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In My Next Life, I Would Never Marry A Man With Kids : Adwoa Saah Cries In Latest Interview



Adwoa Saah, former Ghana’s most beautiful contestant has detailed her marital problems in her most recent interview with Delay.

The host of the then widely watched Indian series, Kumkum Bhagya spoke extensively about her marital struggles after settling with her husband Solomon Akwasi Boateng.

Marrying a man with 2 baby mamas, the media personality expressed that the drama that she has had to deal with is sometimes overwhelming.

In response to why she no longer posts pictures of her hubby on her social media, Adwoa explained that she had learnt not to live her life to please others.

“As at that time, I wanted people to know how pleased I was with him as my husband. But in life, you don’t live to please anyone. I don’t need to prove a point that he’s my husband,” she said.

Adwoa admitted that the tantrums from her husband’s baby mamas were unsettling and that it drains her so much that her emotions fly off the handle.

She explained that it was the reason behind her shedding tears when she gets questioned about her marriage in interviews.

”The tantrums are too much. They throw a lot on social media and people tag me. There was a time I told someone not to send me that stuff anymore,” she added.

In the heat of the moment, Adwoa said without mincing words that although she doesn’t regret marrying her hubby, she would not marry a man with kids if she had another shot at life.

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