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How Akuapem Poloo Could Have Avoided Jail Sentence With Just GHC6,000 Deposited In Her Son’s Account



Following the incarceration of Akuapem Poloo by an Accra Circuit Court, it has emerged that the complainant, Child Right International, wanted to resolve the case which they petitioned the Director-General of the Criminal Investigative Department (CID) over using the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) approach but the Actress was adamant.

According to Bright Appiah, the Executive Director of Child Right International, when Akuapem Poloo’s first lawyer left the case looking at the evidence against his client, a different lawyer was hired to pursue the matter but the lawyer did not want the matter to be resolved in court but rather use the ADR approach in resolving the issue so he contacted the organization who made the complaint to know if there were any hope for them.

He said, he told the lawyer that they [Child Right International] do not have any issue with it if they want out-of-court resolution of the matter.

He added that he told the lawyer that he should speak to his client [Akuapem Poloo] to “open an investment account in the name of the child, so that, by the time the child is 18-years-old, she the mother will hand over the accounts to the child. We agreed and the lawyer even stated that it is of the interest of the child so he does not even think that Akuapem Poloo will disagree.”

Bright Appiah told Kwame Nkrumah Tikese that, “the lawyer together with Akuapem Poloo, her manager and other friends visited his office and took them through how the investment will work. The manager said, it is very educative, so they will go ahead with the suggestion of opening the account.

“I told them that they should invest about GH¢50,000 for the child and they agreed. I explained that it is the commitment that we want so that we base on that and go and plead with the court. After, they indicated that, at that moment, they will not get the said amount, so I asked for a road map and they stated that they can use one year to pay for the GH¢50,000.

“I asked them to bring a commitment fee of GH¢10,000 together with the passport picture and particulars of the child so that we all go to the bank, together with the lawyer, we open the account for the child and they all agreed.”

Appiah further stated that at a point, Akuapem Poloo told him that she has been able to raise GH¢6,000 out of the commitment fee of GH¢10,000.

He said, all the celebrities going about making noise are the same people who could not help the lady when she needed the commitment fee to open an account for her child.

“I told her that I don’t want to have the money so she should go and give it to her lawyer so that at the appropriate time we all go to the bank together…after I have spoken to the lady, another lawyer called on that same day, this time, it was a lady, and she told me that she is now handling the Akuapem Poloo case so she will be speaking to me on behalf of the lady…

“I asked if they have been able to raise the GH¢10,000 but the new lawyer told me point blank that the lady cannot raise the said amount…all that we were doing is to safeguard the future of the child but the lawyer insisted that Akuapem Poloo can’t raise the commitment fee,” Bright Appiah narrated.

Bright Appiah added that Child Right International was ready to support Akuapem Poloo with an amount of GH¢10,000.

“We were just waiting for her to bring the GH¢6,000; to show some commitment…the new lawyer after a while called to tell me that she is backing off the case too…I didn’t hear anything until I was called to go and testify…”.


On June 30, 2020, Rosemond celebrated her son’s seventh birthday by sharing nude pictures of the pair on her Instagram page which went viral on social media.

The pictures attracted comments which accused her of undermining the dignity of her seven-year-old son, among other things.

Mr Bright K. Appiah, who is the Director of Child Rights International Ghana, petitioned the Director-General of CID, and the matter was referred to the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU).

Rosemond, the prosecution said, was arrested, and in her caution statement, admitted posting the nude picture with her son but said she did so unintentionally.

The prosecution held that Rosemond deliberately posted the pictures on social media.

She was convicted by the Accra Circuit Court on Wednesday after she pleaded guilty in court.

The court subsequently ordered her to undergo a pregnancy test and deferred her sentencing to Friday, April 16, 2021.

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Anell Agyapong Graduates From The University



Anell Agyapong the wayward daughter of businessman and politician Kennedy Agyapong has graduated from the university.

The beautiful young lady made waves last year after her politician father publicly shamed her on national television tagging her as a drug addict.

According to Kennedy Agyapong, Anell who is brilliant instead of staying in school to study rather decided to join bad friends who introduced her to drugs.

