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“How To Avoid Paying E-Levy On MoMo Transactions” : Ghanaians Share Tips



Following the imputation of the throat-cutting E-LEVY on May 1, 2022, Ghanaians have been looking for ways to avoid paying E-LEVY while using mobile money services.

As a result, some individuals have shared valuable nuggets on how individuals can bypass the E-LEVY deductions while using MoMo.

How is that even possible? Well, one would have to pay an E-LEVY charge of 1.25% on any transfer made in addition to the charges by the telcos. Exorbitant!

How can one, therefore, use MoMo transactions without the E-LEVY having an effect on the finances?

Yayra Koku shared the tip by writing…

  1. Avoid sending money from your bank account to any Momo wallet.
  2. That is going to attract 1.5% E-Levy.
  3. Since withdrawal from your Momo wallet is exempted from E-Levy, anytime you want to send money to someone, tell the person to go to an agent and allow cash out.
  4. Send the person your ID number, and you are through.
  5. If you can’t do any of these, go back to using ATM and Cheque book.
  6. E-Levy is another avenue for Akufo Addo to enrich his family and friends. Don’t be part of this daylight robbery

Sabonzy, a Twitter user also shared his tips by writing…

  1. To avoid payment of the 1.25% E-Levy taxes, do the following; (This is not illegal means but avenue to protect the poor in the society)
  2. Send/Receive money at agent point
  3. Send money in GHC 100 daily
  4. Avoid bank to other momo transfers
  5. Avoid bank to bank transfers

Others have also suggested that subscribers could start using the Mobile Money platform Vodafone Ghana offers which is free of charge.

Meanwhile, Mahama has promised to scrap the E-Levy when the NDC wins power.

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Two Nigerian Men Arrested After Allegedly Attempting To Kidnap 5-Year-Old At Kasoa



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Despite the fact that there have been many ritual killings across the country, an attempt to kill a child today failed.

A man was seen in an Instagram video narrating how he was able to save the life of a 5-year-old child.

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Woman accidentally posts her nude photo on eBay while listing her air-fryer for sale

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