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I Drive To Legon Campus Just To Get Students With Big Buttocks For Sex : Married Man Confesses



A man who has been married for eight years has admitted to having an extramarital affair with two young university girls in Ghana.

According to the 38-year-old cheat, he adores his wife and married her because of her large buttocks, but he can’t stand the sight of other women with similarly large buttocks without acting.

He admitted in a Facebook chatroom that his wife gives him all the styles he wants in bed, but no matter how hard he tries, he ends up driving to the University of Ghana to pick up well-endowed women on campus just to have sex with them.

He reveals that he lavishes money on the young girls and takes care of their needs, but then moves on to the next one after sleeping with them for a while.

The married man stated that his wife has never had reason to doubt his fidelity because he keeps his affair so private that he has a special phone for that purpose that he keeps solely in the office.

He claims that despite his efforts to stop cheating on his wife, many of the girls continue to return due to the financial benefits they receive.

Read his full confession below.

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Lady Confronts Best Friend For Trying To End Her 5-Year Relationship By Telling Her Fiancé She’s Into ‘Hook-Up’ | WATCH



A Nigerian woman confronted her best friend after she allegedly tried to end her 5-year relationship with her fiancé by telling him she hooks up with other men for sex.

The enraged woman who confronted her best friend revealed that the same best friend also told her boyfriend that she would be incapable of handling marriage and business.

She also claimed that her best friend’s envious nature is the reason she can’t be in a relationship and why good things don’t happen to her.

The irritated woman also attached a screenshot of a chat that supported her bestie’s claim that she hooks up with other men.

Watch below.

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Lady Kills Her Daughter Just To Satisfy Her New Husband



Sisi Yemmie, a blogger, shared the strange story she heard on the radio.

According to her, a man who spoke on one of the radio shows told her how his mother murdered his sister because her new husband was so critical of her.

According to Yemi, the man claimed his mother poisoned his sister and later confessed to the heinous crime. Her tweet says:

”I just heard this guy on the radio say his mom killed his sister because his step father did not like his sister & was always complaining. So his mom poisoned her. You killed your child for a man???!!!

The mother confessed to her son later, so it’s confirmed gist. That she had to kill the girl cos her husband was stressing her so much over the girl staying with them.

Because the things people do in /for/ because of marriage dey scary.

“Save marriage” “save marriage”… is marriage the road to heaven???”

Twitter stories: Lady kills her daughter just to satisfy her new husband

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Man Refuses To Pay S3x Worker He Slept With, Accuses Her Of Giving Him Tough Time | WATCH



A Nigerian man was filmed being confronted by a sex worker with whom he allegedly slept.

The Nigerian man who refused to pay the lady accused her of harassing him. The sex worker, on the other hand, refuted the claim and asked one of the men on the scene if she had ever given him trouble in the past.

She also stated that she understood everything the man said in Yoruba.

View the video below.

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