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I Want To Kiss The Inside Of Your B**t H**e : Iggy Azalea Leaks Shocking X-Rated DMs Of High-Profile Celebs Begging To Sleep With Her, With One Offering $15k Just To Speak To Him



Iggy Azalea, Australian rapper has leaked her own Instagram DMs, exposing a number of high-profile celebrities including rappers sending her dms.

In a video posted to her TikTok account, the mother of one shared X-rated messages with one from an unknown rapper begging for sex with another offering her $15,000 just to speak with her.

She actually blurred out the names of the celebrities, but the images revealed that they all had verified Instagram accounts with millions of followers.

I want to kiss the inside of your b**t h**e,’ read one message from an account with 27 million followers.

I want to kiss the inside of your b**t h**e - Iggy Azalea leaks shocking X-rated DMs of high-profile celebs begging her for sex with one offering her $15k just to speak to him?

‘You need a Pooh Bear, I’ll eat dat thing like a jar of honey,’ wrote another.

‘I’ll pay you for your time,’ begged another mystery man. ‘I’ll give you 15k just to speak to me and have a conversation.

‘I’ll play side n***a step daddy roleplay, toe massage, therapist, whatever role you want me to play,’ another pleaded.

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