grow together for success together in the future.

HUAWEI CONNECT 2020 is an annual flagship event hosted by Huawei for the global ICT industry and is being held in Shanghai from September 23 to 26, 2020. HUAWEI CONNECT is an open platform designed to help our customers and partners navigate these changes, share experience, and work together to create new value. At this year’s event, we will explore trends and opportunities in industry digitization; showcase advanced ICT technologies, products, and solutions; give you an insider’s look at the fruits of joint innovation; and share best practices in digital transformation. Our ultimate goal is to build an open and sound industry ecosystem that will benefit all stakeholders and create new value for all industries. For more information, please visit

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Sarkodie Inks Ambassadorial Deal With Malta Guinness



Ghana’s leading non-alcoholic malt beverage brand – Malta Guinness, is delighted to announce the signing of renowned music superstar Sarkodie as an influencer.

Sarkodie and other celebrities will feature in a campaign that will run on social media platforms for a period of four months, that seeks to reach the 18- 24 demography.

The campaign christened “Enjoy a World of Goodness” is expected to inspire and motivate audiences to feel and be their best, be positive, and have hope about themselves and their world.

Rooted in the brand’s philosophy of creating a can-do attitude in its consumers, the Enjoy a World of Good campaign kicks-off September 2020 and will be brought to life through a series of experiential activations and pop-cultural immersions lead by Sarkodie and other celebrities.

Joining Sarkodie to represent the Malta Guinness brand for the campaign period are renowned actress and radio personality Naa Ashorkor Doku Mensah, sensational alternative music act Sister Derby, YOLO actor Aaron Adatsi, celebrity TV presenter Regina Van- Helvert, and medical practitioner and show host Dr Vanessa Mensah-Karbo.

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