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Hookup girl falls in love with man after two bookings



Strange things do happen and one such instance is this story of a gentleman who’s in a fix over a hookup girl who has fallen in love with him.

According to the narrative of the young man, he hired the services of a sex worker after weeks of getting to know her through Snapchat.

After two encounters, the man who takes delight in sleeping with ashawo girls almost every weekend decided to try something new with other girls.

However, his previous client was not able to forget him and insisted on coming back for more even after giving her excuses of not having money.

Eventually, the ashawo girl confessed to having fallen in love with him and wanted to enter into a real relationship.

The man in question shared the story below:

“Some time ago my friend linked me to this WhoCUp girl. He had knacked her a few times and he told me she was good and also neat. He sent me her contact and picture and I was cool with it. Within the week I was chatting her on snap and on Saturday she came over to my side and I had booked her for short so we just had a quickie and she was really good. She gave me nice styles and I enjoyed it. Another time I booked her again for a long session and it was fun

“But after that encounter I was done with her and I wanted to try another girl. So I stopped chatting her on snap and stopped calling her to come over. My friend got me another girl the next weekend and I enjoyed her too.”

“But the first girl called me once and told me I have ‘dawged’ her and she wanted to come over for another session. I told her I wasn’t ready and also I wasn’t having cash for “Hookup” at that time so we should see if we can meet another time.

“It was all a lie because I was trying to get her off my back. But she kept calling and at a point I stopped answering her because I was tired of telling her lies. One time I was at home when I heard some loud knocking on the door.

“When I went to open, it was her wearing something very hot and tempting. I liked what I saw but I don’t like “Hookup” girls who cling to their clients so I didn’t want us to do anything again. I told her I didn’t have money to pay her so she should go, when I get money, I will call her.”

“She said she didn’t care about payment and she really enjoyed our time the last time so she wants me to have her again. She started flirting and I gave in. I locked the door and we did two rounds. This time she even allowed me to do forplay and even gave me a blwjob. When we were done, I gave her lorry fare and she went home.

“The girl wants to come over my place every time even to the point where she doesn’t care if I pay her or not. Then one time she told me she loves me and she wishes we can date. I told her that I don’t fall in love. I cannot commit to one person and that’s why I have s*x with different “Hookup” girls weekly.

“I felt like she will not leave me alone if I don’t tell her the truth. But this girl will not let me be. Now I somehow regret working from home and staying alone at home. My family is not in Accra the online job I’m doing is fetching me a lot of money because I do stock trading and forex trading too. How can I get this girl off my back? Even if I will date, it will never be with a “Hookup” girl. Just imagine the number of guys who enter her on a daily basis.”

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Meta Announces New Privacy Improvements For WhatsApp



Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced that WhatsApp will be getting several new features to boost user privacy. The capabilities include being able to exit group chats without notifying everyone, controlling who can see your online, and preventing screenshots of view once messages.

In his post, the CEO said that Meta was rolling out the features to make messages as private and secure as face-to-face conversations. He didn’t state when the functionalities would be arriving, but BBC News reports that they’d be arriving this month. Apparently, there will be a global campaign to highlight the features, starting in the UK.

It’s interesting to see the UK being named as one of the first places where the advertising campaign will begin in. Just last month, the home secretary, Priti Patel, was essentially criticizing the use of encryption in WhatsApp and other messenger apps. She claims that encryption is stymieing efforts by authorities to clamp down on harmful content.

WhatsApp product head, Ami Vora, said that WhatsApp was the largest messenger platform to offer these types of privacy protections and described it as the most secure place to have private conversations. For several years now, WhatsApp has integrated simple-to-use encryption technologies that are on by default.

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“I’m a boy” : 4-year-old announces in transgender reveal party, sparking debate online



A 4-year-old biologically female child in Canada has decided to identify as a boy, and the child’s transgender reveal party during a pride parade in Vancouver has sparked a debate on social media.

Charlie Danger Lloyd’s mother said her child has been expressing he is a boy since he was ‘very young.’

The mum claims her child would repeatedly tell the family “I’m a boy!” and that “he” was “growing to look just like daddy” when he was as young as two years old.

In a video posted online, Charlie is seen revealing his new gender at the Vancouver Pride Parade by firing off a confetti cannon filled with blue smoke with the help of his grandmother.

The video has sparked mixed reactions.

Online critics called the gender reveal “child abuse” and “sickening.” Some went as far as to demand that Charlie’s mom be jailed.

But Charlie’s mum, Alaina Bourrel, insists she is doing what she feels is best for Charlie. She added that his confidence and happiness have shot sky-high following a simple wardrobe change and haircut.


Bourrel told the South West News Service: “We are four months since he began his social transition now.

“He is still a normal kid that does completely normal little kid things like play with Lego, uses his creativity and learns to ride his bike.

“His choices were not questioned and he was congratulated and everyone began using new pronouns. We are so lucky to have the circle that we do.”

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Faeces mixed with weed and tramadol makes us high : Drug Addict reveals



A 47-year-old drug addict has disclosed that he and his friends occasionally inhale dried human and animal poo laced with marijuana and tramadol.

According to Narcotics Control Commission (NCC) officials, more young people are smoking dry faeces and soaking used sanitary pads to drink for energy.

NCC representatives in Ghana have expressed regret over the tragic event and asked for coordinated efforts to address the issue head-on.

The addict identified as Bernard Tuffour revealed during an interview that some people who inhale dry faeces do so “with marijuana while others just smoke the dried” faeces.

He claims that “those who smoke with dried faeces have the belief that they can never exist without the dried faeces”

“Those who are addicted to smoking dried faeces occasionally go to the public toilet to acquire human excreta and dry it for a few days before they smoke it,” Bernard Tuffour said when explaining how some individuals smoke-dried faeces.

Bernard Tuffour who has been addicted to drugs for 31 years explained that “Those who smoke-dried faeces are in a critical situation and only God can save them from that situation”

“I have never smoked dried faeces but I know some of my friends who do. I feel worried when I see them in that condition because they are going through a lot” he added.

“As I said some of them mix the dried faeces with weed while others mix it with tramadol. Dry the faeces for 5 to 6 days to make sure it is well dried. They will package the dried faeces like packaging weed then they smoke it. You will feel sorry if you see them engaging in that act”

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