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Ghanaians Accuse Popular Marwako Restaurant Of Food Poisoning



Some Ghanaians have accused Mawarko Restaurant of causing food poisoning.

As a result, the restaurant has been trending on Twitter, with customers who dined there over the weekend reporting severe stomach upset.

According to these individuals, they believe the food they consumed was tainted, resulting in their hospitalization.

One Edward Elohim, who shared their frustrations and called for the immediate closure of Mawarko Restaurant, wrote:

Marwako @Marwakofastfood gave me and many others in this hospital the worst food poisoning ever. I’ll do everything in my power to make sure they do not get away with this.

Other people who had a similar experience after eating at Mawarko Restaurant in East Legon over the weekend corroborated these allegations.

Norvi Nyo wrote:

Hmm, I thought we were alone. Saturday, @Marwakofastfood East Legon gave me and my family the worst food poisoning ever! A pain I cannot explain.Myself,my husband, my 5year old & 20months old boys. I feel like I could lose my boys.I won’t even say we are recovering because…. …we are still extremely sick !! In and out of the hospital!! Bills,drips, lots of money and lots of stress and PAIN !! Cannot go to work,my sons cannot go to school. The worst sickness ever, and I had to watch my little boys and myself go through this !!! I am ready to go any…

Fernandes Kpodo also wrote:

I have been absent from work for fhe whole week because i decided to eat at Marwako,hmm When i recover i am definitely taking them on.54390

Eyram wrote:

I got served at mawako East legon (A&C) on Saturday evening, I found my self at the hospital at 3pm. All because of mawako fried rice n water Mellon juice. The pains alone I pray no one goes through this. Still on medication. I will surely come out of this.

Gad wrote:

I am a victim of this.. @fernandez_kpodo is as well.. we ate there Saturday afternoon and currently still undergoing treatment.. what’s worse is the day we arrived at the hospital, we Joshua and his friends at the hospital suffering just as much.. that’s 6 of us just cos of ……

Meanwhile, the Mawarko Restaurant has yet to respond to the outrageous claims. The same institution made headlines a few years ago when a manager mistreated a worker.

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Gay And Bisexual Men Warned Over Strange Disease



Gay and bisexual men have been urged to be on the lookout for ‘unusual rash’ after four men in the UK were diagnosed with monkeypox, bringing the total number of cases in the latest outbreak to seven.

According to health officials, all four new patients are gay or bisexual men who were infected in London and had no travel links to Africa, as reported by MailOnline earlier today.

Two of them are known to each other but have no ties to any of the previous cases, indicating that the virus is spreading in the community for the first time.

Nurses and doctors are being advised to be on the lookout for patients who have developed a new rash.

Monkeypox is frequently confused with more common rash illnesses such as chickenpox, measles, scabies, and syphilis, making early diagnosis difficult.

‘This is rare and unusual,’ said Dr. Susan Hopkins, chief medical adviser at the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA).

‘The UKHSA is investigating the source of these infections as soon as possible because evidence suggests that the monkeypox virus may be transmitted in the community through close contact.’

‘We are especially urging gay and bisexual men to be aware of any unusual rashes or lesions and to contact a sexual health service as soon as possible.’

The West African strain of the virus, which is thought to be milder than other strains, was found in all seven UK cases.

The UKHSA stated that the exact way the new patients contracted the infection “remains under urgent investigation.”

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Man Who Initially Thought He Was Suffering From Sore Throat Later Finds Out He Has HIV And Is Now Urging People To Get Tested



Kyle Dallape, a man, revealed how his ‘ordinary’ complaint of a sore throat turned out to be him being HIV positive.

Kyle Dallape, a marketing director from California, US, said on TikTok that he thought he had a sore throat but that there was nothing to worry about.

His doctor later diagnosed him with strep throat, a bacterial infection.

The 27-year-symptoms old’s began to worsen, with weight loss, oral thrush, and swollen lymph nodes, as well as the bacterial infection reappearing twice.

He realized something was wrong after losing 30 pounds.

He had been tested for HIV a few weeks before his initial diagnosis, and the results were negative, so he didn’t believe his symptoms were related.

He was diagnosed with the virus after additional testing in June 2018, which devastated him.

“My worst nightmare had come true,” Kyle said.

“My parents, friends, and now-fiancee were all crucial in getting me started on treatment and realizing that my life wasn’t over.”

“A month later, I began Biktarvy, a once-daily HIV treatment pill, and by November of that year, I had reached undetectable levels of the virus.”

“Since then, my T-cell count continues to rise and my viral load has been undetectable ever since.”

In a bid to spread awareness and break the stigma surrounding HIV, he decided to share his story on TikTok.

In a clip, which has received one million views and over 163,000 likes, Kyle talks about how he lost 30lbs and could barely walk before having further tests to find out what was wrong.

In a final clip, the word “HIV” is written in the centre of the screen surrounded by a dark background.

Kyle captioned the post: “Get tested regularly and ask your partners what their status is! Knowledge is power.”

Kyle added: “HIV is not what it used to be, as modern medicine has come so far – but society has quite a way to catch up.

“I hope that by putting a face to this, I can show how manageable this disease can be and that those who are positive, can live long and healthy lives with treatment.

“It’s time for the stigma to end.”

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Ashanti Region: Man Found Dead In Girlfriend’s Room After Sleeping Over



A 34-year-old man is said to have died in his girlfriend’s room in Asawase, Ashanti Region’s Asokore Mampong Municipality.

Felix Arkoh had gone to his girlfriend’s house on Saturday with the intention of spending the night.

According to Matthew Amissah, an Assemblymember from the area, the two had dinner and went to bed, only for his lifeless body to be discovered the next morning by his girlfriend.

Asawase Police have since taken the body to the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital mortuary for preservation and autopsy.

Abena Boatemah, the deceased’s girlfriend, was also arrested by Asawase police to assist with the investigation.

Meanwhile, the deceased’s elder brother, Spio Hammond, spoke to Class FM in Accra and urged the police to expedite the investigation into their relative’s death.

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