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“Grammy Acts Don’t Roll With Local Champions” : Social Media Users Hit Shatta Wale Again For Beefing Burna Boy



Once upon a time, Burna Boy and Shatta Wale were one good friends that there’s no way the self acclaim African Giant will come to GH without meeting Shatta.

This bromance led to their popular collaboration of ‘Hossana’, however things turn sour between the two artist when the KpuKpa singer allegedly reveled during an interview the goods he did to his Nigerian friend, something Burna Isn’t happy about and decided to dawg him.

Shatta Wale then subjected himself to massive trolls after trying to pick a fight with Burna Boy with lot’s of people claiming he is in a different category compared to the Nigerian act hence no need to beef him.

After he diss Burna, social media users were divided about his actions, with some claiming Burna would have done same if he was in Shatta’s shoes but others also believes Shatta should just remain in his lane.

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