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‘I Spent About $15,000 Of My Savings On #FixTheCountry Campaign’ : Convenor Reveals



The convenor of the #FixTheCountry campaign, Oliver Barker-Vormawor has indicated the amount of money he spent on the campaign.

He made this known in a recent post he made on the popular social media platform, Facebook and the post he made reads;

“Yesterday, I had a bit of difficult news that has made me very sad.I have been thinking about whether to talk about it publicly. This morning, I resolved to open up about it. There are difficult decisions I need to make, and I am very conflicted. As many of you know, for the past 6months, I have helped convene #FixTheCountry.

Within that time, we have seen over 15 million tweets on #FixTheCountry and helped organize two huge demonstrations; on August 4th and September 21. The first has just been described by the foreign press as the largest and most organic non partisan political demonstration in Ghana’s history.

Today, no other issue or political movement has had the same impact on public discourse in Ghana in a sustained way. And it all started with just one tweet; and folks like me sitting in my study one midnight and saying, what If I called people on the internet and told them to help me organize a demonstration.

Gradually more and people came to believe in this project; and we have brought on more people, even as we have lost some to violence; threats of violence; and consistent abuse. We have had our personal communications comprised by illlegal government surveillance.

We have been followed by national security operatives and we have been warned off severally. Kaaka lost his life over this! And the people of Ejura were slaughtered by a State that was supposed to protect them.

Through it all, nothing concerning my personal expenses have come sponsored. All of this has been carried at great personal cost and only in the belief of an ideal. The belief that change is possible; and that Ghana can reform itself.

A belief that our democracy has the resilience to renew itself in a way that produces justice for all. I believed it so much, I spent nearly $15,000 of my personal savings, covering all my expenses in connection with this activism. Professionally, FixTheCountry has taken over my life. For the past six months, I have done FixTheCountry related activism almost exclusively.

I pushed all my consulting projects aside and my research commitments at the University of Cambridge took a huge hit. All this I did, because I wanted a reason to believe in Ghana. To inspire myself and hopefully others.

To regain my own voice and make others regain faith in the transformative potential of their voices and in their role as citizens. To get them to despise their apathy and indifference. So many people have been convinced that all what we are doing and have done will come to nothing.

That Ghana is too broken. That it is too disinterested! That Ghana is a lost cause. That the people are the worst enemies of progress. That the people you claim to fight for do not care and will much sooner turn on you. But I have always trusted the power of ideas. Yes, there were moments when I had doubts. But it was especially in those moments that I redoubled my efforts and reminded myself that we cannot give up hope.

Yet, despite all this, I decided to take another gamble. I wrote to the University of Cambridge asking for a year off to stay in Ghana and focus exclusively on FixTheCountry. I did it because I consistently maintain hope. Yesterday, the University responded. That based on the advice of the University’s Safety Office, they are denying my request.

As I have come to understand, the University has been very worried about the negative Press they have received after one of our doctoral researchers was abducted and killed in Egypt while following labour unrests in that country.

Also, because another Cambridge Researcher Peter Biar Ajak was arrested by the South Sudan authorities and kept in jail for over two years in connection with his activism; there has been a lot of attempts to dissuade me from this path.

The University has given me the option to withdraw, temporarily if this is the cause I want to pursue. I understand that the University after having reviewed the conduct of the security authorities in Ghana, Ejura, and the persistency of the calls by members of the current administration for me to be arrested and charged with treason; felt compelled to reject my request.

There is an option on the table that I could be reinstated after I come back in a year’s time; but an temporary withdrawal could have a huge implication on my funding. It will also mean a withdrawal of all support to me by the University. (Eg. If I am unjustly arrested, they won’t press for my release; as I won’t be their affiliate)I am honestly conflicted.

People make more fetish of doctoral degrees in Ghana in a way that doesn’t align with my values of the world. So that isn’t what conflicts me. I am conflicted most because I love my research and what I am doing. And letting that go feed like launching myself into a void. It’s not about money; or the promise of it. I will be fine and I have always been fine.

In fact, Money has never really motivated me much. I turned down the World Bank to accept a less paid role once; and I turned down Big Law offer to accept a lesser paid role as law Clerk to the Vice President of the International Court of Justice.

