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Ghana Among Countries With Highest Fuel Prices In Africa



Cycling to work may soon be, if not already, an imperative as the consistent jump in fuel prices in the country since September has secured Ghana a top spot on the list of African countries with very expensive fuel prices.

With an African average of GH¢ 5.978 ($0.98) per litre, fuel in Ghana is currently hovering around GH¢ 7 ($1.142) per litre.

Although Ghana’s price is still far lower than the global average of GH¢ 9.28 ($1.5), it comes 11th on the table of 44 African countries with the most expensive fuel.

This is according to data analyzed from Global Petrol Prices, an open source platform that gathers data on the cost of different fuels across the world.

The data gathered from official government sources, regulatory agencies and petroleum companies show that on the continent of Africa, fuel is least expensive in Algeria, selling at GH¢ 1.22 ($0.20) per litre, while Zimbabwe holds the unenviable title as the country with the highest fuel price selling at GH¢9.76 ($1.6) per litre.

10 most expensive African countries for fuel

  Country Fuel price (US$)
11. Ghana 1.142
10. Senegal 1.146
9. Burundi 1.177
8. Cape Verde 1.183
7. Uganda 1.198
6. South Africa 1.257
5. Malawi 1.374
4. Seychelles 1.487
3. Central African Republic 1.544
2. Mayotte 1.569
1. Zimbabwe 1.637

10 least expensive African countries for fuel

  Country Fuel price (US$)
1. Algeria 0.209
2. Angola 0.226
3. Ethiopia 0.397
4. Egypt 0.429
5. Nigeria 0.619
6. Tunisia 0.637
7. Sudan 0.656
8. Madagascar 0.852
9. Mauritius 0.864
10. Zambia 0.891

West Africa
In the West African sub-region, Ghana is only third behind Cape Verde and Senegal having the highest fuel price.

Understandably, Nigeria, an oil-producing country has the lowest price in the sub-region followed by Sierra Leone and Benin per the weekly data as of 15th November, 2021.

  Country Fuel price (US$)
1. Sierra Leone 0.909
2. Benin 0.919
3. Burkina Faso 0.954
4. Cape Verde 1.183
5. Ivory Coast 1.076
6. Ghana 1.142
7. Liberia 1.067
8. Guinea 1.055
9. Mali 1.052
10. Nigeria 0.619
11. Senegal 1.146
12. Togo 0.91

Fuel prices have stayed a topical issue in Ghana due to its direct impact and cascading effect on almost every aspect of the Ghanaian economy.

With an active and fast expanding transport sector amidst a boom in motorized delivery services, the prices of goods and services are almost immediately affected by the slightest change in the price of fuel.

The Ghana Private Roads of Transport Union (GPRTU), the country’s largest union of commercial drivers is considering an increase in transport fares pending the conclusion of negotiations with the government.

The last formal hike in transport fares was by a rate of 13% in June 2021.

The price buildup of petroleum products in Ghana is made up of almost 40% taxes and levies, a situation some analysts have bemoaned.

The Chamber of Petroleum Consumers (COPEC) says there are about 11 taxes, levies and margins on every litre of fuel purchased and this totals about GH¢2.43.

This includes the most recent taxes; an additional 10 pesewas as Sanitation and Pollution Levy (SPL) and 20 pesewas as Energy Sector Recovery Levy per litre of fuel.

If the GPRTU’s negotiations are completed, transport fares are expected to increase, just as energy sector analysts expect the price of fuel at the various pumps to go up ahead of Christmas.


Father Who Carried His Daughter To School During Drivers Strike To Receive A Brand New Car



A picture of a father carrying his daughter to school that went viral on the local digital space has attracted a group of kind-hearted people to extend their benevolence to the lucky dad.

After the picture went rife on the internet yesterday, many pessimists and naysayers blasted other social media users who applauded the heroic father for doing his daddy duties.

Well, Joy FM’s Kenneth Darko has authored a tweet on the bird app seeking the personal details of the man as some anonymous philanthropists have offered to gift him a car.

He wrote;

“Y’all remember this man who has become the poster boy for yesterday’s drivers’ protest as he carried his little girl to school?
Well, today a group wants to buy him a CAR.
Kindly RT to help us locate him. ”

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Sleeping With Man City’s Jack Grealish Is Britain’s Top Xmas Fantasy For Women, While Margot Robbie Is Number 1 For Men



Manchester City player, Jack Grealish and Austrailian acrress Margot Robbie are the celebrities British men and women would love to sleep with over the festive season.

Of the 2,000 people polled, 40 per cent think this is the best time of the year to get between the sheets and a third say they have kinkier sex.

The Sun reported that 15 per cent are on Santa’s naughty list after confessing they have cheated on their other half at the office party.

Here’s the +18 survey below;

Sleeping with Man City

Sleeping with Man City

Sleeping with Man City

Sleeping with Man CitySleeping with Man City

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Goil Reduces Fuel Price After Akufo-Addo’s Directive



The Ghana Oil Company (GOIL) has reduced fuel by 15 pesewas after a directive from President Akufo-Addo following a meeting with driver unions on Monday, December 6.

The reduction took effect Tuesday morning with a litre of fuel at Goil now selling at 6 cedis 70 pesewas. The reduction came after a crunch meeting with driver unions who declared a sit-down strike Monday over fuel prices.

It is, however, not known how long the reduction will be in effect.

Some commercial drivers in parts of Accra Monday morning began a sit-down strike in protest against numerous levies and taxes imposed on petroleum products by the government, resulting in an increase in fuel prices.

At Gbawe and Mallam in the Weija-Gbawe Municipality, there were many commuters stranded along the shoulders of the road while those who had already boarded commercial vehicles were forced to disembark.

Some GPRTU station officers blocked roads with car tyres and other metallic weapons to prevent the passage of loaded commercial vehicles.

The situation resulted in hot verbal exchanges and a near fisticuff between the station officers and the passengers.

The strike was later suspended after the President called for a meeting with leaders of driver unions to find an amicable solution to the strike.

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