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He Is Using American Military Against American People : Joe Biden Slams Donald Trump



Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden has reacted to President Donald Trump’s threat of using soldiers to stop the violent protests which erupted across cities in the United States after the death of George Floyd in police custody.

The US President made the threat in a nationally televised address in the White House Rose Garden. Trump said;

“If a city or state refuses to take the actions necessary to defend the life and property of their residents, then I will deploy the United States military and quickly solve the problem for them.”

Though the comment was an apparent reference to the 1807 Insurrection Act which allows presidents to quell lawlessness during emergencies, the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden condemned the US President’s threat via a tweet he shared.

Biden who announced in a campaign statement that he would speak on Tuesday morning in Philadelphia “on the civil unrest facing communities across America”, accused the US President of using the American military against the American people.

He tweeted;

He’s using the American military against the American people. He tear-gassed peaceful protesters and fired rubber bullets. For a photo. For our children, for the very soul of our country, we must defeat him. But I mean it when I say this: we can only do it together.

He is using American military against American people - Joe Biden slams Donald Trump

The 1807 Insurrection Act was most recently used in 1992 amid rioting in Los Angeles after another African-American man, Rodney King was beaten by police.

Bishop Mariann Budde, the leader of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington has also expressed her disapproval of Trump’s threat. She tweeted;

Tonight President [sic] just used a Bible and a church of my diocese as a backdrop for a message antithetical to the teachings of Jesus and everything that our church stands for. To do so, he sanctioned the use of tear gas by police officers in riot gear to clear the church yard.

The President did not come to pray; he did not lament the death of George Floyd or acknowledge the collective agony of people of color in our nation. He did not attempt to heal or bring calm to our troubled land.

The Bible teaches us to love God and our neighbor; that all people are beloved children of God; that we are to do justice and love kindness. The President used our sacred text as a symbol of division.

We are followers of Jesus. In no way do we support the President’s incendiary response to a wounded, grieving nation. We stand with those seeking justice for the death of George Floyd through the sacred act of peaceful protest.

He is using American military against American people - Joe Biden slams Donald Trump

Congressman Adam Smith, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee also said in a statement;

President Trump’s decision to invoke the Insurrection Act, and his inflammatory rhetoric, proves that he cannot lead us through these tumultuous times and unite the country. Instead, he has decided to rely on the use of force to address those who he views as a threat

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Nigerians React As The Real Cause Of Deborah’s Dead Is Revealed : She Wasn’t Poisoned Because Of iPhone



Some Nigerian netizens have reacted as the real cause of Deborah Tushima’s death is revealed by a blogger.
Apparently, Deborah wasn’t poisoned because of iPhone and her death hasn’t been confirmed of being poisoned.

According to a chat by a close friend of the family, Deborah died of a heart problem and not poison as that was the fourth time she was fainting.

Per the screenshots, it appears the family got to know Deborah had a heart problem later as they only saw her faint three times and the fourth one was her untimely death.

Netizens while reacting to this felt sorry for Deborah and her family as well as felt relieved from the rumors of her being poisoned because of the iPhone as they claim it doesn’t make sense.

The screenshots below.

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Chinese City Issues An Alert After Confirming A Suspected Case Of Bubonic Plague, A Rare But Serious Bacterial Infection



While the World is still battling Coronavirus which first broke out from Wuhan in China, authorities in another Chinese city, Inner Mongolia have issued an alert after a hospital reported a case of suspected bubonic plague, a rare but serious bacterial infection that is transmitted by fleas from rodents.

The health committee of the city of Bayan Nur issued the third-level alert, the second-lowest in a four-level system, for plague prevention and control that will last till the end of 2020

The Bayannur municipal health commission said in a press release on Sunday night, July 5 that the people’s hospital in Urad Middle Banner reported the suspected bubonic plague case in local herdsman on Saturday, July 4.

The patient has been isolated and is receiving treatment in a local hospital, where is said to be stable.

The commission issued an advisory for residents in the area to prevent people-to-people infection including not to hunt and eat animals that could cause plague infections.

It asked the public to “report any findings of killed or dead marmots and other animals, and report suspected plague cases, high fever patients with unknown reasons and patients dying from sudden deaths”.

The warning follows four reported cases of plague in people from Inner Mongolia last November, including two of pneumonic plague, a deadlier variant of plague.

Bubonic plague is a rare but serious bacterial infection transmitted by fleas from rodents.

A person infected with bubonic plague will experience the following symptoms: swollen lymph nodes, which can be as large as chicken eggs, in the groin, armpit, or neck. Others include fever, chills, headache, fatigue, and muscle aches.

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Ridge Hospital Cleared By Management Of Alleged Coronavirus Misdiagnosis In Death Of 24-Year-Old Woman



Health officials at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital have been cleared of any form of medical negligence following the death of 24-year-old Barbara Oforiwaa Agyemang at the facility.

The mother of the deceased, Paulina Agyemang is citing Covid-19 misdiagnosis on the part of the nurses and doctors who handled her daughter’s medical care.

According to her, the late Barbara was taking to the Covid-19 holding center of the facility where she spent the rest of her days until her untimely death.

She believes her daughter was denied the appropriate treatment needed to recover as officials treated her for the novel coronavirus rather than the ailment she had reported to the facility with.

But conclusions reached by the management of the hospital following investigations do not back her claim.

According to findings in a July 5, 2020 release, hospital management said “there was no issue of medical negligence in the management of this case, neither was there any misdiagnosis.”

The management also explained that the staff at the holding centre explained to the family the circumstance leading to death and they did not file any official complaint.

The statement narrated that Barbara was brought ill on arrival after being referred from the Faith Mission Hospital with a diagnosis of acute pyelonephritis, which is a severe infection of the kidneys.

On arrival at the regional hospital June 11, she complained of general weakness, nausea and flank pain of a two-week duration.

After an assessment, the medical team made a diagnosis of acute pyelonephritis and admitted to the hospital’s medical ward and started on antibiotics, according to the management.

Upon other complaints of fever and chills on the second day, “further diagnosis of bronchopneumonia was made and on account of the respiratory symptoms and fever, a suspicion of Covid-19 infection was also considered.”

Barbara Oforiwaa Agyemang was transferred to the hospital’s Covid-19 holding centre.

According to the management, contrary to claims by her mother, “all ongoing treatment s for acute pyelonephritis and bronchopneumonia were continued for her. Samples were taken for Covid-19 screening test.”

“On day 8, she was noticed to breathless intermittently. Laboratory test results indicated the possibility of clot formation and therefore prophylactic anticoagulation treatment was scaled up to treatment doses.”

The 24-year-old woman died on June 19, 2020, and the Covid-19 test results returned negative.

The statement further explained that the decision to transfer the deceased to the Covid-19 holding centre is in accordance with standard practice and did not affect the quality of care.

“It was rather a good precautionary measure so that other patients on the original ward are not unduly exposed,” the hospital said.

Management of the Greater Accra Regional Hospital, however, argues that she was administered the best of care and does not admit to the claims of dereliction in their line of duty.

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