So it will always be about more than money. This is the time I wish I could also be visited by whatever spirit that moved Kwame Nkrumah to leave the London School of Economics and sail for Ghana.

All in the hope that perhaps Ghana could be différent! That Independence was a real project and that it was achievable. Is a much fairer and just Ghana achievable? Someone give me Nkrumah’s foresight! Shalom”


‘Black Stars Coaches Are Afraid Of Andre Dede Ayew’ : Countryman Songo



Controversial Ghanaian journalist, Patrick Osei Agyemang who is known as Countryman Songo has made a bold claim about Black Stars captain, Andre Dede Ayew.

He made this bold claim when he appeared on the flagship evening show, Good Evening Ghana aired on the popular Ghanaian television station, Metro TV.

During his submission, he was asked about the leadership of Dede Ayew in the Black Stars team, and answering this, he stated that there is no problem with the leadership of Dede, however, the coaches are afraid of the player.

According to him, as a coach, you must be able to control every player in your team, and in the case of Andre Ayew, he has declined in form so coaches must know when to play him, however, these coaches make the player dictate to them.

Watch the interview below;

He was in the studios of Metro TV to discuss the performance of the Black Stars at the ongoing African Cup of Nations (AFCON) tournament in Cameroon where the team failed to win any of their group matches and ended up at the bottom of the group.

They lost two matches against Morocco and Comoros and drew with Gabon.

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Mohammed Salisu Reportedly Agrees To Play In Ghana’s World Cup Playoffs Against Nigeria



Ghanaians can express a sigh of relief as Southampton defender, Mohammed Salisu has at long last chosen to support Ghana in their FIFA World Cup campaign against adjoining nation, Nigeria, in the play-offs, his uncle Yakubu Ahmed revealed.

Mohammed Salisu affirmed his choice not to play Ghana at the international level when Alhaji Grusah reached out to him which turned into a subject of public interest.

Football administrative head, Alhaji Karim Grunsah revealed that Salisu requested that he “remain away” when he attempted to persuade the footballer to play for Ghana.

Mohammed has turned down innumerable Black Stars call up referring to reasons that he isn’t yet prepared but the uplifting news coming from his uncle has it that he has at long last acknowledged to address his country as the Black Stars are set for a vital season finisher game against West African opponents Nigeria, as the two groups mean to meet all requirements for the competition in Qatar.

Speaking on the subject, the player’s uncle said he has informed the family of his decision to finally play for the national team.

“He will be playing for Ghana soon. He has assured us that he will play in the World Cup qualifiers,” Yakubu Ahmed told Kumasi-based Sikka FM, as quoted by GhanaWeb.

“He cleared the air about his absence in the AFCON but assured of availability for the World Cup qualifiers.”

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Shatta Wale Is Fighting Nigeria Out Of Frustration : Sam George



Member of Parliament for Ningo Prampram, Sam George, disclosed that Shatta Wale animosity towards Nigerians is a result of frustrations from the system.

In an interview on Hitz FM, Sam George mentioned that Shatta Wale’s frustration comes from a poorly organized system.

“Shatta is fighting Nigeria. It’s a frustration of the system. We were in a world of our own, but again, what did we do? No conscious effort by the state or private capital to invest in that sector.”

According to Sam George, Ghanaians are selfish and will the fight progress of their own.

“Then again, it comes to what I think is a problem of our country. Ghanaians celebrate mediocrity. We are content with little. Ghanaians tag you as greedy when they see you pushing for more… Ghanaians will fight you. We fight our own. Nigerians celebrate their own.”

Sam George also revealed that in the late 70s, Ghanaian musicians have really enjoyed West Africa more than Nigerian music.

He said, “In the 70s Ghanaian music was the ish across West Africa, Highlife. In the early 2000s, our Hiplife was what it was and Nigerians didn’t have any response to us. They were still banging on Fela Kuti’s music to respond to our Hiplife. At the time, Obrafour and Lord Kenya were setting the place ablaze. At the time, Okomfuor Kwaadee came out with hits, Samini, then Batman, Kokovelli, KK Fosu, I mean Nigerians had absolutely no response to us.”

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