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KubiLiveChat: Good day and welcome to Ghana’s number one online Chat!!!

Imani N.A.D: Thanks for having me!

KubiLiveChat: To Kick off with, today we have a young musician famously known as Imani N.A.D. Now who is Imani N.A.D?

Imani N.A.D: Imani N.A.D is an Afrobeats rap artist from Ghana! And proud to rep the motherland.

KubiLiveChat: That’s great! In real Life whom is Imani N.A.D know as?

Imani N.A.D: Real Name Emmanuel Amponsah Nyamekye. The Imani is a shortened form of Emmanuel.

KubiLiveChat: That’s a smart one there!! Kindly give us a little gist about your educational background.

Imani N.A.D: I went to Accra Aca Bleooo! Something that I say with pride ! And had my degree in IT at GTUC.

KubiLiveChat: Damm shid Dope!!! Why is an IT personal choosing music?

Imani N.A.D: Cause music has been in my heart since forever. IT is just something I can do easily.

KubiLiveChat: Professionally how many years have you been into music now?

Imani N.A.D: Professionally I’ve been at this since 2013.

KubiLiveChat: That’s great!!!Keep the fire burning. What really inspired you to choose music.

Imani N.A.D: My love for it since I was little, the cds, music video mixes, hip hop, everything about it just appealed to me, sometimes I feel like music chose me, it’s a calling.

KubiLiveChat: I love this!!! As a rapper whom do you really look up to in the music world?

Imani N.A.D: There’s quite a number of them, I look to them for different thing. Diddy, Nas, Hov, Method Man, J Cole, Biggie, Kendrick and Drake.

KubiLiveChat: It seems most rappers either look at stuffs around them or experiences they have been through which empower them to write their lyrics on. Which category do you fall in?

Imani N.A.D: Both! For me it’s not just about rap, I love to make genuine good music! I pick a topic I’m inspired by and just go with it, it could be anything at all, even talking to aliens. Lol.

KubiLiveChat: Hahaha that’s from the heart!!! Looking at our industry, seems most big artists have issues with MUSIGA. If I may ask are you registered with MUSIGA now or will one day join them?

Imani N.A.D: I am actually, since I’m a Ghanaian musician I feel I have to be, but these issues are not beyond us, they can be solved and I look to the people in power and in charge to do whatever is necessary for things to be resolved.

KubiLiveChat: That’s great thinking!!! As a young musician, do you think Charter House should research on upcoming artist and fix them with A listed artists in a category?

Imani N.A.D: That would be an awesome idea but we all know how things work in this country. Every artist has to fight tooth and nail to reach their goals even tho the likes of Musiga and charter house always claim there will be measures put in place for struggling upcoming act, the thought and sound of it is good, but the action is never executed.

KubiLiveChat: Awww May God see us through this real soon!!! You quite released a couple of tracks. So far which is really doing well?

Imani N.A.D: Well so far the ones that are really doing well are El Fuego and Wole! Both due to their visuals I’m guessing.

KubiLiveChat: Between these two sounds which will you choose as your major hit track?

Imani N.A.D: It should be WOLE.

KubiLiveChat: WOLE!!! WOLE!!! WOLE!!! What inspired you to write this kind of sound?

Imani N.A.D: South African house music! I always wanted to give that sound a try! And WOLE is the result I got.

KubiLiveChat: This is what I call determination!!! Do you plan on having a remix with an A list artist?

Imani N.A.D: Probably! We’ll see I guess.

KubiLiveChat: If it possible whom will it be?

Imani N.A.D: Sarkodie or Mr Eazi will do.

KubiLiveChat: Everyone really wants Sark hahaha. Any new sound coming for your fans?

Imani N.A.D: Haha. Well I’m currently working on an 8 track mixtape with some surprise features! It’s an exiting project and should be out by December.

KubiLiveChat: Will that be an EP?

Imani N.A.D: Note a mixtape.

KubiLiveChat: Alright. In the year’s to Come what should we be expecting from Imani N.A.D

Imani N.A.D: Amazing things! To be a worldwide name.

KubiLiveChat: That’s great!!! Any last words to your fans?

Imani N.A.D: They should keep supporting! And believing in me.

KubiLiveChat: Alright folks you read it all. December Gonna be all about Imani N.A.D. Thank you for your time. Have a wonderful day!!

Imani N.A.D: Thanks again for having me.

Facebook: Imani N.A.D 
Twitter: Imani_NAD 
Instagram: Imani_n.a.d

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Kubi Live Chat

J Spice Reveals Inspiration Behind His Brother Song



Fast-Rinsing Ghana versatile artiste J Spice who is recently out with a new song has revealed the inspiration behind it.

Speaking on an online interview with KubiLiveChat the fast-rising musician revealed to us how he came about with his first song Brother.

The Brother Man song was actually inspired by his brother to tell Ghanaians ann music lovers about his life journey and how far God has taken.

The “Brother Man” song has been an inspirational song for individuals as it has received over a thousand views on YouTube.

Facebook: Jay spice

Twitter & Instagram: @1_jspice.

Stream and Watch Brother Man” below.

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Kubi Live Chat

I Have No Mentor In The Music Industry : Gyidi




Gyidi, Ghanaian music rising star known in real life as George Kofi Asare has revealed he doesnt have any mentor in the music industry.

Revealing this in an exclusive interview on KubiLiveChat, he revealed honestly, he doesn’t look up to anyone in the industry.

He moved on saying, there are some people whose works he admires and get inspired by certain aspects of their crafts.

But outside the industry, he looks up to Apostle Vinny Max Bani, AVMB as he is all rounded and has the knowledge and skill for every area of life.

He also revealed he had once approached a label but now he doesnt want to be on any label.

Giving a reason, he thinks it’s better to start off on your own, build something substantial so that a label who comes looking for you will be able to have a better deal with you.

He told us; Yhhhh I think it is better to start off on your own, build something substantial, so that should a label come looking for you you have a greater negotiation or bargaining power. I don’t think it is advisable to go chasing labels, you may be at their mercies. But start something, learn the business, build a strong brand then if they come calling you can have a proper conversation where you’re not exploited or something. Yhhh. Get power so sey nobody go overpower you. Hehe.

Gyidi is out with a new EP called “Dawn”.

Listen and enjoy below.

Facebook: Gyidi.

Twitter & Instagram: @Gyidi_.

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Kubi Live Chat

Gyidi Reveals Inspiration Behind His “Dawn” EP




Gyidi, Ghanaian music talented musician in an exclusive interview with KubiLiveChat revealed the inspiration behind his new EP.

According to him, his”Dawn” EP was inspired mainly by what he perceived people could be experiencing.

So of his songs were written as a way to communicate to people, heal, comfort and guide them.

He also revealed to us why he chooses the name “Dawn” as this was decided by him and his team.

Explaining this, he revealed because they had been away from music for a while and felt like this was going to be a new beginning for them.

Check out his “Dawn” EP below.

Facebook: Gyidi.

Twitter & Instagram: @Gyidi_

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