He continued that now the drugs have taken the best part of his daughter as she has dropped out of school.

The allegation angered Anell’s mother who is just a baby mama to the politician who came out to attack the politician for disgracing her daughter.

Fast forward, last weekend the politician flew all his children with the exception of his disowned daughter to Dubai to celebrate his birthday.

Well, the information we gathered that despite her father’s snub Anell has been able to get back to school and has now graduated from the university.

Her mother shared a photo with the caption: “My Daughter, Take pride in how far you’ve come and Have faith in how far you can go. CONGRATULATIONS”

See screenshot below:

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Nipsey Hussle, DJ Khaled, Ashanti And More To Be Honored With Hollywood Walk Of Fame Stars



The Hollywood Walk of Fame has released their Class of 2022 and there’s a lot of names that will be inducted.

Nipsey Hussle, DJ Khaled, Ashanti Douglas, Black Eyed Peas, George E. Clinton Jr., and Martha Reeves are the famed musicians who will have their legacy honored in the form of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Nipsey Hussle, DJ Khaled, Ashanti and more to be honored with Hollywood Walk of Fame stars

“The Panel did an amazing job choosing these very talented people. We can’t wait to see each honoree’s reaction as they realize that they are becoming a part of Hollywood’s history with the unveiling of their star on the world’s most famous walkway!,” said Ellen K, Chair of the Walk of Fame Selection Panel and Radio personality, in a press release.

Ashanti shared the good news to Instagram alongside a video of her expressing her gratitude.

She added in the caption: “Wow… I’m speechless. Super humbled and super honored. I still can’t believe it.

“I’ve been inducted into the Hollywood walk of fame class of 2022!!! I’m actually getting a Star on the Hollywood walk of Fame!!!!

“Thank you guys so much for all of the love and continued support throughout the years. Thank you to my amazing team this wouldn’t be possible without all of you. Thank you to The Hollywood walk of Fame!!! God is amazing… and his timing is impeccable. Thank you!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations to all of the inductees!!!!”.

Nipsey Hussle, DJ Khaled, Ashanti and more to be honored with Hollywood Walk of Fame stars

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“We Know Your Story, You Stole AC From Zylofon Office For Your Girlfriend” : Wisa Greid Goes Hard At Arnold



Wisa Greid, Ghanaian singer is trying to resurrect the dead scuffle that ensued between Shtata Wale and Arnold Asamoah Baidoo on UTV last weekend.

On the show, Shatta Wale vented his spleen on Arnold for describing him as “confused and inconsistent”. The SM boss also described Arnold’s clothes as cheap by stating that the shoe he wore for the show was priced at GH¢2.50P.

Moments thereafter on the show, the two feuding parties smoked the peace pipe and apologized to each other for their misdemeanour.

Well, we thought all was done and good only for Wisa Greid to wake up this morning and share a cringy post on Facebook alleging that Arnold deserves all the disrespect because he stole an Air Conditioner from the Zylofon Media office for his girlfriend.

What is the motivation behind Wisa Greid’s post?
Well, according to him “that boy” (Arnold) does not have the moral right to disrespect “our international artiste” because his story stinks.

According to the “Ekikime” hitmaker, Arnold’s case, where he stole the AC allegedly for his girlfriend, is pending at the police thus he should be thinking about resolving such an image-denting issue than going about disrespecting Shatta Wale, an international artiste. Lol!

So that boy with 2.50ghc shoe dey on tv dey talk say Wanna International artist be confused and inconsistent.. He forget say we know en story ehn.. the AC wey he steal from Zylofon to go give en girlfriend wey dem catch am nu, the case still dey the police station oo .. yooo loll.

However, Wisa Greid’s post actually incurred the wrath of Ghanaians who could not believe how a kettle could call a pot black.

“Was it not the same Wisa Greid who brought out his small pen!s live on stage? Ahhh, man think about yourself,” that was one of the comments a fan made under his post.

Others rain insults and cast aspersions at Wisa Greid for trying to ride on Arnold-Shatta beef to buy some social media attention for himself.

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