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“Get Her In Digital” To Train More Young Ladies In September



"Get Her In Digital" To Train More Young Ladies In September

‘Get Her in Digital’ an initiative to empower young women digitally, which launched its campaign on July 26, 2019 at the Kofi Annan ICT center is set to train more young women in its premier digital training in September 2019.

The initiative which is empowered by Africa Digital Awards and spearheaded by ThirdEye Media to empower mainly women in the latest trends in Digital and also to bring together leading executives in the digital space to inspire Women and Girl.

According to organizers, the initiative is to drive women with successful skills to steer their careers towards digital and also using digital for Business, “ToGetHer in Digital is to connect, inspire and educate women in digital empowerment and inclusion. ToGetHerInDigital is a 10 year project under the Africa Digital Awards, we seek to bring women in diverse career fields together with innovative women in digital that are on the forefront in the Digital Space in Africa with the aim of empowering these women with digital skills and to also bridge the gap in the Africa digital communities, making women leaders in Digital.

“The aim is to empower 1 million African Women in 20 African Countries with soft and hard digital Skills. The event will connect, inspire and educate women in digital empowerment and inclusion.”
Speaking to the organizers, young women will be trained to have skills in digital marketing, graphics Designing, Web Programming, App Developer; Artificial intelligence and Virtual Reality programming skills to the participant, IoT and e-commerce.

At the launch
The event was held on Friday, July 26 at the Kofi Annan ICT Center and had almost 500 young women participating and set for the training in September. The launch was graced by Dr Thomas Mensah, World-renowned Fibre optic inventor, a representative from Ministry of Communications and had Alice Kukua, head of Digital Appolonia City, Venus Tawiah, Director of Business Development Now Available Africa, Priscilla Hope, Project Manager Kofi Annan ICT Centre, Charlette Desire, Co-founder BACE Group, Women from Camfed as speakers.
The event was moderated by Sangmorkie Tetteh, media personality and had Araba Sey, Model and CEO of Career Grooming Hub as part of the facilitators

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Sex Survey Reveals The Best Pen*s Size To Make A Woman Orgasm



A recent survey carried out by Big One Dating showed that women can be more likely to orgasm depending on the size of their male partner’s sexual organ.

The company asked 4,761 ladies about the last time they had sex, before noting down how well-endowed their lover is. They then asked if participants climaxed or not, before collating the data to find out which sizes were most likely to induce an orgasm.

The poll found that eight inch penises were the most pleasurable, sparking orgasms in 44% of cases.

Seven and nine inch penises were also deemed to be more “successful” as they triggered climaxes in 38% and 32% of cases respectively.

More than a third of women reported pleasurable romps with manhood’s sized between four inches and six inches. This is the same success rate as men with 11 inch penises, which shows bigger isn’t always better.

The least sexually satisfying penis length was one inch.

Sex survey reveals best pen*s size to make a woman orgasm

Last year, the NHS released information about the average male penis size in the UK.

Researchers at University College London measured the penises of 104 men, according to Daily Star.

They included males of all ages, from teenagers to pensioners.

The average penis length in this group was 5.1in (13cm) when “soft and gently stretched”, the research said. They also noted that some penises are “growers” while others were more immediate “showers”.

The NHS website adds: “Regardless of actual size, many men are still unhappy with the size of their manhood.

“A study based on the results of an internet-based survey of more than 50,000 men and women revealed that 45% of men would like a larger penis. The report by Professor Kevan Wylie, a consultant in sexual medicine at the University of Sheffield, concluded that excessive concerns about penis size were higher among men with average-sized penises than men with small ones.

“Professor Wylie’s report also found differences between what women and men think. A much higher percentage of women (85%) were satisfied with their partner’s penis size than the percentage of men (55%) who were satisfied with their own penis size.”

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Story Of How My Uber Driver Became My Husband



An American lady named Bree has drawn the attention netizens as she celebrated her husband on father’s day who she described as her Uber driver before they got married. Interesting right?

They say that nobody knows where they are going to find love right? Well, this sure happened to Ms. Bree with her intriguing love story which has gone viral.

In describing how it all happened, she said that she attended a Kanye West concert in September 2016 with her girlfriends, and afterward, one of her friends called an Uber to take them out for some cocktails at their favorite spots in the city.

The Uber driver pulled up, her friends got in the back seat and Bree went to the front seat.

And after a few minutes of driving, she then glanced at the driver and, “my word, I was just…So with my liquid courage STRONGLY intact, your girl shoots her shot. I ask “excuse me, do you have a girlfriend?” to which he responds, “no ma’am”. Now as a city girl, I was like “no ma’am?!?” She said.

The confident lady proceeded to ask the Uber driver if he would like one of which made the handsome man blushed and was impressed with her audacity.

They thereafter chatted and after the girls had alighted she gave him her number and a week later the Uber driver texted her, she asked for a photo to verify who that was, he sent it and then the love began.

Fast forward, after a year of knowing each other, they moved in together and got engaged in the following year, then after six months, they got married.

Bree got pregnant and they have a baby together. Love was brewed in an Uber car. She says it’s just something about that Black Love. Truly black love is it.

Lesson learned; some people see what they want and gather the courage to go after it, they don’t make any excuses and waste time.

Perhaps Bree has taught us that girls can also make the move when they see what they like, after all, it all ended in a ‘happy ever after’, not tears.

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Porn Star Wanted By The Police After Filming Sex Scene On Bus Without A Face Mask



A porn star is wanted by police after she filmed a sex scene on a bus without wearing a face mask.

The actress, named in reports as Kaori Dominick, filmed the scene in Cali, Colombia.

The video was then uploaded to Pornhub before it was later deleted, after breaking Valle del Cauca regulations that require a mask to be worn at all times on public transport.

In pictures shared online, the woman is seen wearing gloves and a facemask when she is approached by a man as she is buying a ticket for the bus.

The pair agree for her to use a “Lovense” vibrator which is controlled by an application on the man’s phone and he records her while she uses it on the bus.

Porn star wanted by police after filming sex scene on bus without face mask

At some point, while using the vibrator, she removed her face mask, and this meant she broke the country’s health rules.

The woman then reportedly gave the man her underwear as a memory as the video ends.

Porn star wanted by police after filming sex scene on bus without face mask

The video is said to have been widely popular before it was taken down and the authorities are now working to confirm the identity of the man and woman in the clip.

The pair could face fines for breaking safety measures ordered during Colombia’s coronavirus lockdown, according to reports.

Oscar Ortiz, the President of Metrocali, the company in charge of buses in the city, said: “The porn video on the bus will be sent to the authorities in order to identify the actors.”

The company added in a statement that the video showed a lack of respect for other bus users.

The police investigation is ongoing and no fines or sanctions have been reported.

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