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I Would Be ‘Stupid’ To Stay At Spurs Without A Future Plan : Pochettino




Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino has made it clear he will walk away from the club in the summer if he is expected to keep delivering success with the same tools currently at his disposal.

The Spurs boss, who has guided the club to a first-ever Champions League final, has said he would be open to taking a sabbatical from the game and that he would be the “most stupid person” to stay under the current way of operating if his brief was to repeat their recent achievements.

It comes just days after Pochettino said he could look to “do something different” if he can deliver Champions League glory for Spurs in Madrid next month.

The Argentinian has turned the club into an established top-four outfit but has done it without any significant transfer net spend and was forced to watch them go through the last two transfer windows without signing anyone.

Pochettino, who has four years left on his current contract, says that this summer – with their recent move into their new stadium – marks the end of a five-year chapter and he is set for talks with chairman Daniel Levy about the future.

Those talks could now be make-or-break as to whether Pochettino is still at the club next season.

“I am not open to start a new chapter with no plan, with no clear idea, with not being transparent, telling you and telling our fans what next, what is our objective,” he said.

“I know very well how this business works. And we know very well that we need to operate in a different way – that doesn’t mean to spend more or less money.

“But if we expect every season to be in the final of the Champions League because it is our plan, we need to create a plan. And the plan maybe is different from what has happened in the last five years.

“And if we believe that if we operate in the same way that we have operated in the last five years we are going to be every season in the final of the Champions League, and we are going to be every season in the top four and competing against projects like Liverpool or Manchester City or Manchester United, I think we are very naive.

“If you want to expect the same from Liverpool, from Manchester City or Manchester United and Chelsea, and you put the same expectation on Tottenham, and the people expect the same, of course, give me different tools to work.

“If not, I see the people working in the same way, in the future I’m going to be this guy. I am the most stupid person to work.”

With four years left on his contract and chairman Levy unlikely to welcome any approaches from other clubs, Pochettino would have to quit if he wanted out.

Asked directly if he would take a sabbatical, he replied: “I am open like I said before. I am open to everything.

“Of course I love to work, I love Tottenham, I love to be here every day, I enjoy it a lot, I am so grateful but after five years, I think our effort was massive.

“Of course my motivation is to be here and to work hard, to try to achieve all that the club want to achieve.

“But the problem is I need to know what we need to achieve or for what we are going to fight and then who is going to assess the tools that we have to achieve what we plan to achieve.

“That is the most important.

“Because in the five years we have achieved a lot of things and I think as I explained before, it was an amazing period. But now it’s what’s next, that is my point.

“And I think of course we are all excited now and it’s difficult to see the future but the future arrives quick.

“And if you are not focused and if you don’t start to work and if you do not make a plan if you don’t anticipate the things, when you crash you crash.”

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US 2020: Joe Biden Releases His Tax Returns Hours Before Presidential Debate



US presidential candidate, Joe Biden released his tax returns on Tuesday, September 29, hours before he is set to square off with President Donald Trump in the first presidential debate in Ohio.

According to his tax returns, Joe Biden and his wife earned nearly $1million in 2019 and paid $346k in taxes.

Tweeting Tuesday night, Biden wrote; “The American people deserve transparency from their leaders, it’s why as of today, I’ve released 22 years of my tax returns.”

US 2020: Joe Biden releases his tax returns hours before presidential debate

Biden’s tax release comes days after a bombshell report from The New York Times showed Trump paid just $750 in federal taxes in 2016 and 2017.

The shocking figure reportedly paid by Trump was possible due to reported financial losses, a damaging blow to the successful ‘billionaire businessman’ image he has projected throughout his career.

Biden’s deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield said on Tuesday that they released the presidential candidate’s financial information to be transparent.

“This is a historic level of transparency and it will give the American people faith once again that their leaders will look out for them and not their own bottom line,” she said.

Trump has never released his tax returns claiming he can’t release them since he is being audited by the IRS.

On Monday he also denied the New York Times report that said he paid only $750 as tax in 2016 and 2017.

When asked about the report at the White House, Trump simply said: “I paid tax.”
“I’ve paid a lot, and I’ve paid a lot of state income taxes, too,”.

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Togo Appoints First Female Prime Minister



Togo’s President Faure Gnassingbé has appointed the country’s first-ever female prime minister.

Victoire Tomegah Dogbé is an economics and marketing graduate and had held a senior post in the president’s office.

Before that, she spent a decade as the minister of grassroots development and youth employment.

She had earlier worked for the United Nations Development Programme.

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Agyin Asare, Kofi Oduro & Sam Korankye Ankrah Are Fake Pastors : Rev Owusu Bempah



Rev. Isaac Owusu Bempah aka The Nation’s prophet has called out some renowed Ghanaian pastors as fake men of God who are just deceiving their followers.

According to the founder and leader of Glorious Word Power Ministries International named the likes of Agyin Asare, Kofi Oduro & Sam Korankye Ankrah as some of the fake pastors in the country.

He made this allegations while speaking in an interview with Fiifi Pratt on Accra based Kingdom FM.

Rev. Owusu Bempah indicated that prophecies of these pastors do not manifest and that alone is a clear indication that they are not genuine.

Attacking Agyin Asare, he disclosed that when he prophecied about the June 4th disaster some years ago, he (Agyin Asare) insulted him and told Ghanaians not to be worried because there was nothing going to happen.

But fast forward the incident happened adding that the families of all those who lost their lives should blame him for deceiving them because if they had listened to him Owusu Bempah, all these could have been averted.

Watch the interview below:

Throwing missiles at Prophet Kofi Oduro, he the latter is not a genuine prophet simply because he sees nothing in the spiritual realm. But all he knows what to best is to make unneccesary noise in the country.

He continued that Prophet Oduro who also leads Alabaster International Ministries congregants is doing everything he can to prove to the world that he is truly from God but the truth is, he is fake.

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