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I Planned Leaving P-Square Since 2007 : Paul Okoye



Paul Okoye of the now defunct P-Square music group has revealed that he planned on splitting from his brother Peter Okoye since 2007.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, Rudeboy as he’s now known revealed that the actions of his brother was what forced him to take that decision.

But because he wanted peace to reign, he held on waiting for situations to change, but they never did. Hence, forcing him to part ways with his brother.

He said, “I actually started my career as a solo artiste and I had recorded quite a number of songs. My twin brother (Peter) also had a dance group which I was part of before but left after some time.

He (Peter) was brought in (to form P-Square) to create a unique group that would be different from other groups in existence. I was singing while he would dan ce, and it was the idea of our elder brother, Jude. We only had a stage collaboration, not a music collaboration. What made P-Square was the division of labour we practised.

I was in charge of singing, Peter handled the dancing aspect and stagecraft, while Jude was our manager and he directed our videos.

However, it got to a point when one person started making demands and called for the sack of some members of the team.

Because we wanted peace to reign, we would let the affected employees go. That went on for some time but it got to a time that things could no longer continue that way.

“Our case is like that of a husband and wife whose marriage is not working but post lovely pictures on social media.

People who don’t know the details would see the rosy pictures and plead for the union not to break up. But, they don’t know what is happening behind closed doors.

The best thing is actually for them to go their separate ways.

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